Monday, August 6, 2012

That's What She Said

I don't know about your children, but Peyton (and our nieces and nephews) provide many good catch phrases we use on a daily basis around these parts.

For example:
We no longer say hello but, "hewooo" thanks to Peyton
Gawesome (thanks to Ryan)
Tea and puppets (crumpets, thanks to Ella)
Fanks (thanks, baby Carter)
and the list goes on

More recently, we have started a new one due to a funny incident with Peyton and Wes from Sunday family dinner a week ago. The day was particularly chaotic. The whole family was there, we had just played a game and were trying to settle down for family dinner. Peyton had been moved into the dining room in a high chair and was all alone. The rest of the family was dishing food, helping the other kids, and saying a prayer around the kid table. Wes walked into the room where she was alone to check on her and asked, "Are you happy Peyt?" Her response was the quietest whisper, "Go away." He laughed and said, "I love you." Again she whispered, pointed 1 single finger over her head towards the other room and without looking at him (still pointing) whisper said, "Go away." What?! bwahahahahahaha. Apparently she had had enough as well. So now, ever so often we will surprise each other with a whispered "go away" for laughs. Kids DO say the darndest things.


Annette Todd said...

Ha ha ha....I don't even know which particular Sunday this was -- it really doesn't matter, they're pretty much all the same (happily)but this is HILARIOUS! I think I'll adopt this catch phrase as well.

But, really, I kind of like the chaos when everyone is there at our place. I just keep in mind that eventually everyone does "go away" and I get plenty of quiet time -- so just embrace the "crazy".

Wendy said...

your little girl is darling. I love all the stories you post! Congrats on the new little one on the way as well!