Monday, March 28, 2011

The Beginning of "The QUEST"

The quest to find the perfect cheeseburger!!! And, I vow on my dead dogs's grave (Einstein) that I shall not rest until I have the (subjective) answer to the all allusive question as to what is the best hamburger in the world?!?!?

The Contender: 5 Guys Burgers and Fries 
The Champion: In N Out Burger


In N Out vs 5 Guys Burgers; the history: As many of you may have heard, 5 Guys just beat out In N Out as the best burger. So, being an In N Out fan myself I had to weigh in. So, Thursday we went with an open mind and empty belly and gave 5 Guys a first try.

Result: 5 Guys is an awesome burger. Fantastic. Really. The standard burger is 2 patties, and you get to create the rest of your burger's insides off the board of wonders. I chose the following: ketchup, mustard, pickles, lettuce, onions, cheese, and bacon. I forwent the mayo-----blah and the grilled mushrooms---- double, no tripple blahhhhhh. There are extra items you can add as well, such as: A1, BBQ sauce, jalapeno peppers, relish, hot sauce, and peppers. I chose to go for something classic. Something I knew I would like and wouldn't ruin a good burger or 5 Guys chance at victory by being too creative. It had a homemade flava' and tasted genuinely fresh and cooked to order. A little heavy but D-lish. However, I still prefer the simplicity of good ole' In N Out. Their spread and light fresh taste are just too good. Plus, the cost to eat there was way less than 5 Guys, which is always something to consider. So 5 Guys is a def try, but not the best. But... I would say their Cajun fries are better than In N Out's (but so much worse for you) ;). And, they do give you all you can eat peanuts that you can throw on the ground while you wait for your food, which always gives me a little thrill. Plus for them!

So, by decision, the winner and still champion is... In N Out!!!!!!!!!! 

On the next Quest for the best hamburger: In N Out VS Farmer Boys.

 Thank you Burks for the invite, and Brobergs for joining us. We had so much fun!!!
Everyone say "awkward"... thanks Miss Ella Mae for that one. Who says cheese anymore?


Courtney Davey said...

I think you need to take a drive to Vegas and try a Steak'n'Shake burger. Now that is pretty good. I believe it's better than In'n'Out!

Karla said...

So... how do they hold up to Burger Bar?

Ashley said...

i agree on in n out versus 5 guys! and i totally remember Einstein!!!

Amanda said...

I tried 5 guys once and I reeeeally liked it. I think I'll have to try it again now...

Amber said...

They are putting in by us. Im anxious to try it out. Ill let ya know what I think :)

BTW- we need to plan another Roscos trip.

Jill Duncan said...

Haven't tried 5 guys, but one just opened by us so I will have to try it out. In-n-out will def. out beat Farmer Boys any day! Have yet to find a better hamburger than in-n-out.
Wes' face in the first group photo is priceless!!!

Todd Family said...

Nothing can beat In N Out and I'll tell you's FRESH and a double double with onions is about 600 calories (obviously a regular cheeseburger is less than that which is pretty good for a fast food place) while a bacon cheeseburger at 5 guys is a little over 900. Plus...if you were to eat a whole large thing of fries at 5 guys...that's almost 1500 calories!! one reason I LOVE In N out...there isn't a SUPER SIZE ME!!! Simple is the best and proven that it is better for you too!! :)

Crystal said...

I LOVE in-n-out! Waaaay better than 5 guys! I even have a lil one in my belly saying in-n-out is better! :) Because of your post I even went and got some today. Love animal fries! So yum! :)