Wednesday, May 30, 2012

That's What She Said

When Peyton wakes up in the morning she usually plays for quite a while in her bed before one of us gets her. She usually rejects us if we go in too early.

Yesterday I went in after about 15-20 minutes and somehow when I opened the door she didn't hear me. So, I just sat and watched her for a minute. She was sitting up playing with a little stuffed monkey. She was moving the little arms and talking quietly to it. She then turned it upside down, looked at it and laughed and said, "oh, silly," turning it back the right way. Then she looked over saw me and smiled.

Other days I've heard her calling her stuffed animals "honey" and putting them down to go "nite nite" on her pillow. It is really sweet.


Last weekend Wes and I were invited to a Dodger game by some friends of ours, Josh and Erika. We both grew up as Dodger fans (be it known, we like the Angels too) and we love going down into L.A. for the games. Sadly, the game was a bit boring and we lost. But, on the bright side we had the best viewing spot in the whole stadium for the fireworks. Seriously. To top off the night we even made it home in one peace. No one put us in a coma or anything!!!!!! Sa-weet.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

March Air Show

Last Saturday we met up with some of the family to enjoy the airshow going on at March Air Force Base. I took my nephew Carter about 4 years ago, and all I could remember was the heat and a lot of walking. So, this year we prepared for both. Lucky for us it was a warm day but there was also a delightful breeze which made the whole day feel pretty nice. I also made sure to bring a stroller this time. AND.... I went with Wes which made the whole day pretty wonderful. In case you haven't heard, I like him a lot! We met up with Sarah, Claire, and William, as well as Heidi, my mom, Ella and Tate. The older boys and dads were at Father's and Son's camp out. The kids enjoyed watching the planes, we liked touring the big planes (not so much the lines) and I think Heidi enjoyed test driving a car (insert sarcasm). We didn't stay too long, but we had a pretty good time watching the Thunderbirds and I think the group favorite was Robosaur. It was AWESOME!!!! I mean is there anything cooler than a robotic dinosaur eating a car and breathing fire. NOPE! Ah, my dreams have been sweet with dreams of Robosaur since last week. We love Robosaur!!!! Ok, enough about Robosaur, let's move on to some photos.

One specific plane (not this one but another yellow plane) was doing some awesome tricks all weekend we enjoyed watching each time we got on the freeway. William and Peyton had a blast running from plane to plane (and away from us).
 Then we lucked out and got to watch a long line of planes take off right in front of us.

 After looking at a few of the smaller planes we waited in line and toured one of the really large cargo planes.

 The 2 girls even piloted us. It was pretty cute to see them in there. I couldn't even imagine having to work all those controls fo' reals. Carol from 30 Rock did not make piloting sound that complicated. ;)
 I got a small group photo taken towards the end of our day. We were all pretty hot and tired towards this point.
But, then our senses were awoken when we finally saw ROBOSAUR! He was so cool. Seriously, fire came from his mouth. Then he picked up this Corolla, bit it, pieces flying everywhere, THEN.... he tore that bad boy in half and dropped it back on the ground.
 And, just to prove my existence at said Air Show, we did snap this (ugly) family photo. By this point, Sarah had given Peyton the rest of her families snow cone, which then made Peyton forget the existence of every living, or metal thing surrounding us. I mean everything. She downed that bad boy pretty fast. Didn't want to walk, move, or talk as long as she had that beast in her hand.
 After the air show and a nice family lunch at In N Out (with a pantless girl- she peed through her shorts at the show) we headed home all tuckered out and ready for naps. Which we all took. For 3 hours.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bring Your Daughter to Work Day

Wes is working full time now. Which means from about 2 pm-9:30/10 pm every weekday he is gone. :( We miss him. We miss him a lot! Evenings are a little lonely and slow. To make things worse, I don't have a car, so we go on walks and play outside. Plus he is still in school so twice a week he is gone for a few hours in the early afternoon. //sigh// 2 more weeks of school, then we get a small break. But, we have a new schedule, and we are making it work. I can at least say I am getting somewhat used to it now. Fridays are a little easier because the days are shorter and we see him more, so I look forward to Fridays. One Friday we had plans after Wes got off work. So......... Peyton and I joined him for the day in "the office". It was fun to see what he did all day. And, Peyton was in heaven, his office basically consists of 700 balls scattered everywhere. 

While we were there Wes gave her an assessment.

 She worked out for a bit on the trampoline.

She helped daddy pump up some balls.

She did fall on the bleachers in the watching area, and handled that like a "G". It was a pretty gnarly scrape and she barely cried. Originally I didn't think she even hurt herself because of the lack of tears and thought she was crying more of fear than pain.

So, Peyton liked daddy's work. So did I. At least he likes his work if I see him as little as I do. ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

That's What She Said

New portion of the blog people. Dedicated to the funny things Peyton (or in the future other children) says and does.

Yesterday Tuesday 5-15-2012: Putting away groceries

Wes drops a yogurt as he is putting them in the refrigerator. Peyton who is in the other room sees the yogurt fall and then runs to the kitchen yelling (loudly), "Ahhhhhhhhhh, yogee, yogee." And then proceeds to put it in the fridge.

Side note: We call yogurt "yogees" in this house.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Carlsbad Flower Festival

A few weeks ago we joined some of Wes' family in Carlsbad for the flower festival. I don't know what I expected, but it was different from what I thought it would be... read a little expensive. But, it was gorgeous!!!! Absolutely incredible. The funny thing about it was when we left the Chino area it was in the high 90s (temperature), when we got to Carlsbad it was cold and in the 60s.... we were so not dressed right. But, we loved all the bright flowers, they had some neat little exhibits around, and the flower flag was pretty neat. Peyton was in heaven carrying (and showing everyone) the rocks she had picked up. She was even blessed and hugged by this elderly Indian lady. It was pretty funny and awkward as her son yelled at her not to pick up other people's children. Kinda sweet though. And, who can resist a little doll like her?

After the flowers we headed to a nearby strawberry field and picked some delish strawberries. Carlsbad and Camarillo (Oxnard) have the sweetest, best strawberries EVER!

I don't know if we will go back every year, but it was definitely something to experience.
 Here is Wes in front of the "flag field," it doesn't look like much, but I stole this other one off the Internet so you could get an idea of what it looked like from a distance....
 Much cooler right?!
Now, notice what's in her hand...
 yup... it's a rock

 She also loved the birds.
 Had to include this.... because it's made of sand. Sand, people!
 Some of the other gardens.
 And... they had a cute little kid's area. Peyton kept trying to put the mushrooms on like hats.
 Our group L-R: Wes, myself, Peyt, Fred, Sandie, Ashleigh, Andy, Laurie and Doug (Andy's parents)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Do You Remember the Times?

Just funny little things to remember at this time:

*Whenever my face is close to Peyton's she always leans in close and kisses me. Example: She was sitting on my lap singing songs before bed and I looked at her and was talking. Then I finished talking but was still looking at her, and she looked at me for probably 2 seconds, leaned in, and gave me a kiss. She has done this probably 4 times this week alone. It's almost always comes unexpected, but it is always welcomed!

*We walk and get our mail every evening at about 6. The mailbox is located around the corner. It takes us FOREVER to make it the 100 yards or so there. Why? Because she picks up EVER. SINGLE. ROCK. on the street. Every rock, every single day. Then she carries them all with us. It takes a lot of negotiating for me to convince her to leave them in the flower bed outside. She also shows them to everyone we pass. She is very popular with all of our neighbors... fo' real.

*Speaking of our walk to the mailbox, today we passed the neighbors house on the corner. They have 2 dogs that are outside a lot. There were some massive turds outside on the rocks today. I had to show her the "lucky" (her way of saying yucky... I say yucky she says lucky) poops on the rocks to convince her not to pick any up. So, as we were passing she kept pointing at the turds saying, "lucky, lucky poo poo." Then she started waving and blowing kisses at the poops and laughing all while looking at me. Saying, "you o-tay (ok) poo poos?" Then laughing and blowing kisses at them again. (She blows kisses to everything and everyone, everywhere all day long, all on her own accord too). Weird little girl.

*She is a performer... at home at least. Music is definitely her forte. She hears songs on Yo Gabba Gabba, or Barney and sings them for hours after. And, she likes to dance. Mostly her dancing means prancing in place. Sometimes it also means cool shrugging shoulders. But, every night at bed I sing about 6 primary songs, and she always sings along (when she is not cracking up as she bonks heads with me, our other nightly routine, her doing, not mine), and she knows a lot of the words now. Her favorite is 'Book of Mormon Stories" we sing before we read them from a little children's Book of Mormon book.

*She can count to 10--- but will almost always cover her eyes while doing it. (From hide and seek).

*Favorite game: Definitely duck duck goose. The 2 of us played for almost half and hour yesterday. Doesn't sound that long, but when you just chase one another back and forth from room to room, sitting, standing, sitting, standing over and over, that is a long time. The best though is when she runs away she always says, "I'm going to get you" but not when she chases. It is always "duck, goose" too when it's her turn. And, when she sits, she always folds her hands in her lap. My favorite thing ever, I think.

*She thinks her bed is a trampoline and can really get some air.

*Speaking of bed, she slept in until about 10 am earlier this week. And, when I went to get her out of her bed, I could hear her through the monitor saying, "I  happy" to herself over and over. She says that a lot too throughout the day. Isn't that sweet?!

*Wes has started working every night. From about 3-9. Thus, our house is cleaner. I am bored and get more done. And, there aren't socks everywhere. For some reason Wes leaves socks out. I know I leave stuff out too, but it is funny his are socks. But, when he is gone Peyton will always ask at least once, "dada"?
When I say he is at work she always responds with "oh."

*When she looks for things, she puts her hand or pointer finger up to her chin and says, "hmmmmmm" or "let's see." The first time she did it I laughed for like 10 minutes. I have no idea where she learned it. Now I think she does it just to get a laugh.

*She wears one of Wes' backpacks around the house full of toys and stuffed animals. It is so big, bulky and heavy, she falls over a lot. It is quite funny. Yet, she won't let me take out 1 single item. Not even to play with.
 mad because she wanted to look at the pictures, and did not want me taking any. Lasted about 15 seconds.

*If ever I say, "dang, oh no, crap, ouch," grunt, or drop something, or make any noise she always says, "you o-tay mama?" Next time you see her make a grunting noise or something and see if she does it to you too.

*She is polite and says "please, and thank you" all the time. Sometimes after she says "thank you," she will follow up herself with a "your welcome."

*When she wants something, or we say something we are doing, or she wants to do it to, she points to herself and says, "and me". That happens a lot when I say "I have to go potty." She always says, "and me" and sometimes she actually does. Potty training may be happening here soon.

*She can read the words "boo" and "shhhhh" in books.

*Favorite new word/phrase thanks to an awesome greeting I got from Peyt one morning is. "hewooo" (hello)  with big arms openings.

*Loves helicopters. Go figure. We are going to have fun at the air show in a few weeks though.

This post ended up being WAYYYYYY longer than I had anticipated. I thought I would write a few brief things about her. (2-3 paragraphs at the most- pffff) But, Peyton is just too funny, and her behaviors are so fleeting, I had to keep going. She is about 21 months and 1 week old. And, every month I feel like she is a completely new girl with all new "tricks" so bare with me as I try hard to remember my girl. I love her so, and love going back and seeing how she was at different ages. Forgive me.