Tuesday, April 5, 2011

San Diego

A few weeks ago we made a little mini trip to San Diego for my cousin's sons baptism. Since I've been itching to get away... hence my post a few weeks ago (which I meant in joking btw), we decided to go up Fri and stay the night. My parents joined us too, which is always fun, and a little cheaper. ;) (wink wink)

So, we left Friday after Wes got off work and headed straight to a restaurant called, Lucha Libre to be joined by my parentals. We saw this little gem on Man VS Food a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try. And, yes we did get the surfin' California burrito. And yes, it was good. However, I was not so much impressed by the food as I was the little place itself. So fun/funny!!! See for yourself.

The entire decor was all Luchadors, and Nacho Libre.

This is my attempt at a Steven smile.

Afterward we went to my cousin's apartment and hung out with the family (my aunt and uncle came down from Utah, so it was fun to see them too).

With cousin Lafe.

Saturday, we woke up and took advantage of the complimentary breakfast the hotel offered, which had everything. It was simply heavenly.

Then, being the bad mom and dad we are, we bypassed Peyton's nap and took her swimming instead. It was her first time in a big pool, and luckily it was so warm it almost felt like her bath. And, I was even able to go in the spa for the first time since before I was preggo. ahhhhhhh. I love spa-ing. Peyton in the pool, just took it in... very thoughtfully. No crying, no smiling... just pensive thinking time. My mom held her a lot and it was fun just watching them.

We then headed to the baptism and watched sweet little Alfred become an official member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. What a wonderful gift the gospel is, and what a great decision he made to be baptized and make those sacred covenants. The service was beautiful and again, it was just so nice to be there as a family and have Peyton witness such a wonderful event... though I know she will never remember it, I feel it important to have her see family be such a good example as she grows.

Sweet little Alfred.

After the baptism, we headed to Mission Bay to play and picnic. And, we did just that. And, although it was a little on the chilly side, we made due and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

We took over this big ball and rolled the kids around like hampsters.

Flew kites.

The only bummer of the whole weekend was on our way home. We have numerous times driven by a teeny tiny hamburger truck called "Nessy's Burger" and talked about going there. My parents, and other friends say this might be the best hamburger joint ever. And since I am on a quest, we finally decided we would stop and try it. Unfortunately, the one time we actually tried to stop and go, it was closed. Boooooo! Next time, I guess. Next time.


Taryn said...

I just cannot get over that smiling baby of yours! And to top off how cute she is, you always have her dressed adorably. That last pic of you and her is great.

Nessy's doesn't have anything on Umami! You just wait...it is worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

I want to go swimming with you and Peyt! It's HOT here,MISERABLY hot. BTW,I noticed that you post more than all of the other people we follow. Hmm,I wonder why. Maybe because you have the most adorable baby in the world and wants to brag about her. You think that's it? ;)