Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just One of Them Days

That life seems just about PERFECT! Thursday Wes took the day off (I tried getting him to do it 2 weeks ago for his b-day, but it didn't work out) and we finally got out and celebrated.

We first headed to Target and got my b-day gift (my bike) then headed out to Huntington State Beach for an absolutely wonderful, perfectly fun, beautiful, sunny, warm, breezy day. I can't emphasize enough how grand the day was. Nothing went wrong, everything seemed to work like clock work and it was just great!

We basically had the whole beach to ourselves. We collected sea shells, laid out, Wes played in the water (and skim boarded), took a walk, and biked over to the pier where we ate a Ruby's... milk shake and all. I can't remember such a perfect day at the beach. I swears it!

There is Wes enjoying the water and beach area all to himself. We really had no one else around us, which was super!
 And, while Wes played in the water, Peyton and I enjoyed our big beach blanket (thank you Kati, we LOVE this thing). Peyt also did great not eating the sand, which I was worried about. She picked it up, squeezed it, played with it, kicked it, but only wanted to eat the sea shells and cigarette butts (which we of course removed).
 Watching the birds and waving "hi" to dad in the distance.
 It was so nice to lay outside, and attempt to get rid of my pasty winter skin, while P played under the shade next to me.
 Just to show off what a bea-utiful day it was.
 Look at those sweet sandy hands, big blue eyes and fangs! :)
 We took her 9 month photos... well as best as we could with her in the sand and wanting to play with everything and roll away.
 An attempt at a family picture.
 Our bike ride to the pier to eat dinner. Man I love having bikes and her cool little trailer.
 She becomes overjoyed on daddy's shoulders... it is so darling to watch her face light up and hold on for dear life to his hair.
My heart is happy just thinking about how much fun we had, and it was all the better because I was able to spend it with the 2 people I love most in life! (And because it was so great, I took 92 pictures, thus the overload in this post). :) And, it was Peyton's first real trip.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

9 Months

I wrote this on Peyton's b-day (25th)... but waited for some photos before posting.

At 9 months:

-Peyton is //almost// a crawler, I guess it is more scooting, but don't rain on my parade (although a non mobile baby has been nice, and I have not been pushing her to move... I realize how easy it is to sit her down and her stay). She does her own kind of crawlin', but she's a-movin'! As you can see in the video below she does a push-up drag thing to get around. And, the camera just out and died on me during the shoot of this video, thus the abrupt end.
-She loves copying you... that is when she can. She clicks her tongue to make a kissing sound, she blows out her breath if you do, she waves, tilts her head and smiles, moo's, and does raspberry's. Oh and she is an awesome dancer. She will nod her head to dance and copies you if you do it to her as well. So, when we say something and want her to agree we just nod, and she will copy. And, I swear she tried to say stinker when I did... over and over. Yes, my baby is a genius.

-She is quite a gibber-gabberer. However, when we are with a group of people, she becomes quite the observer and does not make much noise. At home, alone, it is another story. I love her little talking.

-She still nurses... and shows absolutely NO SIGN of stopping. (Which is fine by me, 'cuz I love it too).

-Eats anything and everything... yet does not gain a pound. Frustrating! Guess she is like her daddy. For instance, at dinner tonight she ate 1 string cheese, some noodles, half a piece of toast, nursed for 15 min., then ate 2 jars of baby food, about 25 puffs, some garlic bread then cried for more food, all within about 30/45 min.

-When she gets excited she twists her wrists. And, if there is food involved the wrists come with a whole lot of whining.

-She has FANGS. (This photo is so funny, not her best angle, but it cracks me up. She was so happy this day).

-Smiles all the time, and will smile at everyone. Also, she still does not show signs of stranger anxiety, fingers crossed.

-Can wave bye bye and give high fives.

-Best of all, she is the BEST. Rare crying (mostly when she is hungry). But, she is so easy going still. She is easy to take out, and at home she is an absolute dream.

-Sleeps a minimum of 12 hours at night, never wakes up (since about 4 months). And takes 2 naps a day. She still has to have her paci and elephant at bed/nap time, but at home she never cries going down, and only minimally elsewhere as long as we have those 2 items.

-When I take her out I get two comments. Her pretty blue eyes, which is probably the most common. Followed closely by comments on how petite she is. People will always use the word petite too, which is funny. They will sometimes say she is so small, but so alert.

-Once we have her doc. apt I will update on her stats.

My baby is absolutely fab at 9 months!

P.S. For the top photo (9 months), she just wasn't having it, thus the crackers. She was only happy as long as there was a cracker in both hands. I made her upset by taking away the shells she was sticking all the way into her mouth... I know, I know, I am a mean mama! :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Quest Continues

A while ago, Wes got a call from his friend Ryan telling us about the greatest burger he has ever had. It sounded good, and we thought, sure we might try it sometime.

2 days later Wes was at work and like everyday he scanned the Yahoo page for any fun news story. One of them was captioned, "The Greatest Burger in the America?" with a picture of a different looking burger. So naturally, he opened the article and found it to be the same place Ryan had just told him about. Umami.

So, the quest for the best burger continues, between the reigning champ IN N OUT and the challenger UMAMI.

Umami is popularly referred to as savoriness, and is one of the five basic tastes together with sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. Umami is a loanword from the Japanese umami (うま味?) meaning "pleasant savory taste".

So, our waiter at the restaurant informed us that this specific taste is what the chefs go for with their burgers. And (spoiler alert) they achieve the taste!!!!

The burger comes automatically cooked rare, so make sure to specify you want it medium well. Also, they have a hidden item not shown on the menu, which is definitely worth your time. They are cheese infused tater tots and they were yummy goodness. And their skinny fries... oye the fries. Get them!!!

We ordered 3 different burgers to try the different flavors. The winners were the "Hatch" burger which has green chilies. And my personal favorite the "Truffle Burger", which did not sound that appealing, but it was heavenly.

The judges are in and the winner is: UMAMI.

Explanation. On pure taste (especially with the meat) Umami is superior to even In N Out. However, if you are in the mood for a traditional burger, and a cheap meal go In N Out. Umami is a sit down restaurant and you will pay sit down prices... about twice the amount of In N Out. Umami, is also not a burger with lettuce, pickle, tomato, etc. It is a different, unique flavor. And, one to try at that! So, don't go expecting a simple, classic "cheeseburger".

So, the new champ is Umami. Located in L.A.

I think the crowd of people speaks for itself (yes all waiting to go inside).

Mikey and I showing off our burgers (self explanation, I had an awful headache, thus Wes sitting by the baby and not his friend, and I was freezing thus wearing the man clothes).

Wes and Peyton liked it too... I bet Peyton ate as many fries as I did. :) Oh, and they make a special ketchup, I wasn't too crazy for it, but the boys both liked it a lot.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hoppy Easter

What a wonderful Easter weekend!!!!!!

Saturday, while I was on my run, Wes took Peyton over to Perris City Hall and had her picture taken with the Easter Bunny... one of the less creepy ones I've seen too. She still does not fear big stuffed animals/ characters, which I am both happy and sad about. It is nice to get cute pictures of her, but I def. need one of those classic photos with pure terror strewn across my child's face from Santa or the Easter Bunny or some other mystical character. I love those so much.

We then spent the night at the Aleman's house and were there Sunday morning and went to church with them, which was great! Peyton also got her Easter basket from the Easter bunny, with a few extra surprises. :) I must admit that the Easter bunny especially knew what ole' Weston B. likes. I neglected to take a family photo in our Sunday best too. Whoopsy daisy.

Peyton enjoyed the stuffing of the basket more than anything else by far..........

And, it was surprisingly cold that day and since we spent the night (and I did not bring a sweater for the little bunny) I had to ruin the look by adding the socks she wore the day before too.


Then we headed over to my parents house for lots and lots of food, an egg hunt, a surprise visit from a scary bunny, and fun times with friends and family. We were joined by some widows from my mom's ward, and some of Hayley's (Jewsih) friends, which just added to the fun. And we hope they had a fun time celebrating their first Easter with us.

This was the tallest, thinnest Easter Bunny ever. ;) He was so cute though, and Peyton loved him! Although the same cannot be said about the other kids. William just stood and cried, Asher kept hiding behind Heidi, and Claire wouldn't go near him and kept nervously laughing, then scream each time he came anywhere near her. The older kids knew instantly it was Wes 'cuz they could see his jeans or shoes. Even after we told the younger kids who it was they wanted nothing to do with him and continued to cry in the photos. Thus Nanna and Boppie holding them, and the hilarity of it all.

The grandkids from youngest to oldest: (on Ryan's lap) Peyton 9 months, William 13 months, Asher 2 1/2, Claire 3 1/2, Ella 5, Carter 6, Ryan 7

What a wonderful day to remember the atoning sacrifice of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  

 "  Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said."

Monday, April 18, 2011

So You Say It's Your Birthday!!!

Well, it's my birthday too!!!

Happy b-day month people! Yes, it's that time of the year again... b-day overload in the month of April. And, we've had celebrations galore. Whoot whoot. We roll wit' da' party that just don't quit.

Starting with Grandma Jean's 90th b-day. Yes, I said 90. Isn't that crazy? And, if I am to be perfectly honest I don't want to live that long. I don't mean this meanly, but man, I go stir crazy staying inside 1 day, and poor Grandma Jean stays inside her room all day long because she just doesn't get around well... or should I say at all. Plus you touch her and her poor skin bruises like a banana. I would go nuts! Well to be fair, I guess I should say that as long as my mind is good and my body functions properly I will stick around, but once I can't move and/or my mind goes, I'm outta here. Well moving on from that tangent...... we celebrated with ole' Gramma on the 1st, with a few cousins. Chocolate Texas sheet cake... yes please! And, I was designated to be the cake holder, so please disregard me in these photos!!!

Next, we celebrated my b-day. We spent the night at Red Robin with my family (getting our free dinner and appetizer). And, the next night we went to Outback for steak and shrimp, then saw a play at RCC called Curtains. And, Wes got me a bike, which I am excited about... now we just need to pick that bad boy up! Plus, I share my b-day with my mother in law, so it is always a day of not only being sung at, but singing to someone else as well. We meet Sundays for a group celebration with the Aleman side, which includes Shaun (the 9th) and Wes too.

My beautiful b-day bouquet from Weston B, my beau.

Me and my sister Hayley.

My parents

 Adam, Hayley and Ryan Hamilton

 Wes and I with our free b-day desserts.... (btw we got 2 entrees, 2 appetizers, 2 desserts, and 2 drinks all for $4.95 + tip, thanks to their b-day deal... I recommend signing up)

Heidi and her cool guys

 I just love my little fam so much I had to include this photo too, even though it is kinda redundant.

And, here is one last one of Wes and I at our performace of the show "Curtains"... thanks so much Sue, sorry you got that stomach flu!!!!!!!!! :(

Bringing me to my next point. After all my b-day celebrations, we need only to wait 6 days to start celebrating Wes. We celebrated Wes' b-day (which is the 14th) with a fun night out at Benihana with some good friends and family. Again, who is going to pass up their incredible free b-day meal deal? You'd be crazy to do so! After dinner we went to a late movie (10pm) and saw Source Code with Wes' friend Ryan. Plus we did it all on a Thursday, baby free. What a good night. I got Wes possibly the greatest gift too..... tickets to see Death Cab for Cutie this summer! GAwesome!!!!! Oh, that is awesome with a little bit of goodness sprinkled on top. Thanks Ryan Hamilton for that new word and explanation!

Left-Right: Jill, Paul, Ryan, Taryn, me, Wes, Ashleigh, Andy, Patrick, Sandie, Shaun, and Fred
AND, tonight was Gawesome as we just got home from celebrating our b.i.l.'s b-day with some baseball, bikes, cake and ice cream. Happy b-day Nedly!

Now, don't fool yourself, I will def. find more ways to celebrate our b-days. Like I said, April is the month long celebration month, and we like to do it right!!!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Peyton woke up from her nap today and as usual I was made aware of her existence by the sound of tinkering bells coming from her elephant she plays with once she is up.

Once I walked into her room she did her usual HUGE smile and got all stiff and shakey from being excited. This is one of my favorite things EVER! Which then caused me to evaluate all the different things that happen on a daily basis which make me soooooo happy.

-I love nursing, and having Peyton play with my hair and look up at me.
-The kiss I get each morning that wakes me up for a moment when Wes leaves for seminary.
-My daily walk outside and the happiness it brings to P.
-The sound of bird's chirping and the breeze that blows through my open door in the springtime.
-Pretty flowers on my table.
-A good hot shower in the morning.
-The way I feel after I exercise.
-Watching cartoons with P... it is hilarious!
-The fact that I truly (and I don't mean it in a vain way) have the best, happiest, easiest baby ever. She really doesn't cry. She is astounding, and I am lucky.
-Have the man of my dreams for forever!!!! I can't emphasize this enough. I am one of those lucky people who can honestly say I married my best friend, and would chose to be with him everyday over anyone else in the world. He makes me laugh, and makes me know how special I am to him. Plus he exercises more patience with me than anyone else. His striking good looks don't hurt either. ;)
-That I know who I am and was blessed to be born into the covenant and have the truth of the gospel in my life! And have the knowledge that my Savior lived and died for me!
-A home in this wonderful state and country. O.K., USA. I love living in Cali. 1 hr from everything! (deserts, snowy mountains, the beach, 2 big cities, D-land)
-A great big wonderful family and good friends.
-Good comedies.
-Peyton's high fives.
-Oh, and her giggles (be they few and far in between).
-I love the big blue eyes of the people I love the most!!!
-A beautiful sunset.

These are just a few of my favorite things.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Clippers Court-side!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few weeks ago my buddy Ryan McCook scored some court-side seats to the Clipper game. Ryan holds season tickets to the Clippers so he occasionally gets an upgrade. I was fortunate enough to be invited to this game to behold the Blake to the Griffin up close and personal. (This is Wes writing by the way)

As we first got there, we walked into the stadium and the workers just kept escorting us down lower and lower. I was half expecting to be in the first row of just the really close seats, but not actually court-side! We were in the 2nd the nice, plush, cushion, leather seats. I felt like I didn't belong, everyone was dressed all nice. Luckily Ryan came in a t-shirt and some warm up pants so he eased the attire tension for me. It was so awesome! We sat on the side the visitors (Houston Rockets) warmed up on. A lot of the players just kind of goofed off as they warmed up. You could tell who had a set contract on the team and who had to still prove themselves.

Besides the fact that you could see everything so close, it was cool being able to hear the team communicate with one another and talk some smack to the refs. You also could notice how dang physical the game is inside! I think i would bounce around like a pin ball if I had to rub elbows with those guys down low.

Here are some pics to show off our awesome seats and how close we really were:

I also got so excited whenever a ball would go out of bounds. That is when the players got really close to us. At one point, the ball went out of bounds and bounced to the person in the seat on my left.....I was jealous!

Towards the end of the game, both Ryan and I were getting pretty hungry and we were trying to decide what to do for dinner. Ryan had heard there were some perks to being a season ticket holder so he asked if there were any specials going on. The worker informed him of an after party for VIP only that would have food and a few players from the team would show up. Naturally, we both decided to save our stomachs for what sounded like an awesome free meal (we were thinking it was going to be something like hot dogs). As we got to the party, we realize the Clipper organization must have considered every person in attendance to the game to be a VIP, there were TONS of people there! But we still were excited for some grub and as we get up closer in the line, we saw it was only ruffles chips with ranch dip.....oh and water. That was it. They sure know how to cater to the VIP.

All in all, it was great being able to witness a game like that up close. The Clippers won in what ended up being a close/exciting game. And I finished the night by getting some Del Taco. The perfect end to the perfect evening!