Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Irvine Spectrum

For our b-days this year Wes' bro Patrick and his wife got us a gift card to Red Robin, and we agreed it would be more fun to go together one day. So, we met half way in Irvine for dinner one night about 2 or 3 weeks ago. They had plans to go to Laguna that night for the Pageant of the Masters, but Wes and I figured that since we had driven down there we would hang out for a bit.

So after dinner, we walked around and window shopped, looked at the puppy's in a cute pet store, walked around Dave and Busters, and then even splurged a bit and rode the terrifying Ferris Wheel there. Okay, it really wasn't that terrifying, but I am NOT a fan of heights, but I do my best not to freak out in front of the little one. I don't want her to be like me in that regards, it is not a fun thing to live with. She already shows some signs of fear but I think she enjoyed it too. :)

We lucked out and Disneyland was doing it's firework show on our walk to our car. So we sat on the trunk and watched for a while. Peyton was in heaven. She ADORES fireworks. And since we were so close we HAD to stop and get some Italian Ices from Joe's off Harbor and Chapman. And, even at 10:30pm the place was bumpin' with good reason.

So even though the traffic on the way out sucked (and made me grumpy) we ended up having a fabulous night!!!

It's lucky for us that kids like pretend playing as much as the real deal. ;)
And... I wish this picture was more clear because that there is a genuine smile.

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