Saturday, June 30, 2012

America's Funniest Video

We just happened upon this fun little fountain the other day while we were hoping for Cold Stone (closed down). But, we stayed and let Peyt play in her clothes for a while.

Don't judge us, but we both anticipated her getting hit in the face. And while I knew I would cringe a little, the comedy of it all would compensate.

BTW, the other kid was just......... strange. Really, really strange. Enough said, right?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Amy's Farm

Our fun day at the farm in photos... lots and lots, and LOTS of photos. We ate from the garden, fed animals, touched a lot of the animals (Peyton LOVED this), wandered around, and even got the opportunity to milk the cow. She didn't do this one, but just stared at the utters. She loved feeding and touching the cows the most.



Cute Cousins

These two are just too stinking cute!!!!

 I am so excited to have another. And even more excited this one will have a cousin just 1 MONTH older. It will be so fun. That is all.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

#1 Dad

I never did an official Father's Day post, but I am lucky to be married to a wonderful man and father. For example: Yesterday was AWFUL for me. I had the flu and was sick in the bathroom all day long (and it wasn't a pleasant experience). Wes not only took care of me, but did everything for Peyton as well. On top of that our car's water pump is broken so our car keeps overheating to the point we can't drive it, so he was doing his best to take care of that at the same time. He is basically super man on days like this. And, one thing that Wes does better than just about anyone I know is that he asks what he can do for me all day (not just days I am sick) and I can ask him for anything or to do anything for me and he does it, he never complains, he never acts put out, he never says anything sarcastic on top of it all, and he does it happily with a "my pleasure". He is the best. Numerous times throughout the day I think of how lucky I am to be married to such a stud. Now, we aren't perfect, but I don't think I could have found a better match for myself than Weston to the B. Plus, he is a strikingly good looking man on top of it all.

 These darling photos were taken after church on Father's Day, 2012.

Monday, June 18, 2012

You Can Dance If You Want To...........

We went to Camarillo a few weeks ago to see the cute little Huefner kiddos in their dance recital. And, while the dance recital was a blast, it is just as much fun to go with the whole family and hang out together. I love this family and we have so much fun, they are the best!!!

One great thing about having a cute little girl is dressing her up for all the fun different occasions in our life. So, we went the "dance" theme this day with a tutu and she loved it. In fact, if I ever let her choose her own outfit it is always a tutu.

And we just love this little guy. I don't think I need to say more about why. Just look at his face. I want to eat him.

Peyton loves her cousins, and they love her. So much! They are attentive, affectionate, it is the cutest thing ever. Those little girls are so sweet. And they did a great job dancing. Delanie may have just been the cutest thing I've ever seen as she swayed and danced on stage. Brinley was not so much "sweet" as full of attitude. That girl... ;)

And as much as Peyt loves her girl cousins, she adores Tyler. She talks about TyTy all the time. And, she lights up when he walks into a room. I love him that much too, so I don't blame her. Tyler is a pretty cool kid. And, he is a good little hip-hop dancer. After the recital we went to a little Mexican restaurant. Here is how I found Peyton and Tyler after I ordered. On their own little date. Seriously, right?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bigger Bump Ahead

I love those cute pictures of girls on Pinterest where they stand and point to a "Bump Ahead' sign to announce they are pregnant. However, with my not so much washboard stomach I would need a "Bigger Bump Ahead" sign to make sense. ;)

Seriously though.................. if you are the one person out there who hasn't heard, we have #2 coming December 28th. A little too close to Christmas for my liking. Dang bad planning. But, we are excited, and a little nervous.

I like to pretend #2 will be as good and easy as Peyton, but let's be honest, this one will probably give us a run for our money.

I am almost 12 weeks (Friday) and feel fabulous. Up until about 10 weeks I had a little nausea now and then (no throw up and it wasn't even that bad), and of course I was tired. But, by week 10 and on I haven't even felt pregnant at all anymore, besides the fact that my pants are already too tight, and I've put on a few lbs. So, so far so good. I am just anxiously awaiting the kicks. I've missed feeling a baby move in me, it's the BEST!!!!

So.... here is my only photo. I refuse to take pictures of myself until I at least look "pregnant" and not just like a chubster. :)

So, Heeeeeeere's Joooooooooohnny!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taken Tuesday June 5th, 2012 (10 weeks 4 days)

And to make everyone happy, we are NOT finding out the sex again!!!!! hahahahahahahhahahahahaha

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Water Water Everywhere... and LOTS of Drops to Drink

Routine is both the life and death of me. Sometimes, I can't stand doing the same thing over and over everyday. BUT, it is wonderful having it at the same time. It makes life easy, simple and Peyton enjoys doing things, and asks about it. So, one routine we have is getting our mail every evening after nap and before dinner. We take our little walk (collect our dang rocks ;) and then come back and play in the front yard for a bit. Peyton is a wonderful "helper" watering our plants. I've learned to just let her have fun doing it. So, watering our plants usually goes from this....... 
Then to this.......
And usually ends like this.....
So, needless to say we end this routine soaking wet, and I usually just strip Peyton down naked in the laundry room and she ends the day in a mere diaper for dinner and a bath.

Oh, and the other day her "watering the plants" turned into this in the end.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Princess Pei Pei

Peyton and I were invited to this cute little girl's 3rd b-day party last Friday. Macy is such a sweet little girly-girl. Princesses, dress up, you name it. My favorite thing is when she sings princess songs with her sweet little voice. I am not a huge princess fan. It's not that I am opposed, it's just I don't have any movies or anything, so Peyton really has no clue about most princesses. (When she is into them, we might reconsider).

 Well, that is not completely true. A friend of the family gave us a whole bunch of toys her girls had grown out of. Which included some princess figurines. She calls all princesses "Pei Pei's" because a nick name of hers is Princess Pei Pei, after the Shanghai Noon character. So, we went to Macy's "pei pei" party and had a grand ole' time.

There was a real live princess there who came and showed the girls how to wave their magic wands...
blow kisses...........
and pose like princesses.......
But, let's be honest, this is about the amount of time and attention Peyton gave the princess.
She preferred playing outside.
And loved getting her face painted. She was a bit devastated when I wiped it off before her nap because she had already sweat the majority off.
And, though she didn't care too much about the Princess, she did allow me to take this cute little photo.
After the Princess left, we sang happy birthday to the shy little Macy (first time I haven't seen that little girl smile all day long).
And enjoyed cupcakes and presents. :)
We had a lot of fun. Happy b-day Macy.