Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birtdays and Blessings and Check-ups, Oh My!

So... a little behind I know, but I have reasons, which again comes down to waiting on pictures, and then thinking oh well, and deciding to post anyway.

My sweet bambina turned 2 months old on Saturday, September 25th. And, what a big girl she is. She actually laughed for the first time on her birthday, and lemme tell you, there is absolutely no sweeter sounds then a first laugh.

She was looking at me and smiling, then Wes sat down next to her and said, "Hi cutie," and she looked right at him, got so stinking exciting and laughed. We both nearly got teary eyed. We were so surprised and excited... she is da' bomb!

She loves her tongue, and to blow bubbles. During the last week or so she has become a hard core hand sucker and almost always has a fist in her mouth. Sometimes she takes a pacifier, sometimes she won't. She talks a lot. Folds her hands together, which is darling. And she is a morning girl for sure.

Exciting news again... she slept 5 nights for more then 9 hours straight. She went to sleep anywhere between 8-9:00 pm and slept until 6-6:30 am and then right back to bed until 8-9:00am. So, I am sleeping dang good now. I am so happy she is such a good sleeper. In fact she is sleeping now. :)

See what a good little sleeper she is...

There have been days she hasn't cried once. She is almost always so happy and such a joy to be around.

We had her blessing Sunday. Wes did an amazing job, and bore the best, most sweetest testimony ever afterward! We are so lucky that almost all of our family was able to be there. Our family alone pretty much doubled the congregation, our ward is so teeny tiny. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that day, and feel so blessed to have an eternal family... I could not imagine not knowing I will be with my hubster and baby for forever.

Also, I took Peyton to her 2 month check up yesterday. And after waiting 2 hours was happy to hear I have a very healthy baby. The Dr. kept saying how easy she was (seriously, he told me at least 5 times, "Oh, she so easy"--- he has a Chinese accent). He also kept saying she had beautiful eyes and skin, and that she looked like she would be tall, so I should put her in modeling. Yes, you can tell at 2 months she is quite the looker.

Birth weight 7 lbs 10 oz/ height 19 1/4 in./ head 34 inches (I think?), Dr. said she was around 45% in everything.

Weight: 11 lbs 5 oz (60%)
Height: 23 1/2 in (60%)
Head: 39 cent. (50%)

So, for everyone who keeps telling me she is tiny, she is above average... told ya so!

(She thought she was pretty cool sitting on her own... in fact she loves her Bumbo seat as well)

So she is growing well and just as cute as a button. She holds her head really well, actually enjoys short intervals of tummy time, especially when she has her special mat and pillow, eats... A LOT, and loves to sit facing out or in a football hold. Oh, and she also likes watching t.v. and taking baths.

I had 2 month photos taken, but am still waiting to get them, so I will post those later. :) And, I haven't purchased a memory card for my camera, so I am waiting on Heidi to get the photos from the blessing... will post those soon too.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun at the Fair

Okay, so I have to be honest. I love the fair for 1 reason... the food. Yes, I do love the big slide (although, did you know they are removing it after this year?.. boo!) And, while the exhibits are mildly entertaining, who doesn't love weird large cattle, and a good demolition derby, the best part is def. the food.

Food fun this year... deep fried Twinkies. Yes, just imagine what that looks like inside of you. :) But, while I am NOT a twinkie fan, this was dang good. And, though we didn't try it, I would like to give the chocolate covered bacon a go. And, who thought of deep fried butter? Fat on fat anyone?

We did however enjoy some corn on the cob, ribs, tri tip sandwich, dipping dots, a GIANT funnel cake, and the twinkie. Needless to say, I suffered the aftermath of eating too much crap later that night, blah. (Totally worth it though :0)

I also flew down the big red slide. Seriously, flew down it, becoming airborne at parts and flying off at the end. I am so gonna miss that big boy next year. //sigh// Hoping to make it back at least 1 more time this year before it's gone... and maybe hit up the So. Cal fair which will be here beginning of Oct. right at our very own Lake Perris fairgrounds.

Wes enjoying some deep fried goodness

Our eyes were much bigger than our stomachs, and we weren't willing to share our GIANT funnel cake with the parents, and wish we would've we neither of us even came close to finishing these.

Monday, September 13, 2010

This Place Looks Like A Zoo...

Or I guess more like a Wild Animal Park.

This past weekend, Wes, Peyton and myself headed to San Diego's Wild Animal Park in Escondido along with the Broberg "fam damly" (that's for you Hide... he he he).

We had never been there and loved it. It was a nice sunny day... I guess it got kinda hot towards the end, but it was really quite enjoyable. We all loved seeing the animals in their more normal/natural habitats. And the little safari simulation ride was my absolute fav. My dream vaca is to go on a real African safari, which I plan on doing before I die. And, luckily I have a fun hubby who is down for whatevs (he's so cool).

So... anywho, we had a lot of fun, and thank goodness Heidi brought her camera (and a nice one at that), because again, mine was down for the count.

Big birds

(most people only got 1 or 2 people in here... we managed 5)

Petting Zoo

Look at that cute little creature

Wait... that's just Peyt

Ave Venture calling the birds

2 cool cats

On the awesome safari ride and all the cool animals

Peyton really loved it... can't you tell by the excited look on her face?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Busy Baby (and mom and dad)

So... let's face it, I suck at taking pictures anymore. Oh well.

And, like most bloggers, I am not as excited to blog about stuff when I don't have pictures to go with it.

But for the sake of record keeping, I thought I would record some of the fun things we've done in the past few weeks.

-Hiked Mt. Rubidoux 3 times
-Gone for smoothies with the sisters 2
-Spent the weekend with our friends the McCooks, and went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant, got dessert at Ruth's Chris, spent the night, did some shopping and more eating
-Taken plenty of walks around the neighborhood
-Spent time with cousins
-Grocery shopped, and Dr. apts
-Went to the Wild Animal Park with the Brobergs (and was an exceptionally good baby)
-Slept 7 hours straight a few nights in a row
-Learned not to like car rides very much
-Went bowling for the first time (Labor Day w/ Uncle Patrick, Grandma Sandie, and Papa Fred)
-laughed, cried, smiled and coo'd
-Angels game

So... sorry for the lack of photos, but we've been too busy having fun. :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Floor Time

This is little Peyton on Labor Day 2010!
6 weeks and 1 day.

I couldn't choose my favorite... so you get them all! bwahahahahahahaha

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

My baby is 6 weeks old?!

Peyton loves to:
-smile and even laugh (though at this point it sounds like a gasp)- she has been doing it for almost a week now and it is simply adorable.
-She blows bubbles all the time
-Recently has taken up the habit of drooling
-Makes the cutest happy sounds
-Enjoys time on her tummy (though I must admit she still prefers to be held the most)
-Will almost always stop being upset if we hold her in the football position
-Seriously has never cried for any reason other than being hungry or put into the bath unexpectedly--- she has yet to cry just because (and really only cried when hungry 1 or 2 a day
-Sleeps all day and all night, she is awake only a few hours a day--- that's my girl
-Loves to be in the car--- as long as it moves
-Kicks really hard when she is angry
-Eats all the time (and still I say poor mom, it still kills)
-Has a balding head
-She still does ye ole' googly eyes
-Enjoyed Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles for the first time yesterday
-Wes and I both have a favorite cry she does (and if that doesn't make us bad parents, I have to admit her cries make me laugh alot because she does the funniest mad faces--- her lip juts out or she does a monster pout, man she is cute doing it)
-Wes does a funny high pitched "helllooooo" when she is happy and she smiles every time (occasionally laughs too)
-Her favorite way to be held or sleep is on someone's chest
-Has really big feet
-Basically she is the funnest and honestly best baby ever. I still can't believe how chill she is!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baby Shower Numero Dos

So... when Wes and I didn't find out what we were having until the baby was born, people thought we were crazy. One argument was, well how can you have a shower, or get the stuff you need?

Well, my friends, we had our shower after baby was born. And, it worked out perfectly. People were able to meet and greet the one they were showering with gifts, and I didn't have all the attention, which I hate at showers. :)

My mom and sisters did this one for me, and my friend Jill helped out too. It was wonderful, so many of my good friends came, and Peyton got soooooooooooooooooo many cute and important things. People were incredibly generous and giving, and we want for nothing now.

And hope everyone who came knows how much I appreciate you and your friendship. And, if you weren't able to come, I still love you. ;) And, thank you again wonderful family for all you do for me!

I was too busy mingling with my guests to take photos, and I tried stealing Heidi's off a website she posted her photos on, but they were too small to re-post. So you get to see the very few pictures I took.

The table and preparations:

Then we partied hard----- no photos

And, the loot

Don't you adore those cute letters the Newman's made me?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Only in Perris...

Monday I took Peyton on a walk around our neighborhood.

Saw some fun, very "Perrisesc" things on our walk... 2 cars in particular.

Car #1: Had one of those dumb provocative girls in scandalous positions on 1 window. Back window had peeing Calvin (classy), and side window had the virgin Guadalupe or Mary. Same car... confused person. Needless to say I am happy they are my neighbor... psych!--- Let's bring that saying back.

Car #2: Normal looking truck, but in the driver's seat was a huge, bigger than human sized Bart Simpson with a seat belt on and sunglasses. Now in all seriousness, I am happy that person is my neighbor.

Only in Perris.