Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lake Perris

Some friends from the ward invited us (and the Brobergs who are also in the ward) out for a fun day on the lake with them yesterday. They have a great boat and an awesome tube which made for some crazy rides and killer wipe-outs!!!
 Here are the gals all lotioned up and ready to go.
 Asher loved riding on the boat... and just wanted to jump around. Peyton loved eating her hat, and fell asleep both times we got on the boat.
 This is her "happy smile" btw.

We started out with Ned and Wes on the tube. Their facial expressions were priceless. I really wish we had it on film. Butter-grip Ned was the first to let go. As he wiped out, Ella who was a little freaked out with the whole idea as it was, had a pretty traumatic moment! She thought Ned was lost to the world. She started sobbing and frantically screaming "daddy, daddy, Noooooo!!!!!!!" It was sad and hilarious at the same time.

After the spill, they switched to riding this way... which was equally funny.

Then, it was Asher's turn. He took it well. Ella came next, it was pretty much the same as when Ned wiped out. Only this time she yelled.... "He tricked me! Forrest tricked me!" Me, Kim and Heidi had a good laugh at that one.

After tubing for a while, we went back, bbq'd some wieners and corn. Hung out in the water for a bit. Then headed back out.

Peyton absolutely LOVED the water and wanted me to dunk her and throw her in. It was so cute and funny.

Here Forrest gave Wes, Ned and myself a crazy ride. We were all flying in the air. I swear at one point we got up like 6 feet. It felt like forever before the tube hit the water again. Too bad we didn't get any photos of that ride.

The best part of the day was that it was a 3 minute ride home. We had so much fun. And, are so grateful to have such great friends!!!!!!! Thanks again Hernandez's. :) Seriously, we had a blast!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unofficial: 13 Months

I won't be doing monthly posts on my baby anymore, but today was a big day, and it just so happened to be her 13 month b-day... so, I will make an exception.

At my parent's house today it just clicked for Little Miss, and she started to tentatively walk on her own. We've been working with her, but today she did it with no prompting or help. She would crawl over to the couch, stand up and turn, make sure either myself or Wes was watching, then teeter off until she fell. And then repeat the pattern over again. She took 7 straight steps at the most,. and numerous times at least 4-5. (Obviously, she still prefers to crawl though).

My little girl is growing up.

And just for kicks she also:
Folds her arms for prayers (sometimes without being asked)
Knows her nose, mouth, tummy and hair
Does an Elvis Presley impression
Says "hi" "yeah" (and claps) "uh oh" "mama" and "dada"
Signs "more" and "airplane" (these may be the only 2 signs I know too) :)
Knows to clap during the song "If you're happy and you know it..."
Has killer dance moves
Fake laughs
Crys with her tongue hanging out
Loves to nod and shake her head
Does a fish face
Loves to shake her whole body with an intense face
Fake eats food
Does a refreshing "ahhhh" sound after she watches us drink
Loves to balance things on her head
Has a bottom moler coming in
And points to everything

She is right around the 25th % in both weight and height.

Here is Peyton just chillin' (wide awake) in her stroller at Disneyland. She thinks she is pretty cool when she has on her sunglasses.

Here is a video that shows off most of her tricks.............

Monday, August 22, 2011

Death Cab For Cutie

Friday was a night Wes and I have been looking forward to for months and months and months. If you'll recall I got Wes tickets for his birthday in April to see our very most favorite, the most awesome coolest band ever, Death Cab For Cutie. I mean, we really like them! And let me just say the night was NOT a disappointment!
Starting with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at the Americana shopping center in Glendale where we sat outside on the patio, enjoyed the beautiful cool weather, the water show and people watching. That in itself was a fun date night. But, the night just kept getting better and better.
We then headed to the Greek Theater, got a primo parking spot, had pretty dang good seats, and were then honored to witness pure musical magic. Seriously, we just kept looking at each other and smiled, giddy with excitement. With each song we would get a little anxiety thinking it might be the last. They were just that good.
The band was awesome live. We knew every single song they played. They performed most of our favorite songs, and even ended the encore with "Transatlanticism" which is OUR SONG!

*Transatlanticism is our song because in 2005 while I was across the Atlantic Ocean in London for my Semester Abroad, we both unknowingly listened to that song and thought about the other. We had this epiphany when I got home and deemed it our song.

Okay, and I may have got teary eyed when they played "What Sarah Said" because it made me think of my sweet little nephew William.

We were also groupies at the end of the night and hung out by the bands bus for a little over an hour trying to meet the band (I've had some luck in the past with other bands doing this). We met a few characters, a name dropper, and did see the lead singer Ben Gibbard drive off in his Prius. 
 This was one of the best date nights we have had in our married life, and one I won't forget any time soon. It was honestly So. Much. Fun!!!! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Gubs

So, Wes has amazing Grandparents on both sides. Being that almost all of mine are dead (except for one Grandpa I've only met a handful of times) I have officially adopted his. I love them! Especially the Gublers... and I love them for more than their awesome last name by the way. Gubler (hehehehe). :)

Unfortunately, Grandma Gubler is very sick. A few years ago she got breast cancer, but after some heavy chemotherapy that almost killed her, she beat it. Then, about a year ago she got really sick again, and could not figure out why. In October we went and visited her and the poor lady was doubled over in pain, had to stop mid sentence because it was so bad, and all in all she was really bad. After a number of Dr. and hospital visits where the just couldn't figure out what exactly was wrong, they went in and did exploratory surgery. They found a large mass which they removed, and later discovered it was cancer. Sadly, the cancer has continued to spread and at this point she is in a hospice just trying to stay as comfortable as possible.

Poor Grandpa Gubler (who looking ways is the same as the man from the movie UP) does everything in his power to make her happy and comfortable. He is by her side all day. When we showed up on Friday to visit her in the hospice he was out with the workers cleaning the porch. I just can't say in words how much I love that man! He took us to breakfast, made some hilarious jokes, and sat and played and talked to Peyton the entire time.

We were so happy to spend time with the Gubs, and hope they know what a wonderful couple they are and how loved and prayed for they are. St. George is all the better because they are there.

The last time we were able to make the trip up there to visit was in January. Then she was doing very well and seemed pretty good and healthy. I didn't take any pictures from this trip because I knew she would have been too embarrassed. So, this photo below is from January of 2011. The photo with Grandpa Gubler below was taken this trip.
Another reason we LOVE going to St. George is because Fred and Sandie have an absolutely beautiful house there that we love to stay in. It almost feels like a resort while we are there.
 AND... there are a few eating places we like to go to. One in particular is a beverage place called SWIG. It is so fun, and you don't even have to get out of your car. The only bummer about St. George is that everything closes at 7:30 pm. We showed up to 2 different places to eat and both were closed. Seriously?
We also went to the St. George temple (even though it was a sauna outside) and enjoyed walking around and going through the visitor center. One sister missionary showed us a beautiful video on the family in a rotating room and brought me to tears. I love moments like that. Well, not the tears but the feelings. :)
We also decided prior to leaving on Monday (btw, we decided on a whim to head up there) that it was time to move Peyton into a bigger, forward facing chair, since at her 1 year apt she was exactly 20 lbs. And, she loves it. She just smiles every time we look back at her, and talks non stop. Plus, it is easier to hand things to her and see what she is up to. A win win for us all.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Circus: AKA The Greatest Show On Earth

On Saturday we went to the Barnum and Bailey Circus. It was definitely fully charged, which also just happened to be the theme of the circus and the day!!! We were joined by my family and my friend Jill and her daughter Kaelyn. I think it is safe to say we all had fun. Although, some parts of the circus were, how might one put it? Cheesy!!! But, the acts were incredible and we were thoroughly entertained. Peyton loved it, although she did get a little antsy until she got soda, licorice and popcorn from some other members of the family. ;)

If you get to the venue early (we saw the show in Ontario), they let you go down on the ground and dress up and see some of the acts and elephants up close. It was pretty fun actually. 

 Like I said, Peyton loved it. In the beginning she just stared and danced around. It was darling. 

 My favorite animal is an elephant. They are so dang cute. One of my (actually our) favorite parts of the whole show was when one elephant started to poop... and lemme tell you they are BIG turds and the lady worker ran around following it trying to catch it in the shovel. Pure comedy!
 And, what's a circus without man eating tigers. Sorry Sigfried. BTW, it was always a life long dream of mine to see Sigfried and Roy. It still breaks my heart to this day that I will never live my dream.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo Shoot

My dear friend, who is also a great photographer, did an amazing photo shoot for my bugga-boo. Check them out. And, honestly, I can't tell you what an amazing photographer and person Camille is. I highly recommend her!!!

Here is a link to her blog... which also shows off some of the cute photos she got of my gal.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ooh La La--- Peyton's Fancy Nancy 1st B-day!

I still SERIOUSLY can't believe my baby is 1. I honestly feel like 6 months has passed, not 12. I love looking back at old photos of her, it makes me so happy and sad at the same time. I tried taking pictures of her once a month on her birthday to remember each stage, some turned out better then others.


2 weeks

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months

10 months

11 months

12 months (1 year photos taken courtesy of Camille Knecht, she did a great job)!

We decided to throw Peyton a Fancy Nancy party. More because she can't enjoy a "party" per se, and I thought it would be fun for all the adults. And, everyone knows how much Wes and I like to dress up, right?! We also wanted to keep it really small with mostly family and a few close friends, again because first birthdays are more for us then babies. Plus, we left that day for vacation with the Alemans, so the smaller the party the less stress I would have... always a good thing. :) We think it turned out pretty great. Everyone there was a good sport and dressed up very fancy. And, the only time Peyton cried was when we took the cake away. Needless to say she really enjoyed diving on in!

We had a dress up table and booth for everyone to make themselves fancy before coming into the actual party.
 Which included mustaches for those who needed one.
 And, top hats
 ring pops, necklaces, candy necklaces, sunglasses, boas, crowns
 We put up a table for people to see upon entering... plus this is my favorite photo EVER!
 We had fruit and chicken kabobs.
 And a pinata for the kids to hit.
  My friend who did my mini cupcakes at my baby shower whipped up these little beauties.
 And, here are some of Peyton's guests elaborately decked out for the partaaaay!!!!
 Peyton with Ella and Macy.
 Ryan, Taryn and Nate
 My mom and Ryan
 Peyton, Wes and Myself
 I love this photo.. I had no idea Wes was behind me.
 Wes and Ryan
 Patrick and his fiance Kati
 The guests outside
 We got cookies with holes so that everyone could practice eating and drinking with their pinkies up.
 Sweet little Nate
 Caleb and Lisa
 Andy and Ashleigh
 Fred and Sandie
 Ella and Brinley
Brinley and Peyton
We also had the kids walk around with bananas on their heads to practice their perfect, fancy balance.
 Then we busted out the pinata.
 My seriously favorite photo... um.... EVER.
Wes, Andy and Patrick in their fancy garb. Isn't this the best! Love this!
 Peyton ready to eat her own cake. She took this very seriously.
 And, let me tell you she loved eating it. And, the cake got EVERYWHERE!
 Playing with her new toy with her cousins after the party.

Happy birthday sweet baby. Know always how much your mom and dad love you and how much joy you've given us both.