Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mama Knows Best

In so many ways I see I am just like my mother. Some good and some bad. My impatience I inherited from her I will fight until my dying day. I def. did NOT inherit her timeliness which is both to my credit and discredit. 5 minutes early is on time in her book, and if you know me you know that is not my forte.

However, she taught me some wonderful things through her example that I find very helpful in life especially as a mother.

1. Kids break things. A lot. Like the other day Peyton broke a glass frame. Oh and a glass Christmas ornament I had just made that day. She was curious and looking at them, and who can blame her, she is 2. My mom always said, "things are things and can be swept up." I always knew if I broke something on accident I would not be in trouble and it was very comforting. So, when I have now been given the opportunity to deal with broken shards of glass I always remember that and tell Peyton it's okay and calmly clean it up, just informing her to be careful because broken glass hurts. And really, things are things and it really just doesn't matter.

2. My mom gave me a love of literature. I love to read to Peyton. Even if out of all the books we own she picks the same books over, and over and over. I want her to love and appreciate good literature. Holidays always bring a plethora of new books because it is something worth spending on in my opinion. And she genuinely loves books. I remember my mom taking me alone to a local park, we bought fresh clams from the grocery store to eat straight out of the shell and went and sat on an island in the parking lot to discuss Island of the Blue Dolphin while eating out of our nasty shells. I will never forget that day.

3. My mom is an adventurous person who is up for anything and always wants to explore and have a good time. I loved that about her growing up and love that about her now. She gave us kids lots of learning experiences (she took us out of school to go to museums in L.A.) and was always having fun with us. I want to be just like her in that regard. I want Peyton and my future children to see me as a fun, energetic mom who plays with them.

4. My mom is independent. Like really independent. She taught us kids to take care of ourselves. I was never a girl who needed a posse to go to the bathroom. She forced us at a young age to get things for ourselves and did not coddle us in the least. Sometimes I wished I was more coddled, but it has really been to all of our benefit that we could and can take care of ourselves. As in we did our own laundry, lunches, etc in elementary school. I made my own dentist apts. in High School and was in charge of myself my whole adolescent life... and I stepped up folks. I had support but I did not expect others to do much for me, and I think this caused me to do well in college and in life in general as I started to make my own BIG decisions.

5. She never worried about being the best dressed, having a model home or caring about what others thought of her. Our home was tidy but lived in. We were clean and stylish but did not have name brand everything or look like walking billboards. She taught us to embrace our differences, and even embrace being nerds... which we so are. Her favorite quote is, "Nerds live longer." It has taken awhile to sink in, and I am still very much a work in progress but all of these things are so important. I so desire my children to love themselves through to the inside. And want them to be kind to all and lead others because of their kindness, love and unique personalities. To find good friends with good morals who are happy being themselves!!! I think this is going to be really hard in our society, but it is important enough to make me work harder on myself so they can see my example and happiness in being true to what I stand for and see I am happy even if I am not perfect. I will never tell my children they need to be skinnier, or smarter, or anything else, but I will praise them where they shine and remind them each and every day how much I love them and how perfect they are to me.

Thanks Mom. I hope my children will be able to look to me as their example just like I can look to mine.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

That's What She Said....

Me: I love you so much Pey.
P: I love you too.
Wes: I love you too Peyton.
P: Ok :)

Peyton pinched her finger in a toy (not hard, but hard enough for tears) so I held her and kissed her hand (which is a must when we have an owie). As she was crying she said, pointing to her candy, "I need a jelly bean (skittle), then I'll be happy."

She also puts herself on time out often in the day, and when she comes back she will say, "I be happy now." With a big smile. Anytime we just need to gather ourselves, I will simple ask her to sit down in time out (the other room) and come back when she is ready. She will instantly walk over, fold her arms, wait about 15 seconds then walk back happily.

I had a hard day one afternoon and kinda lost it. As I was crying Peyton came over and put her arm around my shoulder and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then very excitedly she said, "You happy now." Which indeed made me smile through tears. I was very grateful for her at that moment.

Peyton talks to every doll, puppet, sticker on the finger, and even pop-up in books. We have a scary pop-up book (Halloween) and I try to scare her with it (in fun). Rather she always says, "Hi, whatcha doin?" Then instead of hissing (snake), chomping (shark), etc. I have to answer, then say bye from them as I change the page.

Counts: 1-2-flea....... up until 13 then it gets a little jumbled. And 3 makes me laugh every time. It's one of those things I should correct but I love so much I don't think I will just yet.

Always says "Sorry" when she gets hurt. Then comes the tears. Poor thing, it looks like we beat her or something. Falls on her head, says sorry, then cries. Go figure.

Called Grandpa Gubler a "nice man" the other day out of nowhere. It was pretty cute and funny.

We helped take care of Grandma Jean the other weekend while Fred and Sandie were in Utah with Grandpa Gubler and I was making Grandma some soup. Peyton loves to help, so she helped me carry food to Grandma to eat at every meal. As she walked over she very animatedly said, "Grandma Jean I made you soup!" It was darling.

In the car she asked me for some water. I told her I didn't have any and I would get her some when we got home. Instead she said, "it's okay, I'll drink some of your sodee then." Whoops.

She often grabs legs while we wipe her on the toilet. She almost always grabs Wes' and hugs his legs for a long time. The last few times it been accompanied by a "I like Dada."

Wes was reading to her on the couch this morning. They finished Green Eggs and Ham, and she took the book and said, "That'a a great book," so seriously while setting the book to the side.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bad Hair Day

I can't believe I am posting these... but it is almost too funny not to post. Seriously, take this for comedy's sake, and pretend I don't look like a pale, fat zombie in all of them. Thanks guys.

I haven't had my hair done since last November... and, it was getting bad. Money has been tight, but finally I said enough is enough. So I walked to Walmart, bought a box of color and busted out my hair scissors. With the help of a very nervous, reluctant and wonderful husband I colored my hair at like 11:30 pm and then took the scissors to the front. I couldn't have done it without him, our plastic bag gloves and a lot of desperation. :)

Funny thing is I have gotten so many compliments on this hair cut and color. I didn't do a lot of cutting, just bangs and a little trim with the original cut I already had. The color too isn't much different, just close to al naturale. Maybe I should consider a life in hair. Just maybe.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

26 Weeks.... and Counting

This pregnancy is different for sure. A little harder I will admit. But, I am blessed to see that so far this baby is growing well, I can feel it moving a ton, and I am so excited to be a mama....... again. I do love being able to carry a child, and am grateful for the opportunity. Bring it on next 14 weeks. What!?!?!?!

And yes, I know I don't have shoes on; they were in the car and we were on our way out to church when I asked Wes to snap a quick photo. And, Peyton's eyes are totally closed but it's the only one she wasn't waving the sign around and you could actually read the week in it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Heart Murmur

At Peyton's 2 year apt the Dr was a little worried because he heard a slight heart murmur. Ironic, yes. Why? Because on our way to the appointment I was giving Wes a brief rundown on our nephew Tate's heart murmur condition. Anyways, when the Dr said this I assumed it was something genetic and we would have the same results as little Tate. But, both Wes and I felt as though it would be okay, and thus, we didn't freak out or anything.

After a long time getting our insurance approved, and the Dr pushing the apt back and back because of emergencies we finally got a date to be seen.

Before the apt. Wes gave Peyton a blessing. It was one of the sweetest experiences I have had the pleasure to witness up to this point. She sat so still and quiet and when she was done, she looked up at Wes and said, "my special prayer from Jesus?" which is somewhat how I described the blessing to her before she received it. It made me happy to see her retain the info and try to understand what just happened. Her obedience was remarkable and again I see her being a very in-tune child.

Anywho......... once we got there she was again wonderful. She sat still, she let the Dr listen, she helped the Dr and followed directions. When they stuck all the monitors on her chest, she got a little nervous, and started saying, "Mama" a little frantically, because I was sitting down in the corner. Wes told her he would take her picture and asked her to smile and she did and at that point she was fine again. All the nurses and Dr kept commentating on how cute and good and obedient she was, and she was so happy to get stickers from them.

After all is said and done, we were told she has what is called an innocent heart murmur. To read about it go here. But it is harmless. Basically, when a kid gets anxious or excited their heart rate speeds up, or  a Dr. could just hear her heart running through the valves. It is common and we don't need any follow ups or anything, which is great. So, we can now breath easy. What a relief, the heart ain't no joke.

 Smiling for the camera and nurse.... isn't distraction the greatest parenting tool EVER!?!?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sept. 21, 2012: The First Day

Welcome Fall!!!!!!

Okay, so maybe I decorated for Fall a week ago. But, I am so excited for it not to be hot anymore, so I thought that if my decorations reflected a certain cooler season I could trick Mother Nature into cooling down. Not so my friends, not so.

But, I am so excited for the holidays to begin. I love the cooler days and nights, I love dressing in comfy fall clothing, I love the warmth of the holidays and I am super pumped to do it all again with a 2 year old. We have been practicing trick-or-treating and we can't wait!!!!! Oh, and have I mentioned I get to welcome a new baby into our family at the end of the year. That could be adding to my excitement. :)

I have loved preparing our home for the holidays and at least now it is technically fall so I don't look too over zealous. Peyton got into the spirit with me the other day when I had her help me paint a pretty fall tree to go into our seasonally changing photo frame. I decided I will have her help me every season with a pretty picture to display. She loves looking at her framed handy work and I do too. Plus that way I get to keep cute little fingerprints forever.

So let's all welcome Fall and tell Summer to go away already. No more 100 degree + days.... you hear!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Remember the Good Ole' Days of PMS?

How I wish it was only a few days of crazy April around here, but my pregnancy hormones are in full swing. I seriously don't remember being such an emotional wreck when I was pregnant with Peyton. I don't think I was, but man alive, with this child I am a crazy person. If I am honest, I think the physical pain of birthing a child has to be easier on us women then the poor men dealing with a crazy spouse for X number of months. That seems way harder because you never know what will set me off or the best way to deal with me. Poor poor Wes. He is such a good man, but so bad with words sometimes. hahahahaha

Example: The other day I looked at myself in the mirror and just completely broke down. I just felt disgusting. So, I sat on the ground and cried. Wes found me there and with a baffled expression asked what was wrong. I then both laughing and crying tried to convince him to take all the mirrors in the house down because they were going to be the death of me. He said that was crazy talk and hugged me not really knowing what else to do. Of course he reminded me numerous times I was pretty and pregnant, but at that time, I didn't care, I just knew I wasn't feeling very good about myself. I was also very tired. :)

Another example: I cried because after going out and specially buying a box of brownies (I wonder why I feel so fat :/) I could not find the box after searching the kitchen, and in frustration just cried and brought in every other thing that bugged me from the day. Really April, crying over brownies? Really?!

More?: My sisters and Wes were teasing me about baby names one night, and I lost it. Sorry girls. I totally know I was being teased but like I said, I am a little out of control these days.

Pretty much I live on the razors edge of tears anymore.... which when I am not pregnant is very unlike me. But, worst and hardest of all is dealing with the real problems we have in life. Finances, work, cars, time, etc... all these things just seem to eat me alive each and every day. I can't seem to be able to get past the hard things and it just adds to the stress I feel all the time which then leaves me wanting to cry because of said stress, and makes dealing with dumb trivial things so much harder.

Recently I was reading an article in the April conference Ensign and while I can't remember the title, speaker or even the specifics I remember him saying that trials are for our benefit. I can attest to that, because I've had trials that at the time seemed like they would never end, and I could never get over them. With time I can look back and realize the good that has come from them. I can see the growth I've had, and even (like childbirth) I've forgotten a lot of the pain I felt at the time. So, I know that while I am an emotional wreck and things seem so hard now I will get over them too and have wonderful growth because of them. Perhaps my experiences will benefit someone else and I can provide comfort. I write this because if I am to make this a true journal, I must mention the not so wonderful emotions I have. And acknowledge that life is hard, but oh so good.

I also write this as a warning, that if you come across me and for any reason I start to cry, don't feel too bad, it happens a lot right now. Just laugh with me about it the next time we see one another, okay?!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Labor Day 2012

Isn't it funny how all my pictures are of Peyton with the occasional Wes thrown in? I don't know about you but I am def. the photographer in our family. If I didn't take pictures we wouldn't have any. I mean it. But now that we don't have an actual camera and I have to rely on Wes to take all our photos  on his phone, I am constantly reminding him to "get a photo." But, the bad part of that is he is now in charge which means he is always saying,"stand there" when I am holding Peyton. I HATE being in photos (especially now) so I have to apologize that almost all of our photos are of Peyton, but I hope you'll see why. :)

Anywho... let's move onto the WONDERFUL Labor Day weekend we had a few weekends ago. We may have invited ourselves out to Camarillo to spend time with Wes' sister Jaime and her family. And, not only did they allow us to come out and spend time with them they made the weekend really easy on us. Like Matt ended up being out in Palm Springs on Friday so on his way back home he picked up Wes, Peyton and myself and drove us out with him.

And, they kept saying we wouldn't do much, but little did they know they provided as good a vacation as possible with giving us 2 very fun, willing little girls who kept Peyton happy and occupied all weekend long. I don't know about you but having a 2 year old is a lot of work. She constantly wants to  play. Hiding, duck, duck goose, ring around the rosie, running, jumping, teeter-totter, etc. I don't love to play but I love my little girl so I try to do it as much as possible, but I get bored far faster than she does and it is more a game of endurance for me. But, Delanie and Brinley didn't feel the same as I did. They played all day long and were so happy to entertain her, so I didn't have to. That in and of itself was so worth being there.

Here are little twinners. Jaime took Peyton and dressed her and Delanie alike. They both loved it and were posing like crazy.

Then little Tug wanted in on the action and they thought this was hilarious too.

They also took us to some fun places to eat, a cute little farm near their house where we could pick berries, feed llamas and goats and chickens, and we went to Carpenteria to spend time at the beach. So, their idea of not doing too much doesn't coincide with mine. ;)

And, yes those goats way up there are real. They would climb up there and hang out.

Peyton just went to town picking and eating berries. I couldn't stop laughing, she was double fisting berries in her mouth and cried when we said we were leaving. She enjoyed this part of the day more than anything I think.

Brinley showing off our beautiful (and delicious blackberries).

Then we headed out to the beach. I am sad I didn't get a good photo but this was after Tyler and Brinley stopped laughing like hyenas, because Tyler drank something and laughed then all the liquid came out of his nose. It was pretty spectacular.

And this little joint rocked. It was a hamburger place right off the beach called Pardios (or something like that, I can't quite remember). But the views were astounding, the food was good, and the ambiance was magical. We ate outside by the fire pit and sand box (for the kids). And, we watched the sun set behind the ocean as we ate. It was seriously so wonderful!!!!

Then, some of the family came out on Sunday for dinner and we ate..... good. Then Fred and Sandie were kind enough to take us home. So, like I said, it was a good, super fun weekend. I think we might make that an annual event.

Monday, actual Labor Day, we cleaned. So fun (insert sarcasm). I still hate cleaning. Truly I do. I wish I didn't but it is just something I can't seem to enjoy. I try so hard to enjoy things like cooking and cleaning, but let's be honest, I would much rather be out and about doing something I think is fun. Pretty much anything that is not cooking or cleaning or laundry. Yuck, laundry. I can't wait to use my children as slave labor as they get older. Kidding. Only because I know how much help teenage children can be. I was once one of those "helpful" kids.

Anywho, Monday evening we ended up meeting my parents at Cafe Rio and going to the temple for family night, even though it was closed and gated off. But, Peyton always talks about the temple and any tall building she sees she would say, "I see the temple," poor little girl had no idea. Now, she talks about Angel Moroni all the time and talks about "her temple" so I am still grateful we went and enjoyed that evening. Simple moments like that really put life into perspective.
I love the temple and the knowledge that Families Can Be Together Forever. It is the most important thing and I love teaching my girl the importance of being there with our family!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Flashback Friday: Girls Weekend 2005

I am preparing for our "annual" girls weekend with my mom and sisters this week. I quote annual because sometimes (like last year) it has been too hard to plan (illnesses, children, births, etc) so it is more of a semi annual event.

However, we have done something most years and we are getting ready to go this year to good ole' Palm Springs. I don't know about you, but packing is the worst. Packing when you are pregnant, have been having terrible hormonal emotional problems, most surrounding yourself, makes packing so much worse. So I have really been putting it off. Thus a flashback Friday post. ;)

Anyways, let's rewind back to 2005 (7 years ago.... crazy right?!). We actually stayed in Hermosa Beach (L.A.) at the Sea Sprite. Awesome. But, we also went and ran the "Run L.A." 5k, which was honestly one of thee most fun races ever. As you run, there are bands you can stop and listen to (which I did) and you end the race by running into the USC Colosseum for a big concert. Too cool. Plus the night before we went to get our stuff for the race and were given "Rockstar" make-overs. No photos, but dang, we looked good!

Monday, September 10, 2012

And It's a..........

Cute baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I had my ultrasound at 22 weeks and am currently 24 weeks along..... 6 months.

We had what for most people is "the big reveal ultrasound." For us, it is fun and important to make sure  the baby is looking good, healthy and has all the correct body parts. They all look good at this point. But, we didn't find out what we are having... it's hard to withstand at that point especially. We make it very clear to the technician that we don't want her to tell us, but we are human and we both try to figure it out the whole time. :) But, how the heck can they even tell what they are looking at? At one point I thought we were looking at the head.... it was the abdomen. hahahahaha

With that said, we both feel it's a boy, but still have no real clue. :) And either way I see it is good. Girl means friend for my Peyt and boy takes away all stress to provide a little dude for Wes.
Bad news (or maybe good news): Baby is measuring small, like a due date of January 6th (our 7th anniversary). Which sucks because it could possibly mean I am bigger than I am far along, which I hate. Plus, my body is having a harder time this time around sadly. I am so achy lately, and to think I am not as far along, kind of stinks. But, to not have a baby on Christmas would be a HUGE perk! I also  originally thought baby would come at the beginning of January  before I had any Dr. apts., and was going off when I believed I had conceived. We really tried and planned for this child so I have a pretty good idea when I think this baby came about. //wink wink//.... so I think this date sounded pretty accurate. Although I still hope for Dec 31st... tax break and a a fun day to celebrate, right? ;)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

John's Incredible PIzza

So, before I jump over to Labor Day (which was a great weekend) I still have a few more fun "normal" weekends and such to write about first.

A few weeks ago we met up with our friends, the McCooks and Duncans for Ryan's 30th b-day. Again, sadly I really don't have ANY photos from the night... but, it was a whole lotta fun! We are sooooooooo lucky to have such wonderful friends. Even more we are so lucky that we have such wonderful friends we both like equally. And even more so, Peyton is so lucky that our friends have the nicest, cutest, most fun kids she can play with, which makes for fun nights for all.

The only pictures Wes got on his phone was when Peyton excitedly went to dance with the bear. Notice how she was the closest to him, and she really wanted a hug or high five (which he didn't  give).

And, when we were one of "those" parents who smuggled our kid onto the merry-go-round while other kids were riding. :) Granted those other kids were the McCook kids.

But, even with the lack of photos you get the point.... it was a good night.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


One of Peyton's new favorite things to do is collect snails. Yes, live, slimy, gooey, snails. At first I was hesitant. But, then when I thought about it, I thought,"Oh, who cares?" They don't hurt her, they are kinda fun, and it is free entertainment that I can just dump out of her collection bucket after she is done playing. And, what a good time she has with a bucket, a watering can and.... snails. What a funny girl. Anything that moves, she loves, and I do my darndest not to scare her away from any of it. We play with snails, worms, lady bugs, frogs, you name it. If I am pretty sure it won't bite us, it's fair game. :)

And don't mind the mess behind her. We were outside trimming trees and pulling lots of long weeds, while she sat and played with the wildlife (which was a-plenty) and her water table and toys.

Monday, September 3, 2012

7 Years

Happy Day today! Besides being Labor Day, it is also the day I said "Yes" to Wes when he asked me a  very important question 7 years ago . I've never regretted my answer and am grateful I found the man I needed in my life. It just keeps getting better! I love ya Weston B!!!!!! For the full story and details of our engagement go here.


In the middle of August my whole family plus cousins met in Southern Utah at Zion National Park for a weekend of camping. It was both a vacation/mini family reunion. We are hoping to keep doing this every year but hope to get a larger group site and include more family in the future because we had such a good time.
My cousin  (in the Salt Lake area) is a great photographer and he took some of these fabulous scenic photos.

There were lots of kids and adults and it was easy to separate and do lots of different activities while we were there. Some adults did long hikes, we did a couple of small hikes where the men carried babies on their backs (6 children in backpacks make for a funny sight) and a few other hikes they could walk. For instance Peyton walked the entire hike of Weeping Rock on her own. You go girl! But, boy it was hot, so we did a lot of swimming, and even got some ice-cream at the lodge on the nice cool grass in the shade. Heaven!

Some favorites of the weekend was the amazing meteor shower we were able to witness. And, I seriously mean AMAZING. The best shooting stars I have ever seen or could ever imagine. And, the twilight (all downhill) bike ride we took down the bike path. It was the best! We shuttled up to the top, then cruised downhill and really got to enjoy the wonderful scenery, wildlife, breeze, etc.... Wes and I agreed that this was both our favorite thing we did. We were also able to experience the summer storm pretty much on the daily, which was awesome! Except when we were away from the campground and left our windows open on our tent and it flooded... luckily we hadn't set anything up and it was an easy clean. We also loved the nice swimming hole we frequented, and it was a blast introducing Peyton to the wonderful world of camping. She loved it, and still gets excited when she sees tents (real or fake)!

Sadly, like I have mentioned we have no camera at the time, and Wes wisely left his good camera behind when we ran the risk of getting wet or messing it up, so I was at the mercy of those with a camera. So........ I lacked getting photos of the weekend in spite of the good time we had.

Enjoy what I have.............