Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Great Outdoors

The last few weeks we've been enjoying the wonderful summer weather, and the cool sites that can be seen from a vantage point.

The first of which I have been really wanting to do for sometime and was so excited about. We hiked to the
Hollywood sign.

Unfortunately, you can't get that close... I wanted to touch it or something. But, it was still pretty awesome, and you get some great views from up there. To see more details about this hike go to this site. We also learned there is another route that takes you behind the sign, but much closer to it. So, we plan to go back soon (without a stroller) and do that one. So, yes, we did take Peyton, and it was fine, but not totally recommended. Luckily, Wes pushed her almost the entire time.

Peyton and I ready to start our hike.

 We were also joined by Patrick and his girlfriend Kati.
 All along the trail we had amazing views of downtown, huge mansions, and the Griffith Observatory. We also saw lots of horses (and their droppings... p.u.), as well as little animals and a huge black snake.
This was pretty much as close as you can get.

 This was "The Giving Tree"... a ton of people had left notes about their love life, etc asking for the tree's help... good luck people. :)

The best part about doing the route we did, was there is another trail head seriously within a few yards of the Hollywood sign trail head that takes you to the original Batcave from the 1960s series Batman. And, I would definitely recommend this one, with or without kids. It was so easy, and so fun. It took maybe 8-10 minutes to walk to it, and we were kind of tired since we did this after the big hike. But, we were both so happy we did.

Wes at the trail head for the caves.
 The cave was actually a tunnel... apparently made in the early 1900s when it was a rock quarry.

Like always Peyton was a trooper and was pretty easy going, even though she didn't nap the whole day and we did it during what would usually be her nap time. Besides the fact that her hat kept falling in front of her face (or should I say her hat kept getting pulled down over her eyes) she was super happy the whole 1-2 hours it took there.

After we hikes we headed over to Umami where Fred and Sandie joined us for some delicious burgers... sadly, I neglected to take any photos here. But, we all enjoyed our meal, and Sandie introduced me to "The Manly Burger" which I will be enjoying next time we go. ;)

Saturday, Wes and Ned decided to hike up the side of the hill directly behind Ned's house. I am not kidding when I say they went up the side. Silly boys just blazed their own trail. Wes said besides all the thorns that kept sticking him threw his shoes and in his ankles and the blazing heat, it was a fun little hike. And, shockingly he took some great photos of good ole' Perris.

They started at the Brobergs, which is the last house on the left in the coul-de-sac you see there.
Wes and Ned at the top... wish he would've taken a photo of the hill itself.

 The views of the left and the right from the top. Good ole' Lake Perris in the city of Perris!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Sweet baby P is 1 month away from being 1 year of June 25th that is. :( (BTW, this is all happening way too fast). This month brought a lot of new skills and she became a much more active and hilarious little doll. I have a feeling she is going to like to make people laugh.

-She is a serious crawler now, and can go... FAST!

-She can walk around the house as long as she has her hippo to help her out (it's like her little walker).
-Can pull up onto things, but doesn't really cruise on the furniture or anything. And, does not like to walk holding our hands... although in the last few days she has made leaps and bounds here and will do it for a little while, then she gets tired and is done.

-She is finally getting hair... enough that I am contemplating a trim. And I am able to put certain clips in it... big steps for us.

-She laughs now... some real some fake. But, she is the absolutely happiest/best baby ever... still!

-She fake coughs, which is hilarious.

-I am now as of 11 months exactly, no longer nursing at all (more because I couldn't (wasn't producing enough), then by choice).

-She gained 2 lbs in the last month... and is now 18+ lbs. Putting her in the 10th %... whooppeeee!!!!

-She sat through all of Cars 2 in the theater like a champ. No crying, whining, etc.

-When she crawls and wants to sit she does this awesome break-dancing spin move and then sits. So cute and funny!!!
 -She went up stairs for the first time. Still can't go down without tumbling.

-She has 8 teeth. Pretty big ones too.

-She is now pretty much eating everything we eat, and likes pretty much everything we feed her too.

-She likes to smile at the camera and says "cheese". Also, when you say show me your teeth or biggest smile she will do it (if she is not distracted).

-She loves anything soft.

-She just started to give hugs, and likes to pat us on the back while she does it.

-She can understand a few words, mostly her toys. We will tell her to get her duck, or red ball, or baby and she knows where they are and will go get them.

-Her favorite book is her touch and feel doggie book.
-Her favorites toy is big wooden puzzle pieces or her duck.

-We've taken her swimming a few times and she seems to really enjoy the water. Also, she loves being outside... taking walks, crawling on the grass, or anything else.
-She loves animals, specifically dogs and cats... even the mean one who hissed at us, and freaked me out.
-She still loves people... anyone. And, has no stranger anxiety.
Typically, I still can't tell who she looks like. However, in this photo below, she looks so much like Wes' baby photos to me. And, thanks to the dang flash, we had a hard time getting a good photo without half closed eyes. We will have to try this photo shoot again tomorrow.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What A Catch!!!

I love this man!!! And what a great pappy he is on top of being strikingly good looking. Hope he enjoys deep sea fishing. :) (I'm sure he will just love this picture... he had seriously just woken up).

Monday, June 20, 2011

Amy's Visit...................

My cousin Amy and her daughter Aspen came down from Utah this week to vacation before she has to start working full time... Amy that is, not the baby. They stayed with Heidi and her family, who live 5 minutes from me, which means we had a fun-filled, busy week!!!

Thursday they arrived around 9:30 and from the airport we headed to the Ontario Mills Mall for shopping, Build-A-Bear, a hurricane simulation, and some walking and catching up. From there we did Chick-Fila with the family. And, that night we did the Perris Farmers Market, including free pony rides, some small shopping stalls, a bounce house, Mexican food of course and games that night.

Friday the girls and kids (Mom, me, Peyton, Hayley, Ryan, Heidi, Ella, Asher, Amy and Aspen) hiked Mount Rubidoux. Then some family members met for dinner at Cafe Rio and walked around the Redlands Temple afterward... Oh, and some games Catan that night too.

Saturday we spent the day in San Diego visiting the Mormon Battalion Historical Site, picnicked, headed to the beach at Mission Bay where we played in the water, and ate at Filippi's Pizza that night.

Sunday we attended our ward. Then had a bbq at the Brobergs and walked over to Lake Perris to skip/throw rocks in the water and look for snakes.

Monday we swam all morning. Then went over to Danny and Sarah's for more swimming, bbq, and Family Home Evening (a Flag Day lesson). Oh, and Ella and Claire made it interested by knocking over an entire dresser/mirror and a hospital visit for little Miss Claire.

Tuesday Disneyland with Heidi and Amy and kids. Then we met the rest of the family at Chipotle where we sent the wee ones off with the men so the girls could have a needed GNO. Shopping, movie (Midnight in Paris) and frozen yogurt after. Plus, some HI-larious moments... mostly provided by Hayley. (A stampede, and mush pot chair to be exact). Hey girls, remember when Hayley Stomped out of the theatre? hahahahahahaha

Wednesday we participated in the summer toddler movie program at Harkins Theatre at the Moreno Valley Mall. Then we all headed over to Victoria Gardens to eat lunch and play in the fountain. Here we all sadly said good-bye to Amy and sweet little Aspen.

We love our family, especially those cousins we don't see often! We are all glad Amy was able to come down and visit. We hope we showed her a good time, I know we all had a blast thanks to her!!!! Now, needless to say we are ready to just relax!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Just Like Dad

A few weeks ago we gave Peyty her first taste of spaghetti. We have this a lot, as it is Wes' favorite food.

At first she was hesitant. She picked up noodles, and dropped them immediately. Played with them a little to get a feel for the texture. She swung them around like a whip and just studied them for a while.

 Then she ate one... a noodle at a time.
I was sad. I had stripped her down to a diaper so she could get all messy and "enjoy" spaghetti.

Finally, after a few minutes I got my wish. She slurped and sucked up handfuls of noodles. She got messy and did in fact enjoy the spaghetti. The slurping sound was so funny. How I love my little lamb!

So, like her daddy Peyton sure does enjoy a good bowl of spaghetti and spicy meatballs.

-We've had it a few times since and she has liked it just as much!