Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Quest: Part 7

Challenger: Burger Boss 
Reigning Champ: Who Really Knows Anymore
(The Habit, In-N-Out, Umami)
So, we go back and forth so much with who we think has the best burger that I feel I must once again reiterate the reasoning behind our reigning champ title. The Habit up to this point has still been probably my favorite place. It taste so nummy (that's for you Hamiltons), and has so many options. However, Wes and I still agree that for price and taste In-N-Out has yet to be matched. No one can beat them with taste and value. But, Wes stands strong with his opinion that if it were closer, and cheaper he would always chose Umami, while for now it is our splurgey treat to get whilst in L.A.

With that said a few weeks ago (Peyton's b-day week to be exact, since we were shopping for her gift) we were hungry while running errands and had been told by our good friends Kim and Forrest Hernandez that we had to try this place in Mo Val called Burger Boss. 

So we did. And....... we really liked it. In fact we really really liked it. However, it is so not our typical place. It is all organic and stuff and has healthy options. Um.... not really what we look for in a food place, thank you. But, we would actually return and sent out raving texts while we were there to friends and family. I mean simply check out their menu. They offer not only beef burgers, chicken burgers, turkey burgers and even a black bean burger.... whaaaaa? Were we the only people who haven't heard of this before? And then just look at all the sauces both for their burgers and fries you can choose from. We were fatties and got the cheese sauce on our fries. And, it was delicious.
Consensus: Eating here just makes the title of these next blog posts that much more difficult. It pretty much goes up there with The Habit, Five Guys, etc. It wasn't the cheapest, which was not my favorite. But, it was unique, offered a lot of options, and if you want to be healthy(ier) this is a good place to try. So, while I put it up there with my tops, I don't think this is the best burger I have ever had. But, it is definitely worth a try!!!

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