Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lunar New Year

We spent Saturday in Downtown Riverside for the Lunar New Year celebrations. It's fun to take advantage of the free, fun festivities that happen around where we live.

The festival was basically a lot of local businesses with booths set up, either selling things, giving away things, or doing demonstrations, etc.
 This booth was doing drum demonstrations. Peyton was NOT having it.
And there were a lot of interesting people there.
 Including these sumo guys.
 My mom and I dressed up in traditional Korean (?) outfits.
 We also tried some new and interesting foods.
We weren't there very long, but we had some fun.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

18 Months

Peyton had her 1st 'official' day in nursery!!! Unofficially, she has been going since the beginning of January- per the nursery leaders request. :) The first day she went they said she did awesome. "Just a few tears when they sang 'I am a Child of God.'" Only my crazy baby would cry when they sang that, and at no other time. It all started when I sang it to a baby doll of hers when we were playing and she got jealous. Since then she cries every time she hears that song. We are working on that though. (Must admit, I think it is hilarious though). They also commented on how smart and sweet she is. It makes me so happy to hear those things.

 My baby and I on her big day as a big girl.
She was totally staring off into space and must have had a comfortable stare going because she refused to look at me, and this was after like 30 seconds.... :)

Other things about my 18 month old toddler.... not baby.

-Weighs 24 lbs, don't remember her height or head. (whoops)
-Dr. said she has a high IQ, and is at a 22-24 month old level.
-She obsesses over our fish, Gill. If it was up to her we would feed it every 5 minutes and she would do it every time.

-Has 12 teeth.

-When she sees someone eating and she wants some, she will walk up to you and make a 'chomping" noise.
-Loves to wave 'hi' to people and is very VERY friendly. She makes new friends old and young wherever we go.

-Favorite activity is still reading.

-Jumps off things with no regard to the result and rarely cries even when she biffs it.
-Loves Sesame Street. Favorite characters are Elmo (of course :/ ) and Cookie Monster. When she sees him she says, "Coooookie. Yeah yeah yeah yeah."
-She talks all day long. I can't even count anymore the words she knows. She repeats everything we say and can communicate effectively with words or sign language almost anything she wants. But, when we are in a group she is quiet and plays but doesn't talk much. I truly think she is taking it all in. She understands soooo much it is quite amazing. Learns funny new animals sounds all the time too... like Hippo, rhino and duck.
(This is her face when she makes a hippo sound)

-She likes to stand on her head... with no arms is her favorite.
-She does a funny glare.
-Favorite food: anything noodles, fruit snacks, and apples (but only whole she gets angry when I cut them up).
-Throws tantrums... like roll on the floor tantrums. (It is funny because she gets on the floor so daintily)
-Loves to load and unload dishes (she puts all the silverware in and out, and does the pots and pans well too-seriously she does a good job).
-Has gone pee-pee on the potty about 3-4 times.
-Can almost repeat the entire alphabet with me. (Most of the letters sound pretty similar though).
-When asked her name she will almost always start with "Ummmmm". Sometimes she will answer with "Ummmmm- Pey Pey", and sometimes it is just "Ummmmmmm",  followed by nonsense.
-Cries when singing Child of God" except for before bed or nap.
-Sleeps between 7:30-8:30 and wakes between 7:30-8:30. 1 nap.
-Loves to sing songs, and will try to sing or do hand effects with you if she knows it.
(Singing "happy and you know it shout hooray")

-Loves the park, especially the slides and swings.

-Loves looking for and waving to the moon.
-Everything she likes and we do, after we are done she will look at us, put up 1 finger and say "one more" (probably only we could understand what she says though).

-Tries to make silly faces with us.
-Gives GREAT hugs and kisses to almost everyone. And if she won't it's usually because she wants you to chase her.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yes, I know we all use it. We all have become subject to spending hours on the site pinning and liking crafts, hairdo (one which I am sporting now in hopes of having curly hair tomorrow morning), but let's be honest the real reason we love it is all the food ideas. I swear I pin more food, sweet, and snack ideas then anything else. There is an occasional work out pin (to get the gluts I want), but then I see how to make home made Snickers and I've completely forgotten the arms I want!

The problem with Pinterest is this. I just went out in my garage and ran/walked for 30 minutes in hopes of getting some sort of exercise in. Don't judge me for my short attention span. However, once I am done "working out" I come on the computer to relax. After looking at Pinterest all I wanna do is snack. I give in to these urges, then instantly feel guilty. Why do I do it? Because food looks really good. What I need to remember is this.... "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." And once I feel skinny, I will tell you if that is true or not.

Some pictures of Pinterest recipes I've tried.

Zucchini baked with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and bread crumbs. So good!!!
 Crescent roll/string cheese pizza bites.... ehh.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


While Wes and I were out frolicking in the city of San Francisco, Peyton was having a world of fun without us.

She spent Friday night, all of Saturday and most of Sunday with her Aunt Kati and Uncle Patrick in Hermann. They took her to the L.A. Zoo and seemed like they had a blast together. When we would call she was either sleeping or reading books... which made me feel confident that she was happy (those are her favorite things to do). I know she also had fun playing with Happy and George, Kati's cats, although I can speak for the cats when I say they probably didn't enjoy it as much as she did. I think Patrick enjoyed changing her diapers the most... we got the funniest text message from him in regards to the size of her turds. hahahahaha

Hayley was off school and kindly offered to take her Sunday night and all day Monday. (We got home at about midnight Monday, so we spent the night at my parents and took her home in the morning). Hayley sent me texts throughout the day that said things like, "Ry is excited for Peyt." "She is playing with cousins and we are getting ready for a bath." "Peyton just bombed on Pinkberry with mango and strawberries." And, I got this awesome picture of her with flowers in her hair and no pants. Just like her, loving to be nude after a diaper change and bombing on frozen yogurt.

So, it's no surprise she didn't miss us and we missed her like crazy. Although, she was giddy once we got home. She just laughed and ran around the house for like an hour. Cute lil' thing!!!!! I will tell you this though, knowing she was in good hands made the entire trip SOOOOOO much more ENJOYABLE. Thank goodness for willing, loving and trustworthy family!!!

Her she is wearing her new China town pajamas.

Monday, January 23, 2012

San Francisco: Final Day

Our last day in San Fran... we were so sad to leave. But, man we were also so worn down we actually looked forward to relaxing for an hour on the airplane. We also had 1 more full day in the city and just a few more things we really wanted to do.

Starting with...........
Yes, that IS the Full House park with the "painted ladies" in the background. Finding the house where Danny, Joey, Jesse, DJ, Stephanie and Michelle lived was VERY important to us on this trip. And, we did sing the theme song the majority of the time we were driving around.

If you've somehow forgotten what I am taking about (heaven forbid) watch this link. It is sure to bring back found memories. "Du wa du bop ba dou!"

However, as we were at the park we realized that this was NOT the house they show at the beginning of almost every episode... so we had to find the actual house too. You know this one below.....
We did!!!!!!! :)

After this life altering moment we went back and parked our car again at our hotel to utilize the free parking. Then we walked a few blocks up and rented bikes for the day. My thoughts on the bikes: awesome to bike the bridge and hell to bike around the city. The hills (even the ones that don't look huge) were pretty tough. There were a few moments we would be biking uphill and I just couldn't go any more so I would have to jump off walk to the top and jump back on once we got there. However, biking downhill was AWESOME!
This was the worst hill of all. It was HUGE!!!!!!!

So, now that I've said that, I assume you know what we did this day. We biked along the marina (almost all flat land) and over the Golden Gate bridge. It was a beautiful day, with a slight breeze and the ride was great. Our initial plan was to ride into Sausalito, but once we got across the bridge we decided against it and headed back to eat lunch and get a Ghirardelli's ice cream sundae and enjoy the area roundabout (the Cannery, Ghirardelli Sq, Hyde Pier, etc). :)   (P.S. I had some fun editing these photos, just saying.)
 The other side......
 With our sailor friend.

Meandering back in the city after our initial bike ride. We just kept on riding around. Luckily our bike rental place provided baskets to hold our stuff and locks when we wanted to leave them for a while. Seriously, if you are going to be around pier 39 or the marina... biking is the way to go. (In these pictures to come, please disregard our hair... we both suffered painfully from helmet head).

We had lunch in Ghirardelli square at some diner (like Ruby's). We didn't like it, but it did have a good view of Alcatraz and the ocean and Hyde St Pier.
 Hyde St. Pier
This one is for Ned and Heidi :)

As the time approached to head to the airport, we drove along with coast and enjoyed the beautiful view of the ocean at sunset. We stopped at a restaurant called The Cliff House on the coast (just for the great view) and happened to come across a search for a lost swimmer so we watched that for a bit. We walked into Golden Gate Park for all of 5 minutes to find the Dutch Windmill and although we saw it from a distance it was too dark to do much more.

Once we returned our car and were all checked into the airport I finally felt safe enough to mention how lucky we had been on this trip and how perfect everything had gone. I didn't want to jinx us earlier. But, I jinxed us anyway... because not half an hour later we realized we left our Ipod and headphones in a drawer at the hotel. We called but to no avail. I am not going to lie, I was pretty ticked for about 2 hrs after this. Just thought I would mention the 1 bad thing about the trip, so you don't think everything is always perfect. ;)

Wes reading as we waited for our flight. I had to throw this in because since he started the 2nd Hunger Games book, he and his conversation have been M.I.A. ;)

Obviously, I got over that, and can tell you we had a good time. That is actually an understatement. We had an absolutely-fantastically wonderful-awesome-enjoyable-spectacular time!!!!!

It was like a 2nd honeymoon and I am so looking forward to more anniversaries just like this with my Hubster! Thanks again Weston B. for making my life so wonderful even when it is hard, I am glad to be by your side. :)

P.S. Our song of the week was definitely M83- Midnight City