Monday, August 20, 2012

She's Crafty

I actually have done some crafty things recently. And, lemme tell ya, this NEVER happens, so it's kind of a big deal. I say the word "I" loosely because my mom did the majority of work for with me. Thanks Mom!

1. For the last 5 or so years (yes I said 5 and years on purpose) I have been making Wes a blanket/quilt. It is old t-shirts from his childhood, jobs, tournaments, races, mission, etc. I cut them all up, sewed them together and put it on fleece. So now they aren't all just sitting in the closet, but are looked at and enjoyed. Happy Father's Day (when I finally gave it to him). Maybe now I will make mine.... how does 2017 look?
Notice the back is fleece Charlie Brown. I'm sure that's what Wes would've chosen, right? ;)

2. While getting fleece for said blanket my mom and I ran across this cute fabric and decided to make Peyton this cute little dress. It seemed pretty easy. Mom? ;) I also decided that since I had some ribbon from a gift someone gave us at Peyt's baby shower in 2010, I would make a matching bow. Sha-zam!

3. I have made quite a few new hair-bows for fun... here is one, maybe soon I'll post the others.


Taryn said...

I love love love the quilt!! That is so cool and such a neat idea. Wes will have so much fun telling your kids about each t-shirt.

Ashley said...

way to go girl!!!

Sarah said...

You finished the quilt!! Good job you crafty mama you!