Sunday, January 30, 2011

52 and New

You must check out my mama's cute new blog... called, 52 and New.

Let me give you an idea of what this blog is all about. My mom is turning 52 years old this year. There are 52 weeks in 2011. Ere go, she is determined to do 52 new things this year... or 1 a week. Some things she plans on doing are big, some are small, but all are entertaining.

Side note: She is a fantastic writer. She used to write for the local newspaper.. paid! So, ENJOY!!! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The BIG 6!

Oh me, oh my... I may have a small heart attack before finishing this post.

My sweet little lamb is 6 months old today. Waaaaaaaa. Seriously, where has my baby gone? I miss the little tiny girl who used to fall asleep on me all the time. Who fit in one arm soooo easily. Who laid on my chest as I was on the computer or watching t.v. or reading.

Now I have a great big baby, who talks to me all day. Who sits up and plays with her toys for hours on end (honestly). Who laughs and smiles and loves to watch people. Who sleeps GREAT in her crib, and not on me. My big girl who feeds herself rice crackers all by herself, and loves eating solids off a spoon. Who can suck water up a straw. And, doesn't need her net in her bathtub. My big girl who kicks her feet violently in the tub, and has grown out of so many clothing and shoe items. My girl who has fuzzy hair growing in, and two very big very sharp teeth. Who is a dang cute side sleeper, that must have her blanket right next to her face no matter how many times I move it in her sleep. The big girl who has a schedule now, and can sit in the jogging stroller and pick up anything she wants without my assistance.

Man just writing about my big girl makes me smile and cry all at the same time. I could eat her she is so fun, and cute and squishy. I love my little Peytie Pie.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

We've Only Just Begun

So, how the heck did I forget the write this here? Wes and I were reminiscing about the day Peyton was born and were having a good laugh about a certain incident. At the time I did NOT think it was funny, now I think it is Hi-larious!

It was right when my contractions were getting pretty bad, and my hubby was laying contentedly on his makeshift bed watching a movie (up until about 1/2 an hour before this I was fine). So, finally, I needed his assistance. I told him I had been having some pretty bad pain and needed him to talk to me or do something to occupy my mind... (now take into account, Wes is not a big chit chatter, he says what he needs, but is a great listener).

So, the next contraction came and Wes racked his mind about what he would say... So, he decided to sing me a song. The song.....................

We've only just begun.

I was livid because it was so not funny then. But, like I said, looking back, it's the funniest thing EVER.

Monday, January 17, 2011

How You Doin?

Cuz we have been good and busy! This new year has not been a dull one so far, that's for dang sure.

Peyton has been doing so well sitting up on her own. And, she loves playing (eating) with her toys.
We celebrated our 5 year anniversary the way we do it every year. Eating at Benihana. (Don't remember why... see this here post). Wes and I went out one night after getting his d-land pass. So what my nose and eyes were watering so bad I couldn't keep them open... and my entire face was swollen and red from wiping it so much... isn't that part of the fun? I mean, my man just couldn't resist taking his hot mama out.... yeah right.

Our annual Benihana photo.
Monday, since we both have our Disneyland passes again, we enjoyed a day there. Luckily Wes got called into mandatory jury duty and had the day off, and was released at 11am... so we took advantage of the rest of the day together. We went for a few hours, did a couple of rides and ate lunch at the Blue Bayou. You know, the restaurant you see as you ride by on Pirates of the Caribbean. Oh, and I must mention, you actually enjoy it more from the ride. It was waaaaaaaaay overpriced and the food was ehhh. But, we did it, and because we were together it was fun.
I don't even wanna tell you what Wes was doing. :)
Peyton has been experiencing new solid foods.... carrots, bannanas, etc. And has loved them all. Oh and she is an even better sleeper now too (not that she was bad before).

We spent a weekend in L.A. with our friends the McCooks. Eating at the same restaurant from Date Night... I swear, scout's honour. Ok, maybe it wasn't the same, but it sure felt that way. The guy at the front had slick messy hair (use your imagination) and a sweater tied around his shoulders, with an open button-up shirt. He may have even slipped into a fake accent upon seating us. The restaurant was seriosuly the A-typically L.A. restaurant for the trendy. And, Wes and I felt wholly out of place... It was awesome! But, the food (and dessert) were D-lish. Like, seriously good. Plus, that weekend we ate at Capriotti's, Cafe Rio, and Taryn's kitchen... this awesome joint, where cute little boys named Nate sit by you and make you laugh. Wes was extra excited to go because he and Ryan played basketball in Ryan's stake league. Wes is on a total basketball kick again, and will be playing in Chino H.S. alumni game next Monday too for any and all who want to join us.

The waiting area in the restaurant
Where we sat...
And (gulp) I signed up for a half marathon in June. I can't believe I did it, but I really needed the motivation to get out and start exercising. BOOO! I have never ran more than 3 miles at any 1 time, and I don't even really like running. haha. What am I doing? I have been trying to eat more healthy and exercise more, and this seemed a good motivator. I think Sarah, and my mom are going to run it too. Other family members may or may not do a smaller run there as well. Wish me luck and go ahead and laugh at me when you see me. I'll probably be the one crawling through the finish line, or riding in on the back of a golf cart. Heaven help me!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The First Supper

Peyton had her first solids on 1-7-11. I had been putting it off, because I have to be honest, I was not really looking forward to it. Of course I was excited to watch her try it and to feed her for the first time. But, it means she is becoming a big girl. And, now I have to bring food and prepare to go places. And, I won't lose as many calories from nursing........ sigh. Why do babies grow so quickly?

However, it was really fun to watch her eat. And since I have been a sicky the last few weeks we decided Wes would be the feeder, Peyton the feedie, and me the camera guy.

We just started with rice cereal, and lemme tell ya, she devoured it! Seriously, she LOVED it. No, that's an understatement. She cried when we were done, she reached for the spoon, she reached to bring Wes' arms in faster, she opened up good and wide, and never spit one bit out.

Sadly, she never even gave a sour or concerned face. She did blink her eyes a lot at the initial bites, but she accepted the food quickly!

She is getting so fun, and we love her so much!

Here she is all ready, and showing off her 2 front teeth (bottom)

Chef Weston Bizzle in the background making the food

Very first bite, trying to decide if she likes it...


And, I think she wants more

I think she is going to like eating

Here is a video of her taking some of her first bites... then you'll know what I was talking about with the blinking.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year

On New Year's Day we went to Disney on Ice at the Citizen's Bank Arena in Ontario. We went last year and thought the performance was.... ehhh. But, absolutely loved it this year. We went with my entire family, and were joined by some of Wes' family members, some of Sarah's family members, and the Sorenson family from Chino Hills.

It was much better this year, and the only unfortunate thing was I woke up not feeling great and with pink eye, so I don't really want to post the pics, but I will anyway.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

FIVE YEARS! What what?!?!

Happy 5 year anniversary Dub!

I love you like a fat kid loves cake!
We're tighter than a fat guy in spandex.
If it came between choosing you or Bill Pullman, it would be you every time.

Honestly though... you mean the world to me. You are my best friend and world's greatest husband and father. I never expected happiness like what you've given me.

Grow old with me! The best is yet to be. ~Robert Browning

Saturday, January 1, 2011


So Long, farewell, alvederzane adieu, to you and you and you and you and you-whoooo (2010).

What a wonderful, FAST, year! Seriously, isn't it August? I love looking back on our life and what we accomplished and did.

In 2010 we:

-Celebrated our 4th anniversary with a cruise to Ensenada
-Wrecked our car and had the "joys" of the aftermath
-Celebrated our 6th Valentines Day together
-Had numerous parts of our home break, and be fixed (again thanks to new BIL Andy)
-Went to Clipper games
-Celebrated the Chinese New Year in China Town, LA
-Welcomes new little nephew William into the fam.
-Saw Earth Wind and Fire/Chicago with the mama and sisters (oooooo, and enjoyed the newly built Cafe Rio in Irvine)
-I celebrated my 25th b-day
-Wes celebrated his 27th b-day
-Enjoyed a weekend with the parentals in San Diego
-Our nephew Tyler was baptised
-Wes started a new job, which we love and continually thank our Heavenly Father for
-Had my first semi real mother's day
-Went to Utah to see my cousin Todd get married and visit with the fam.
-Taught my last day of seminary
-Only to give up the position to Wes who was called as a seminary teacher
-Got baby's room all ready
-Wes celebrated his first semi real Father's Day
-Tried out for a game show (too bad we never heard back, but it was fun)
-Ate at Club 33 in Disneyland for the first and maybe only time
-Celebrated the 4th of July (on the 3rd) :)
-Babymoon in Palm Springs
-Had a minor freak out over having a baby, then...
-Welcomed PEYTON JANE ALEMAN to our little fam. (by far the best event of 2010 and possibly my life)! :)
-Hiked Rubidoux, went to the beach, bowled, zoo, fairs, a few professional sporting events, hung with family and friends, etc. etc. etc.
-Daddy blessed our sweet baby in the Lake Perris Ward
-Went to St. George for the marathon and to visit G & G Gubler
-Celebrated the marriage of Wes' sister Ashleigh to Andrew Leighton Moore
-Dressed like the Potato Head Family for Halloween
-Got rid of our dogs
-Peyton got 2 teeth
-Celebrated our first Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family of 3
-And basically loved life

Ringing in the New Year 2011

We celebrated New Year's Eve this year with my family. Nothing big, we met early for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory, and were joined by Amber Jones and her little boy Gavin.

Goodbye 2010:
Remember how I said she does a funny new thing with her mouth? Proof.
But, it is the cutest face ever.

Afterward, we headed to my parents to eat sardines, and play some games. We toasted the new year, played a few more games and called it a night.

Here's to 2011 and the fun I know it will bring!

2011... the year to try new things. Such as:
And lemme tell ya, we Todds know how to partay! ;) Cheers to the new year... Henry Weinhard style.
Getting my midnight kiss from the hotest guy pretty much ever.

Clipper Lovin'

For Christmas this year Hayley got Wes and me, as well as my parents tickets to see a Clipper/Jazz game on the 29th. They are both 2 of our favorite teams, and we had a blast.

We got out there. Ate at the Staples Center.... yes overpriced mediocre food. Watched the Clippers give up the ghost in the 3rd quarter as usual. Though we do love us some Blake Griffin... in my opinion he is the most entertaining player to watch at this point, even more so than Brawny.

So, while the game was a bit frustrating for Wes and myself who were rooting for the Clips, my parents were happy because their team won. :)

We walked around outside L.A. Live,which is a fun little area. We would have enjoyed it more after the game had it not been stormy, blustering, windy and cold.

So, rather, we went to the Yard House and enjoyed half priced appetizers and dessert. And also, got to meet super fan Clipper Daryl. AWESOME!

We had a great night!!!!