Wednesday, February 29, 2012

People of Walmart

Yes, I took my baby looking like this to Walmart. Her Halloween duck head on, and her doggie car seat straps on her arm like a cast.
And..... I loved it. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let me Out of Here

Peyton loves going outside. And, when the neighbor kids are outside playing and we aren't, it's like torture.
full disclosure: We spent like an hour at the park earlier in the day and this was right before we walked to get the mail. I'm not a bad mother... I swear.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Am I A Man... Or Am I A Muppet

I should've known my favorite song from the muppet movie was written by none other than Bret McKenzie. Way to go pal.

Doesn't this song sound just so "Flight of the Conchords"?

And, don't you love that Jamaine tweeted last year, "My buddy is making music with muppets. I guess human collaborators just weren't enough. Excuse me a moment." 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Harry and Lloyd

Peyton has the greatest hair. From the mullet we are trying to grow out, to the awesome bed head she has every morning.

These photos were taken on the same day.

Harry Dunne

meet Llyod Christmas

Friday, February 24, 2012

And, Thus it Begins

The first of many naughty things that will happen in this household I am sure. Oye vey!!!
crayon on the TV--- luckily it did wash off.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentine's Video

This was the day after V-Day and every time she would see us or her balloon she would say "Happy Valentine's Day!" Just wanted to show it off.

Friday, Wes and I went on our hot Valentine's date to the temple and Chili's. I forgot my camera but got this 1 picture from the end of the night (I believe this was after midnight). We had an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL time!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We are NOT potty training, BUT............

Peyton loves sitting on the potty. She has gone pee-pee on it about 8-9 times, and poop about 1/2. I don't know about your kids, but lately she keeps pooping in the bath (sorry if this is TMI) and I grabbed her out mid-poop once and she finished in the potty, not happily I might add. :) BTW, isn't cleaning a poopy tub the worst? hahahahaha... I hope I am grossing you people out, but it's the truth of the matter!

Anyways, I figure that her liking the potty and being comfortable on it will help once we do decide to start. So, anytime she wants to sit on the potty, or talks about pee-pee we will sit, even if nothing happens. If she goes she is rewarded, if not, no problem.

Why haven't we started? Blame the mama here. I am not ready to fully commit. I don't think she will stay dry during naps and bedtime, and I am not about to purchase pull-ups. So, when I do jump on-board we will try the all underwear approach or nothing. Plus, diapers are so convenient on the go, I am not too anxious to be done with them. Am I crazy? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.

 And look who joined us on the potty... her baby doll. Told ya.

Snarles Barkley

(taken at a Valentine's Party 2012--- this is her "camera" face).

Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby, baby, baby... Oh My Baby

Peyton lately (as in the last week) has been all about playing with her baby dolls. They go everywhere with us and she looks for them all day long at home.

She changes their diapers... and gets out all the necessary items for it. Including: changing pads, diapers, wipes, desitin, etc.
 She lays them down on pillows and kisses them.
 She puts them under the blankets for "nite nite" and continually "shushes" us and whispers to them.
 Takes them on walks... literally. She pushed both babies in their stroller around our big block the other day.
 Feeds them her snacks (real snacks and pretend food). And makes eating noises on their behalf.
She also brought her doll the other day and said to me, "pee pee--- potty." As she handed me her baby I realized she had put it on the toilet and it had fallen in and was soaking wet. So, I had her help me put baby in the bath (IE: washing machine). It was pretty funny and cute. She is really into the potty lately and likes to pee pee or sit on it all day long... not so fun for me. :)  But, that's a whole other blog.
My baby loves her babies. And, I love my baby!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Balentimes Day!!!!!!

We've been hearing a whole lot of "Happy Balentimes Day" around here... it's awesome! (In case you were wondering I was referring to Peyton.... okay and Wes a little too). Every time we've had cookies, cupcakes, or balloons she says it. And out of nowhere today she busted it out... too funny.

And we've done quite a bit of celebrating Balentimes Day here too.

1st: Church Playgroup party at my friend Kim's house. (seriously if you live near me and want in... regardless of where you go to church/ or don't, let me know, we mom's have just as much fun as the kids). :) We decorated cookies, decorated our Valentine's bags, played with all of Kim's fun toys, and passed out Valentine's to our friends. It was a blast! Ella's friend from next door came with the Brobergs and exclaimed half way through the party that, "this is the best Valentine's Day party EVER!" It was special.

2nd: Peyton and I went to story-time at the library where they read lots of Valentine's books followed by cookie decoration. That's at 10:30am at the Perris branch library for any interested in joining us each week.

3rd: My parents hosted a Valentines/FHE for all the kids and families... heaven for them all. Sugar high with cousins... nothing is better. We decorated cookies (I hate this activity because I can't resist a good frosted sugar cookie and always eat too many). :) Then the kids did a scavenger hunt for their loot from Nana and Boppie (pop rocks and fun dips). Then we all played a good BINGO game. Followed by heart shaped pasta and poison lemonade... it was bad! The lemonade that is. :) Fresh lemonade 2 days later is NOT fresh anymore. We ended the night with face painting and balloons.
 Thanks Nana and Boppie

Valentine's Day: I made blue pancakes (man's pink right? Okay, really I did not know I was out of red food coloring) and heart shaped eggs and heart shaped bacon for breakfast. Then Wes went to work and Peyton and I prepared the house for him to come home. We made him a finger painted card, wrote nice notes around the house, and had a candle lit dinner for 2 set and ready for him to come home too. I even wore his favorite outfit, which I will not post photos of.  :) (P.S. Peyton was asleep before he got home, so no weirdness for her). We finished the night with a romantic movie... i.e.: The Bourne Ultimatum. :)
On our way to our favorite place... Walmart! Not really but it's across the street so I go often just to get out of the house when I don't have a car. So... we went there for some fun V-day activities and ingredients.

We finger painted a big card for daddy... that I framed for him from Peyt.

And when he got home dinner was hot and ready for him...along with the cheesiest "romantic" songs... we kept laughing during dinner at the stupid songs that would play (I used an online "romantic" play list- so bad).

I love my family and love to share my feelings of love with them daily. But, it is fun to do special things on occasion like fancy dinners at home with music and candles... so I embrace all holidays, even silly ones like Valentine's Day. Plus, we did a nice lesson for Peyton on Christ's love and gift for us... I am sure it really resonated with her too. ;)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ye Ole' Cross-eyes

Peyton learned a new trick this past week... she is obsessed with doing cross-eyes. Once she does it, she knows how, then she'll keep doing it over and over because she loves to make us laugh. We have to cover her eyes or tell her to stop or she never will.

This video below, we tried to get her to do it on command... which is a little harder because she wasn't in the habit. But, you get a good idea, even if it is not her best.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chick-Fil-A: Super Heroes

Every Tuesday the Moreno Valley Chick-Fil-A does a 'Family Fun Night'. We go on occasion. This last Tuesday Peyton and I met the Broberg family there for their "Super Hero" night. Unfortunately Weston B. was working. I found out about the theme in the middle of the afternoon and was away from home all day. So, don't judge me on Peyton's poor costume, I put it all together in about 10 minutes and I woke her from her nap to go, thus her crazy hair. :)

We had fun though. We got our dinner, which was "soup"er (free soup for dressing up in a super hero costume, and Peyt and I went in matching capes). Then Petals the clown painted the kids faces, made them balloon art (a poodle, a dinosaur, and a sword), and Peyton hassled the cow the rest of the evening. He made the mistake of dancing with her for a while and she would NOT leave him alone after that. She kept chasing him trying to hold his hands. I finally had to come rescue him after a while. And every time he would walk by our table she would grab her little balloon sword and try to get him.

Like I said... we love taking advantage of fun free activities around where we live. It makes life a little more interesting. Plus, it passes the evening more quickly... always a plus.

Peyton was "Super Cute"