Monday, April 30, 2012

Women's Conference 2012

I had the wonderful opportunity of attending Women's Conference at BYU this past weekend with my mom, sister in law Sarah, her mom and some of their friends. It is basically EFY for women and it was inspiring. The speakers (for the most part) were awesome, and I had a chance to see Elder Anderson (the apostle) and his wife speak. I was reminded about what's important in this life, and left determined to do better everyday! It's funny how after only 4 days I longed to be home. And, I was so, so, soooooo excited to see Peyton and Wes. He looked hotter than ever! I missed them both so much! I am so happy to be home and doing my routine again, this is where I am supposed to be. There was definitely a theme I took home from all of the talks. It is that the basic principles we have been taught since primary are the most important ones. They are so simple, yet so essential. By doing these 4 things: 1. Read scriptures everyday (individually and as a family), 2. praying morning and night (and as a family) 3. Doing FHE every week and 4. Attending the temple regularly. These things will make us stronger and create a safe haven in our homes for our children. I am grateful for the gospel and I am grateful for ways to grow each day. I need these reminders, and it was so nice to get away with other good strong women and reflect on how to be a better wife, mother and woman in general. Plus, the BYU campus is gorgeous, and I got to spend quality time with my mom, which doesn't happen as often as it should. If you have never heard of Women's Conference, it is definitely something to look into and consider doing in the future....

On Thursday night there was a great concert featuring Hilary Weeks (and this song). I was brought to tears numerous times,  and the spirit was very strong. Plus, they handed out these nifty battery powered candles that everyone got and lit up at the end of the night. It was powerful
 Not going to lie, we sat in chairs like this most of the day. My butt hurt at the end of most days. :)
Our group of 6. We all shared a dorm together. It was a lot of fun. We giggled like little girls every night before bed. 
On Friday night after the conference, my mom and I headed to Salt Lake City for the night. We shopped around the new City Creek Mall (awesome, fo' real) and checked out the LDS art museum competition display that comes every 3 years. 
Then on Saturday we spent the day making the rounds and visiting our family in Northern Utah. I love my cousins and it is a joy to see them and their cute new babies. Here is my mom and her brother Kevin, and her sister Jill. 
 And, we ate a Burger Bar.... eat your heart out siblings. bwahahahahaha

Now, don't feel too bad for my husband who was left home with the baby. He played as hard as I did. I doubt he missed me at all. Thursday he was in a golf tournament with my dad. And, his shot on one hole was so good, he won a free round of golf for their entire team.

Friday he played basketball all morning with a friend.

And Saturday he went out to Camarillo with his parents to celebrate our nephew Tyler's 10th b-day. He said he and Peyton had a grand ole' time. Good news for Tyler is that he had a track meet earlier that day and came in 1st place in the mile. Finishing with a time of 6 min and 17 sec. while crushing the competition.

So... it was a good weekend for all!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On My Way.......

To Womens Conference in Provo with my mom and sister in law Sarah (and her mom). Really excited!!! And, very grateful my husband is so willing to stay home with the babe while I do this. And even more grateful to my mom for this AWESOME b-day present!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

SWAG: Stuff. We. All. Get.

I hope you Office fans got the title reference above. Don't we all miss Michael?

Anyways..... I have had quite a few emails, texts, messages, etc of people who want to know all about how Wes and I score every year on our birthdays. First, let me say, free stuff rocks. Second, Wes and I are the reason companies hate giving free stuff. Most restaurants, and places assume that if they give 1 free birthday meal or gift they will get at LEAST 1 other paying costumer as well. But, seeing as Wes and I have birthdays 6 days apart, we double score (double winning if you will). And, why not use it, we both deserve to celebrate our b-days right?

So here is a list of places I am registered at for free birthday stuff. Most of these places you go online and sign up for their e-club. Once you do this you are in. Throughout the year you get coupons, emails about their specials, etc. So, you will hear from them more than just on your birthday but it is definitely worth it.

Red Robin: free burger (I get a salad instead, so basically something of about equal value)
Benihana: $30 towards meal (not good with other coupons, specials, etc) *This is my FAVORITE
Acapulco: $12.99 towards meal
Rubios: $7 towards meal
Baskin Robins: Free ice-cream
Famous Dave's BBQ: Free entree with entree purchase of equal or greater value (up to $15)
Mimi's: Free entree with purchase of 2nd entree and 2 drinks
Chili's: Free brownie sundae
Fuddruckers: Free burger with 2nd entree purchase
Soup Plantation: Buy one get one free (must also buy 2 beverages)
Van Buren Golf Center: free round of golf 1 week before or after b-day on weekdays (9 holes + cart)... nice little course too
Sephora: Free gift

So... that's what we have. PLEASE leave a comment if you are aware of any other deals out there!!! We love utilizing our b-days for free things! Enjoy!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


For those who know Wes you know the way to his heart is through his stomach. Food. There is sooooo much I would love to buy for Wes, but with our "limited" income, I had to choose how we would celebrate. So, naturally we went the food direction. Breakfast burritos at Bravo Burger, muy bien. Probably the greatest breakfast burrito out there, especially when you substitute hash-browns with french fries. Winning.

Afterward we headed over the Moreno Valley Mall and just walked around for a while. We let Peyton play and just hung out.

Later that day we went the food route once again and ate at Five Guys Burgers. Btw, both of these restaurants Wes has mentioned he has been craving the last few weeks. Let me first start by saying I LOVE soda. Love it!!! BUT, I didn't order a drink there... originally. However, after seeing their soda machine of the future I just HAD to go back and order one. So........ we did. We tried about 6-7 different flavors. It was awesome!!!

Peyton loved the peanuts the best. Though I don't think she thought the raspberry sierra mist was too bad either. ;) Trust me when I say Wes hates when I let her drink anything sweet. But, I only let her have diet caffeine free drinks. So, come on!!!
After we ate we headed over to the bowling alley down the street and bowled 1 game. Wes' back hurt so we didn't last long. But, Peyton thought bowling was the greatest thing ever!
And check Wes' form out. He's awesome! It's barely obvious that these are 2 different photos. :)
Check out my baby bowling. And, of course... the tongue of concentration.
And, this is on Sunday before church. I had to include it because it may be the cutest photo ever. And, technically, it is still part of the birthday weekend, right?!
Then to continue our birthday celebration month, we met up with most of the Aleman family and used our  b-day certificates there. Delish!!! 50% of us got a free meal! Double winning.
And, last but not least, we used yet another free b-day certificate at a nearby 9 hole golf course and golfed for free. It was a blast. And, since we are planning on Peyton being a professional golfer we have to expose her young to the game. She was in heaven running around, picking up range balls and dragging my putter around.
Birthdays are the best!!!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthdays Past

Before I jump to Wes' 29th b-day we just celebrated, I thought I would first blog about birthdays from March. All 3 of my most recent nephews were born within a week or so of each other in 3 consecutive years.

First, William Todd (March 9, 2010). Most of you are familiar with William and his struggles. So, celebrating his 2nd birthday last month was a pretty big deal. He loves airplanes, so the theme of his party was "high flying".  It was all decked out with a landing pad, passports, peanuts, and wings (hot-wings that is), with a lot of other fun stuff too. To see more details go here. I would say the highlight of the night was sitting in the plane and watching the in-flight entertainment. It was so cute. If you would like to watch the video (which I recommend doing so with tissues in hand) follow the link here.

Next is little Tug (Trenton), who was born March 14, 2011. This was his 1st b-day and Jaime put on a cute little circus themed party. She is an awesome decorator and party planner. So the table was beautiful and delicious. And, due to the freezing temperature outside there were tons of fun carnival like games out in the garage to play. Like pin the nose on the clown, throwing balls into the holes, knocking over bottles, etc, etc. Plus we all dressed up like circus animals and had a rousing fun time!!!!!!! Plus, watching a 1 year old dig into his cake always makes a good party.

Wes and I just monkeying  around.
 Matt and Tug throwing the ball at the bottles.
 Sandie pinning the nose on the clown... you can see how well the rest of the fam did... just look at the wall where we missed the photo completely. :)
 Peyton and Delanie throwing the ball into the hole. These 2 are little pals... it's really cute.
 Some more wildlife 
 And, finally, cute Tug happy eating his birthday cake

And, I know I did his own post, but this year on March 12 little Tate was born. So, all 3 boys have their b-days within 5 days of each other.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Holy Easter Batman!

This year Easter just happened to land on my b-day. And, because it was on my b-day it was also on my mother in law Sandie's b-day. And, because we always do a group celebration with the Aleman side for b-days we also celebrated Shaun and Wes' b-day that day too. So, we did a whole lotta' celebrating on Sunday.

So... while I am not a huge fan of sharing my b-day ;) I couldn't have asked to share it with a more wonderful group of people. Jesus, Sandie, Wes, Shaun and me, I think we are a pretty good group. Of course, celebrating the life of Christ is the most important.

We started with a celebration on Good Friday with my family at Good Ole' Red Robin. Free meal for your b-day people... jump on it. And, I foresee a lot more trips here in the near future as we received 3 gift cards there between the 2 of us.

My baby and I on my 27th birthday.... for some reason 27 sounds so much older than 26 to me.
 Sarah and the kids brought this cool tiara to the restaurant for me.
 And then Ella walked in wearing one too... so we just had to take a photo together.
 My 27th b-day photo. 
I want to start taking one every year to document my aging... or maybe I don't.

Saturday we went over to the City of Perris' Easter Egg hunt and photos with the bunny. And, it was awesome. We got there a little before it was over and there were NO lines for the bunny or the egg hunt. Peyton enjoyed the hunt candy. And, to our dismay LOVED the Easter Bunny. We were worried about that as she was not a fan of Santa. But, she couldn't get enough of him. We saw him 3 times, and she wanted to high five and pound his fist over and over. Too bad my camera sucks! Getting pictures in the sun is nearly impossible and I have so many pictures that could be the cutest ever if the lighting wasn't so bad. After the Easter hunt we went to Rubio's for our free b-day meal there too. Have I  mentioned how we love free b-day meals... ghetto? Sure. Do we care? Nope.

We also colored/decorated a few hard boiled eggs for the Easter Bunny. She liked coloring on them (totally the way to go by the way), and Wes and I did most of the dying.

On Sunday Peyton woke up at 9:15am (just have to brag again a little) and we did our own little Easter celebration. She followed a jelly bean trail to her basket (her favorite part of the morning), and kept saying, "wow, wow-ee" as she walked. Then she got to her basket and just started pulling things out. After she went through it all she found the eggs "hidden" around the room. Remind me next time to use fake eggs. Having an almost 2 year old gingerly drop hard boiled eggs into a basket just isn't going to happen.

"Our hidden eggs"
 And basket... Thank you dollar tree!
 Finding the jelly beans. IE: Easter Bunny poops :)

We then headed over to my parents house to go to Sacrament with them. Which was nice. She loved Boppie, and loved how much candy she gets there. Mom and dad... not so much. ;)

 I was trying to take a family photo and she kept running to Boppie... so it never happened

By 3 o'clock Peyton was officially in a candy coma (yes that's candy remains all over her chin), and we went over to Wes' parents house for the rest of the evening.

Sandie made lamb chops, and ham, along with a lot of other delicious salads, potatoes, pies, etc. We always eat good there.

And after lots of food, and playing we did our Easter egg hunt. Both Wes and I made some $ too... always adds some fun for the "big kids". Even Peyt made a dollar. Sa-weet.

And this happened all on its own. Peyton brought Tyler and book so he lifted her up, sat her down next to him and started to read to her. Tender, right?

We ended the night with pie (even though Shaun stole all the wishes) and gifts. AND... I didn't get any photos of that, so... you are out of luck seeing what a great time we had. You will have to take my word on it.

So... in case you can't tell, we had a wonderful weekend. Oh, and I have only had to change like 2 diapers the whole week and haven't done any cooking or cleaning, thanks to my wonderful husband and his willingness to pamper me on my b-day weekend. I hope he doesn't expect the same next weekend. Kidding.