Monday, November 29, 2010


What a wonderful time of year, and boy do I have a lot to be thankful for?

I'm most especially grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. And, the blessings I get from being part of it.

For these two, who mean more to me than life itself!

I don't know what I would do without him...

And my life will never be the same now that I have her.

I am grateful to live here, now.

And lucky to have my wonderful family and friends.

This thanksgiving was a Todd year. We met in the morning and hiked Rubidoux like we do every Todd thanksgiving. Due to the wind, I am not going to lie, the hike was not overly enjoyable. But, I love the exercise and even more so, love being with the fam.

We then went home and cooked, watched tv, hung out and enjoyed each other's company... I am so lucky to have all my family so close by, and be able to spend so much time with them. We split the cooking this year, and I made my first homemade apple pie. It turned out well, but Wes outdid me with an easy banana cream pie... my little homemaker. :) (BTW our heater broke in the house, thus the ensemble. We did buy a space heater. And, if you can see the clock, you can see that I started baking at 12:35 am... morning, yes. And, didn't finish until almost 2 am)

After dinner, half the fam. headed to the movies to see Harry Potter, or Tangled. We did a little switchero with babysitting, so the other half of us saw the movie the night before. Loved it! Ahhh, I will be so sad when the movies are done. I miss the books soooo much. (And, yes, my hubby did draw a lightening bolt and his head, and walk through the mall and movie theatre like that... just one more reason why I love him so).

Here is our little family on Peyton's 1st Thanksgiving.

Bet you didn't know Peyton had a big brother?! ha ha. Asher thinks Peyton is his baby sister. He loves her soooo much. During the picture he would run in and hold Wes' arm and say cheese... even after we said it was only for Peyton and her mommy and daddy. He also walked around during Thanksgiving dinner checking on her, and calling out, "Peyton, where are you?" Then screaming with delight when he found her. He's a tad bit, hmmm, what would you call it? Obsessed! :)

AND, my baby turned 4 months old on Thanksgiving day. She is getting soooo big! (and yes, I did trace her hand to make a turkey for her sign).

Then Friday, we met up for family pictures. The best part of that day was when they were over! I hate the expectations, shopping for clothes, getting ready, etc of pictures. We will see how they turn out... though the photographer, Sarah Hull was great.

After pictures we went to a cute little place in Redlands called, The Eating Place, and had brunch. It was so darling, and I would love to go back again sometime soon. Recommended. It will be a fun place to go after the temple. ;)

That night, my mom, Hayley, Ryan, myself, Wes, Peyton, and all the Brobergs met at the Mission Inn for the Festival of Lights, and fireworks! The crowd was insane, but we found our spot for the future. It is such a fun place to go to during the holidays.

Today, we relaxed... ahhhhh. Cleaned, finally after a long busy weekend. And went on a date... if you can call it that. I gave Peyton her bath and we left right at her bedtime. So, she fell asleep (instantly) in the car and stayed asleep while we ate, and when we came home and put her down, she never woke... man she is the BEST baby EVER!

The place we went to tonight is another recommended restaurant. It's a place off Main St. in Lake Elsinore called Ravioli's. Seriously, some of the best Italian food I have ever had. Cute, quaint place, candlelight dinner. Not cheap, but not ridiculous and the food was fantabulous!

Now we get to be home, tomorrow, and I will finally be "allowed" to put up Christmas decor (Wes has a strict rule I can't do it before Thanksgiving is done), and we will enjoy our family time.

I love the holidays! And feel so blessed with all that I have.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Littlest Love

Because I love her and she is just way too cute for words, I had to post this........
(for the life of me, I could not get blogger to upload this video, so YouTube it was)

by the way she gets hiccups pretty much every single time she talks.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

Yeah, it's almost Thanksgiving, and you know what that means?! Yes, delicious food to make us all feel like bloated otters, and then, Christmas! I have never in my adult life been more excited for Christmas. I can't wait to live vicariously through Peyton, and relive and reenact all my fond Christmas childhood memories! I am sure she will just love Christmas (said sardonically).

Oh, and just to throw it out there, as you can see with my last attempt at a post (for those with reader) I cannot for the life of me get my video to upload. Yes, seriously, a 2 hour attempt made... twice. So, I will continue to try, but don't hold your breath.

Anywho... let me continue with my Christmassy post... happy sigh.

Being the bad, loving mom that I am, I had every intention of sending out birth announcements for the best baby in the whole world... although with a blog, facebook, etc, what's the point, right?

So, since I never sent them out I have decided to turn my Christmas cards this year into a "seasons greetings meets baby birth announcement." And, luckily, Shutterfly is offering a rad deal this year. They are giving (yes you read this right), giving away 50 free cards for this post! How awesome is that?! And, since I do everything online, including my holiday cards, I highly plan on using them for this. I absolutely love me some shutterfly. I made Wes an awesome wedding book last year for our anniversary.

And, after browsing their card selection, I am IN!

I just can't decide which is my favorite layout... decisions, decisions.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Peyton was a Rolling Rolling Stone...........

Yesterday our little "baby" rolled over from her front to belly. So, she can roll both ways now. Mind you it wasn't a perfect roll, and I don't anticipate it happening often still, but she did it! It makes me wanna cry seeing what a big baby she is becoming.

But, on the plus side, she is getting more and more fun everyday.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Flashback Friday

So... while Baby P is still def. her own little person. And, I do believe there is a little of both Wes and I in her, the more we have looked through baby photos the more we think she resembles me a little more.

Ere go, this week's flashback Friday photos are of little baby Ape.

Peyt def has my eyes and head shape

With big bro Dan and Heidi

Don't you love this ugly chair and gnarly tiles in the background? Ahhh the 80s.

And with my pappy

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baby Bright Eyes

There is an overall theme to what I hear when I take Peyton out... her eyes.

Almost without fail people will say one of the following: what BRIGHT eyes (that is probably the most common), but I also hear, how big they are, how beautiful they are, how blue they are, or how alert she is for her age. Again, I think because they are sooo big she has gotten alert basically since she was born. People also think she is scared a lot because she gets those big round eyes, and I always laugh and tell them, nope those are just her normal eyes. Funny though.

So basically any b word describes her well: big, bright, beautiful and blue!

Love my little bright eyes. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Puppy Ciao

So... we did it, we gave lil' Snoop and Piper away.

No we didn't stop loving our dogs, but a new little critter took so much time and attention from us, that we just couldn't with a good conscience keep them both.

Walking them became, well, non-existent, play time became few and far in between, and I don't even want to tell you the last time we scooped the poop.

So, Craigslist it was. And, in the last month or so, I got oodles of interested people. Most wanted the golden retriever (Piper) and about 3 wanted a lab (Snoop). I really wanted to keep the 2 together so I didn't respond to most, and the ones I did I was not anxious to getherdone. But, when I got an email from one lady I instantly responded and began making arrangements. 3 days later we met and they have them both. Honestly, giving a dog up is HARD. They are like family. But, this was truly a match made in heaven and I am feeling so much peace with our decision.

They live on 10 acres, have 2 sweet kids (the boy wanted a dog to play fetch with, and their girl wanted a cuddly dog). They both got exactly what they wanted. The dad even said he wasn't looking for dogs, but when he saw the ad it jumped out at him.

Both Wes and I feel so good about our decision, and know this was the right thing and they are with a good fam. We will get dogs again when we are done making babies, and when said babies can help with the crap... literally. :)

I can tell they will be happy and get lots of love.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Hauntings 2010

What a wonderful Halloween we had, Sunday and all.

First of all, I must say Halloween is getting stressful, I think next year we will just buy generic costumes. I must give a shout out to the Mew for all her sewing help this year... and last. :)

So we weren't quite able to do everything we wanted with our costumes this year. We didn't have time to make big hats to cover our faces, and the stuffing kept falling out, so we only used it one night. However, our favorite part about the costumes were our removable parts. We were like real Mr. Potato heads in so much that we could change where our nose, eyes, ears, lips, etc were located on our bodies. Awesome? I think so.

Also, Peyton was originally going to go as an alien from Toy Story; you know the ones the Potato Heads adopt, but they were sold out from every store, and we didn't shop early enough... so her being our little Spud was last minute, but we think she turned out pretty cute and luckily she loved being in her costume. She kept falling asleep in it. Plus, when we were outside it kept us all nice and warm.

But, all in all, we love getting all decked out with Halloween and trying to think on new fun things.

Halloween night we went over and hung with the Aleman side of the fam. Sandie and Jaime decorated the house super duper cute. And, they made a whole table full of severed finger foods. The food was to die for! :) It was such a fun, spooky night. All the kids and Wes and I were in our costumes. And Tyler, had fun sitting on the porch in his "dead football player" costume and acting like a dummy and scaring the trick or treaters. We had fun sitting inside and listening to the screams.

Always such a fun time. And, I still seriously can't believe it is already November. Honestly, where does the time go. My baby was just born and now she is almost 4 months... single tear.

October 29th 2010: at our ward's trunk or treat party (we've become famous there for our costumes)

Like I said baby P kept falling asleep in hers... isn't she just eatable?

October 31, 2010: Our Monster Mash (you have to read the signs to know what we are eating)


Notice how we switched a few pieces here?