Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Was Your's Like?

July that is?

I know August is almost over, but I just realized there is still so much I haven't posted about from our July adventures. Like:

My mom and dad's 35th wedding anniversary. They spent the weekend in Big Bear and all of us kids went up one night to join them for a special anniversary dinner. We ate at a quaint (read small) restaurant  And putting all the O.G. Todds together in a small confined area can pretty much guarantee all NOT to have a quiet dinner. But, it does promise lots of laughs and lots of good food. Though I am not sure all the other diners would agree to loving our loud laughter. Whoops. ;)

We also celebrated Peyton's 2nd b-day some more with both sides of the family separately. Nothing special, just cupcakes and singing on Sunday family dinner. Actually, I guess it is pretty special. Not everyone is as lucky as us to have so many wonderful family members around that they actually love and look forward to spending time with. I would even go as far to say that our family (siblings) are our best friends and we love hanging out with them. Peyton soaked up every minute of being sang to and blowing out candles. Just the other day I made blueberry muffins for breakfast and she called them her cupcakes and wanted a candle. I may have given in and Wes and I may have sang "Happy Un-birthday" to her and let he blow them out.

I just realized she is always naked in these pictures, but look at her hand and her "careful" eating and you will understand why.

Her is Peyton and her bff Oscar at my parents house. What could be better? A cupcake in one hand, a stick in the other, wearing nothing but undies and new rain-boots, with your best pal in the background, life is good as a 2 year old!
 Intense, right?!

 And here we are at Grammy and Papa's house. Hanging out yet again in undies and a bow mama made (see how crafty I am?), with best cousins Laney and Tug eating one of Sandie's AWESOME chocolate cupcakes, or for the adults little mini pies.

 Like I've said before, these 2 just melt my heart. I love their little faces so much. I could just eat them both up!

I will also include just some extra cute pictures of nothing really from July. Why? Because I can dang it!

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