Saturday, August 4, 2012

19 Weeks Prego.... and yes, a belly photo

I don't know if it's because this is a 2nd pregnancy or a boy (I think both.... what?!), but I am carrying so differently this pregnancy compared to the last one. Read, I am much lower. I thought I had a hernia because every time I would move quickly I would have this sharp pulling pain in my lower abdomen, but when I asked the Dr. about it she said it's just the muscles pulling and stretching. Hmmmm.... interesting, this is new. But, I also know my body is so different after having Peyton. Besides that, and the same ole' headaches as the 1st time (with 1 terrible vomit inducing migraine), and getting a big ole' belly I feel great again. I am so excited and want to be done with pregnancy only because I am so excited to meet this little person. I am excited for Peyton to have a friend, and am excited to have a newborn. I LOVE little tiny sleeping babies. I honestly don't  mind the pregnancy part, I just want a baby so much more. :) And, if I have to be pregnant I better start feeling this baby move more. I am still only having little bumps here and there and I dreamed last night of the crazy big movements and it was so real and exciting, what a bummer to wake up!

So here I am in all my 19 wk glory with the cutest little sign holder ever (in my humble opinion).
You only get IPhone quality pictures with our broken camera. This is sadly a pretty accurate belly shot. I can still wear baggier things and not look quite so pregos, or in contrast I can wear empire waste clothes and look 7 months pregnant. ;)

BTW, can you believe next Friday I am HALFWAY done with this pregnancy. Me either, that's nuts, right?!!!?!?!?!???!


Hull Family said...

You look so good April!! So glad that you are feeling well and aren't hating life as a pregnnt woman.
Loved the sweet story about Peyton giving away her balloons. That is something to brag about!

Jenn and Chris said...

Super Cute!! Congrats on baby #2!

Ashley said...

you look gorgeous april!!!