Monday, February 28, 2011


7 reasons why I love this little bug...
1. Her big, sincere blue eyes
2. Huge (wide) mouth, and gummy smile
3. Watching her sleep on her side, and hug her elephant
4. The way she wakes up happy no matter the time or circumstance
5. She's my baby piglet, and has an insatiable hunger for life and for food
6. The way she sings along with me
7. Her sweet babbling little voice and growl
I could seriously go on and on. I love my little love. She makes me happier then anything else in the world (well, maybe a tie with Weston B.). I feel so blessed and thank my Heavenly Father every day for sending me this sweet little spirit. Peyton, it is pure bliss being your mama!!!

My girl turned 7 months on 2-25 (last Friday)... these b-day posts come way too often for my liking.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Calling All Book Worms

I just (ok 2 books ago) finished a GREAT book! Now, this is saying a lot because it is non-fiction. It usually takes me 6+ months to finish a non-fiction book. I like them, but they are a little slow going for me. This one took me 2 weeks.

You may be asking yourself, "well what is this fantastic book she is talking about?"

It's called, "I Am A Mother" by Jane Clayson Johnson.
If you've ever felt like maybe you don't contribute much to the family, or you have a lot more you could do or be, or maybe even a little embarrassed when people ask, "what do you do?" This book really sums up the importance of being not only a mother, but a woman! The importance we have in the family, to our children, nieces and nephews, neighbors, etc. It also discusses how women play a great role in shaping civilization, and how there truly is no greater calling.

After having my sweet baby girl, I now know the importance of being a mother. I know love like never before. I feel the weight of responsibility on my shoulders, knowing my example and my diligence in teaching and rearing this child is far more important that anything I have ever done before or will ever do again. I am shaping her life, and the generations to follow. What she learns in her youth at home will determine (in a great way, though she will def. have agency) what she does in the long run.

So the next time someone asks you what you do... don't respond with I'm just a mom. Respond with I AM a mother!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Our routine

So... I thought for posterity sake, I would write what we Alemans do on a daily basis (for the most part), and what our routine entails. BTW, I never thought I would be a routine mama, but it is so much easier with a routine and my baby is so much happier with one. Not to say everyday is the exact same, or I won't do stuff if it changes it, but I do my best everyday to keep it somewhat normal.. for the sake of us all.

*Wake up 6:30 am (I must point out here, that she NEVER wakes up crying, she is always singing or talking to herself, which is what I wake up to... then the moment she sees one of us she starts smiling and laughing, it just melts our hearts)
*Feed baby for 15-20 min
*Back to bed until 8/8:30 am
*Daddy usually gets baby up and changes her on his way out to work and brings her to me so I can feed her again in bed, which is sooooo nice.
*Play/sing/stories in my bed for about 20 min*Breakfast
*Cleaning for mama, playing for baby (she bites all her toys, we call her a little puppy, because she will usually have a toy hanging out of her mouth while she plays with something else with her hands)*1st nap 10/10:30 am (I usually just putter or play on the computer)
*Wake up from nap around noon
*Then we have 2/3 hrs to play, take a walk, run errands, etc.*Nap 2/3 pm for about 2 hrs
*Daddy comes home and gets baby out of bed and plays
*Watch a show/play/snack/go out somewhere
*Hang out
*Get ready for bed/Stories*Eat
*Bed @ 7 pm for Peyt. I lay her down, give her her pacifier, she rolls onto her side, and hugs her elephant blanket and closes her eyes. She has to have something over her face when she sleeps, thus we got this small blanket for that reason (just like her daddy) And, every night we go look at her sleep, and almost every night she wakes up while we are in there, smiles at us, and goes back to bed... we crack up.
*Wes and I do our own thing (I usually try to exercise, Wes exercises his thumbs with video games)
*Lesson planning
*Bedtime for us 11 pm

It's not the most exciting life, but I wouldn't have it any other way right now. This is definitely a sweet and simple time in our life, and one I want to appreciate to the fullest! I have the world's sweetest baby, and am thankful to have a husband who helps out so much and loves his calling as a dad as much as he does. He never complains about helping, he does most of the diapers while he is home. He rushes to get her when she wakes up, and is always helping in all the ways he can. I have a blessed life!

And here are some fun videos of my littlest sunshine!!! When I am in a bad mood I watch these and it almost always puts me in a great mood.

The first is of Peyton getting ready for her bath. She loves peek-a-boo!

The 2nd is pretty much the cutest video ever. We don't have cable and really don't watch a lot of shows with Peyton, however, I put The Backyardagains on from Netflix the other day and she LOVED it. Every time she saw a character her face lit up. So, we've watched it a few times since, hence the video. Plus, it is a darling, fun, sweet show that I like too. Plus!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blake Griffin; The Baller

I love this guy... he's pretty stupendous.
Best picture yet... only because I love Baron Davis popping his head out of the sunroof. Wes and I died laughing when we saw him do it on TV.
Great dunk contest this year too!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

L.A. Restaurant Week

At the beginning of this month we took advantage of the annual restaurant week L.A. offers. If you haven't heard of it, it is a two-week dining event that gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy a selection of specially priced three-course meals from some of LA's best (expensive) restaurants. (Other cities like San Diego and Orange County will have their restaurant week coming up). I had never heard of it until last year while we were in San Diego and they were offering their annual restaurant week, and we ate at a French restaurant. My mom informed us of L.A.'s restaurant week and we knew we had to take advantage of it.

So, we looked over the participating restaurants and decided to try something new and something we had heard of as being really good. Morton's Steak House. Which offers the best 2% beef in the U.S.

We ate good food (though I must say, Ruth's Chris, which is very similar to Morton's, had better sides). And finished it off with excellent dessert. And, we did it all without a baby in tow. And, while I missed her fiercely, it was nice to have a date with just the adults, and not worry about her needing to eat or play or sleep. :) Thanks Fred and Sandie for letting us have a nice night in downtown.

We were joined on our fun night out on the town, by my folks, and Hayley.

Our waiter showing off the different cuts of beef they offer, and he made them all sound delectable.
He also let me get a close up look of this huge, LIVE, lobster we could've ordered. Poor pinchy.
It truly was a lovely evening.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby P-teet ... 6 Months

We finally got little Missy to her 6 month apt (at 6 1/2 months)... long story.

And, she is shrinking. So, yes, everyone who keeps saying how small and petite she looks, you are finally right!

Her stats are now:
Height: 25 in 45% (+1 in from 4 mo)
Weight: 13.6 lbs 25% (-7 oz from 4 mo, she was 14 lbs then. Go figure)
Head: ? But Dr. said it is 25%

So, he did say she is normal/healthy in all percentiles, but she is smaller than she once was. She is still a little doll, pretty literally. She is the perfect little size and ''sweetest disposition" (which is her song by TemperTrap)

Funny things:
-She LOVES food... I have still to find something she doesn't like and will eat and eat and eat
-Loves her bath, though she has to have something to suck on and is usually pretty calm in there
-Doesn't roll or move around too much on the ground. She does the teeny tiniest scooting, but she likes to sit up and play with toys more then laying (on her front or back)
-Talks a lot more, and sings with me
-Takes 2/3 naps a day
-Always sleeps through the night (7 pm-6:30/7 am... then a 15-20 min feeding and back to bed until 8:30)
-Still nurses
-Baby food 2-3 times a day
-Doesn't care who holds her
-Loves the wind blowing on her face and being outside
-Easiest, biggest, cutest smile in the whole world
-Happiest baby ever!

I love her so much and she has brought our little family so much joy. I am a smitten kitten!

(photos taken Jan. 28, 2011)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ye Ole' Papi

My parents live in an unincorporated area of Western Riverside County. There’s a vote in a few weeks concerning becoming a city. My dad has been active in that cause (Measure A) and, with that, he is running for City Council.

So, if you happen to live in the soon to be city of Jurupa Valley, California, or know someone who does, please vote for my dad... pass it along!
For more info visit my mom's blog...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

St. George Weekend

About 2 weeks ago Wes and I went for a VERY quick trip to St. George. Purpose? Wes' Grandma Gubler has been really sick for a while now. We last saw her in October, when we went up for the marathon. While we were there she was in and out of the hospital. Doubling over in pain during conversations, and all together just plain sick, and she had no idea what was wrong. Wes and Grandpa gave her a blessing to ease her discomfort, but it was so hard to watch that strong woman suffer.

About a week later they found a large mass in her stomach that they removed, which helped her a lot with the pain. The bad news, is while they were doing the exploratory surgery, they found a lot of other smaller masses, which they assume is cancer. About 3 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after quite the battle overcame that... so this is sad and terrible news.

Well, as this year was a Todd year for Thanksgiving we did not go up to St. George with the rest of the Aleman fam. in November, and we really want little Peyton to have as much time as possible getting to know her grandparents, so we decided that even though this would be a fast trip (leave Fri. afternoon and come home Sunday afternoon) it was well worth it.

So, we were able to go up to Utah. Spend time with the Gubs, as well as Aunt Lynn and Uncle Ron, eat at some good places, and come home again.

Peyton with Grandma and Grandpa Gubler:
And, for those of you who haven't heard, Wes gave me the GREATEST gift EVER!!! A soda every day of the week, except Sunday of course at my beckoned call. Seriously, whenever I want one, I get it!!! :) This place was a lifesaver! :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Long Lost Cousins

Peyton has lots of cousins here in Cali... but is missing 2 very important ones who decided to up and leave and go to Texas. Luckily, she met them in October when they came to visit for Ashleigh's wedding. We miss you Texas Aleman Family... especially you Kristana and Kaylah!

Kaylah and Peyton

All the "Aleman" cousins.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chino High Alumni Basketball

A few weeks ago Wes went back to Chino High School for their alumni basketball game. It was hmmmm, how I do I put this? Lame.

All they did was announce the alumni at half time of the Varsity boys game... which was nice and all. Then after the game they had the alumni scrimmage against one another (no score, no pennys, nuthin'). It was basically a game where if someone got the ball they would do whatever they wanted as long as they did NOT pass. So, Wes touched the ball like 2, while 2 guys on his team held the ball and made dumb shots the entire time so they could show of their skillz. Like I said, lame.

But, Wes loves to play basketball, and he was able to talk to some guys from high school and catch up a bit which really was nice. But, it was no alumni game, I think the person in charge needs to reevaluate the meaning of "alumni game." Maybe next year they will get it right.

One awesome thing, they had one old man whose grandson was playing on the varsity team that year. He played for Chino H.S. in 1938, 39, and 40. They had a lot of older alumni show up, which was neat.

Oh, and I sat happily taking dumb pictures of the boys talking, then when they started announcing their names, my battery died. haha. Of course. So, I didn't get any good pictures but will steal some once they go on the Chino High Basketball website.

Peyton and I cheered daddy on, even if it wasn't very good basketball. And, I was a nervous wreck in the stands... they were the bleachers that had the big gap in between. I shudder thinking of it, I hate heights, and refused to take Peyton out of her seat as long as we weren't on the floor court side, which I moved to as soon as the actual Varsity game was over.
Catching up with the other boys.
My bad quality photo of Wes waiting to be announced on the court... which was the worst quality court ever too.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

How Did THIS happen?

Where has time gone? Monday to Friday in 2 days? That doesn't seem right!

I am really behind on blogging for a few reasons.

*#1: We are using a new computer, one that does not have Photoshop (not that I can really use it or anything), but I like to lighten photos and play with them a little, and without that, my motivation to blog has somewhat diminished. No, not my motivation to blog so much as my motivation to upload my photos on the computer.

#2: I have been on again off again sicky. Not like puking my brains out sick, but just like, oh, I might just sit here on the couch thinking of everything that I should do while I feel yucky, sick. You know... more of the down and out bug, but not the out for the count bug. Whereas today, after a long day at Disneyland, and yesterday running more than I have in, oh let's say 5 years, I was lucky to get off the couch at all once Peyton was down. I am pretty sure my back is broken, and the rest of me is all achy.

#3: And, let's face it, my priorities have changes... and if I am going to be lazy I am going to be lazy about blogging. And cleaning. :) I like to pick and choose.

So, with that said, I will be attempting to do a little catch up here in the next few days of our very fun, very busy lives. I am on this kick to document our silly little happenings after reading about good women who do a lot of genealogy and the importance it has to families (I will be doing a blog about said book at some point here in the future). And, I just got my 2008 blog all ready to print and I am super stoked about it!!! I can't wait to look through it when I am old and laugh at myself... which will be easy.

So, with no further ado... life for us Alemans the last month (January 2011):

Here is Peyton doing her best Godfather impersonation: "Hey, make 'im an offa' he can't refuse."
Look at her big teeth.
And, if she is not sleeping and we aren't out on a walk, this is more than likely where you will find us... only sometimes we are eating.
I have lots and lots (and lots) of other pictures of my sweet baboo, but because of the lighting (and no photoshop) I chose not to post them, but imagine a cute chunky face, with big blue eyes smiling at you. However, we did finally (thanks to our good friend Jacob Bock) cut the blinds for the back window (we've had them sitting on the ground in front of the window for over a year, because ordered them 1 1/2 in. too long, and no one else could cut them because of the size and material). We even put them up... so our house is now nice and shady no matter the time, or season. Bring it Summer.

And, if you are thinking to yourself, "well, I thought she was posting about their life, not just about Peyton?" Welcome to the life of a couple with only 1 kid. Peyton is entirely our whole world, and we love it like that! :)