Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So... as I am sure almost everyone has heard we had our baby GIRL Sunday at 7:48 am. She weighed 7 lbs 10 oz... and is absolutely perfect.

Fun name fact: We have both loved the name Peyton for years... don't really even remember where we 1st heard it. BUT... we met for the first time at the Peyton bldg in Chino Hills, and that really sealed the deal for her name. Jane: is my middle name. AND, I was named after my Grandma Krause. Her name was Verda Jane (glad I got her middle name and not her first ;) I loved her so much and am excited to keep her alive in my own daughter.

Labor and delivery went soooo smoothly. So, I won't complain about my pregnancy, and can't complain about labor and delivery... really the whole thing couldn't have gone better.

So... I will give you the thorough story here (and ... I am going to warn you, it's a long post w/lots of pictures)

We were scheduled to be induced Saturday at 9 am. I must admit Friday I had a minor (ok major) freak out. I cried and just had way too much time to think about it. But, by Saturday morning I was ready and excited. However, my phone rang at 7:30 am and I knew it was the hospital with bad news. And, it was. I really wasn't surprised because most people I know who are induced are sent home with no rooms at the inn... I mean hospital. So, the hospital left a msg and said they would call me to come back in that afternoon if rooms opened up.

So... okay, no worries. Wes and I had some last minute errands to do and go to before then anyways. So, we washed some more clothes and decided to do the car seats too. We headed over to some friends house to borrow their dvd player, and then headed to Heidi and Ned's to drop some stuff off. While we were there, we got the call to come in. What?! This was unexpected and really we were not ready. So... Wes ran around in a frenzy looking for his keys... the kids were excited, and Heidi insisted on taking some horrid last minute pictures. :) It was fun though, because being induced took out some of the surprise, and I wanted some shock with it.

We went home got ready and were at the hospital at about 11:20 am. We checked in, and the lady didn't realize I was the one giving birth... half wit. Everything went really fast after that. They had my IV's done, I was hooked up to everything, and ready with the cervadil by 12:50 pm.

Btw, the hospital was newly remodeled and was really nice. We had a great room and fantastic view.

Cervadil is what they started me on when I got there to soften my cervix. I was dilated at a 2 still at this point, but 50% effaced. They debated going right onto the pitocin, but thought it safer to do the cervadil for 12 hours first since I was a first timer.

The cervadil typically doesn't induce labor, but I started having mild contractions every 6-7 minutes apart during the beginning part of the 12 hours. Honestly, this was just a fun waiting time. We had visitors, we laughed, we watched t.v. and just hung out. The contractions came and went... so it was just minor, not active labor.

However, by 11:20 pm I was in serious pain. Contractions were still coming every 6-7 minutes apart and they hurt! Wes was helpful, and I just tried to breathe through them, and remind myself that this was good... I did not want to have cervadil put in another 12 hours after if I hadn't progressed enough.

My nurse came in at 12:50 am to remove the cervadil and check my progress. I was dilated to a 3/4 and 80% effaced, so it was time for the pitocin. I informed her I didn't know if I could have my epidural yet, but I really needed some sort of pain medicine... I hadn't gotten any at this point.

She said the anesthesiologist was called into an emergency in E.R. and couldn't come for 30 min. I could get some meds until he got there or wait for him. I decided if it was 30 (prob. even 45 min) I could wait... so I did.

By the time he got in there, my whole body was shaking uncontrollably. This wasn't that weird because I always shake, but this was worse than most times I've done it before. I shook throughout the epidural, but was soooooooooooo happy to have relief. I never looked at the needle (I wanted to see it after, but never did, though I did see what was injected- bizare), and though I felt it and all, I could not have cared less what he needed to do if pressure was going to be relieved. He was good too. He talked me through everything, and made me feel comfortable and not worried. After he was done, my nurse called in another nurse and they were piling warm blankets on me because I was shaking so badly still, orangey the blanket was there for it all- though it was removed from my bed during pushing time. Wes the whole time was so good and sensitive, he talked me through my breathing and held my hand. Even though I could not feel anything I was still shaking pretty bad, but I was happy and comfortable.

Wes and I both fell asleep, that is until my nurse (who was a little spastastic and frantic normally) came hurrying in at about 2:30 am (about 1/2 hr after my epidural). I had been laying on my side sleeping and apparently the baby started to dip low on her little heart monitor. The nurse came in and needed me to move and she was stressing out, which caused me to stress out a little. On top of that, my blood pressure had dropped down to 81, so they were pumping me full of fluids. As soon as she moved me (Wes had to help because I was completely numb) I started to feel like I was going vomit. It was bad. Had I let myself I could have vomited a lot, but I fought the urge and made them move me onto my other side, where I finally felt better. Wes and I both fell back asleep.

We slept for about an hr and then the Dr. came in. It was about 5 am at this point. He broke my water and left. Nurse again panicked. Apparently there was meconium in the water and no pad under me. It got everywhere. I again did not care, I felt and saw nothing. She cleaned me up as well as she could. Then Dr. came in (he was so chill, I loved him and always felt comfortable when he was talking to me). He explained they would have the respiratory Dr. in there and he would take the baby as soon as I delivered so they could check her lungs.

At 5am I was now dilated at a 5/6 and effaced about the same as before (80%) they said a little thinner than before. In fact, Wes asked the Dr. about a timeline, and Dr. said it looked to be right around noon. He even had a tee time set up for golf because it looked like it would take some time.

As soon as my water broke, I noticed on my monitor that contractions were coming every 2-3 min like clockwork. 7 rolls around... I still had been sleeping, contractions were being had pain free, and I told Wes it felt like I was getting some pressure down there... but I didn't think much of it.

Nurses changed, and my fave nurse came back. I told her about the pressure and she said she would check me out. She checked me and I was 100% and a +1... so I was ready to the dismay of us all. They brought all the stuff in, scrubbed up, and everyone was ready to go (once Wes sent his last text---:)

Tara--- who did the majority of things with me, including about 10 min of pushing before the Dr. came in for the last 5 min.

Dr. Lee (Wes and I really liked him)

I started pushing at 7:30 am, pushed through 5 contractions and she was born at 7:48 am. So, 15 total min. of pushing... we missed 1 contraction. (I heard today that for most girl's first delivery the avg pushing time is 1-3 hours... holy cow I would have died. Glad I was not normal)... Testament to walking and staying active during pregnancy.

Weighed 7 lbs 10 oz, 19 1/4 inches long and as cute and perfect as could be. She was really pale until she finally got mad when they drew blood... then she screamed and in came her color.

Once she was out, the Dr. forgot to tell us what she was, and the nurse asked. So, he checked and announced GIRL!!! At this point Wes and I both started crying... soft, happy, relieved tears. It was such an awesome, emotional and spiritual experience. Something words cannot express. Just watching them clean and move her, knowing she was ours was unreal.

Our little glow worm

I had to be cut just a little, and it was weird when everything came gushing out... and seeing myself without a huge belly is kinda weird now. But, recovery is happening much faster than I thought it would. I was up and showering 2 hours after she was born. And today I was even able to do some dishes while she slept.

I just keep looking at her and feel overwhelmed with joy. Wes fell asleep with her last night and I couldn't imagine a happier feeling watching them together (okay, I cried a little again- but we were running on like 4 hrs of sleep from the previous 2 nights). I feel like I can in a very small way understand our Heavenly Father's love for us a little better.

BTW, have I mentioned how much I love this little baby, and how happy I am that she is in our lives? She's the absolute coolest baby.

Side note:
Day 3 now, and she is still the most easy going baby in the world. She reflex smiles all day long... Wes and I just sit and watch her and laugh. We think she will be smiley when she gets the ability. When she gets hungry she becomes a baby piglet... honestly. She grunts and snorts and roots around. When she gets what she wants she still snorts for a while until she starts to be satisfied. I laugh all night long during feedings because of her funny noises. She loves her hands by her face. And, so far she just couldn't be any easier. We feel very lucky.

Some "home" photos

Friday, July 23, 2010

Um... What?

So, a friend pointed out that my baby ticker on the side here, says my baby is 4 days old.


Buuuuutttttt, tomorrow is the big day! I will be induced tomorrow morning at 9 am. Exciting and scary! Okay, so maybe I should put scary first, then exciting!

So... next time you see me, I will probably be a mommy (unless somehow I see you tonight). And, maybe I'll have a pioneer baby, it could be a little sabbath child too though... who knows.

I did have the realization, that tonight is our last night together in our home with just the 2 of us. Weird, sad and crazy. I just can't imagine the changes we will have to prepare ourselves for.

Good news is, I slept fantastic last night... only waking once. Our hero, Andy Moore and his dad, came and fixed our air conditioning yesterday, and I couldn't be more grateful. (We've been staying at my parents in the meantime since it hasn't dropped below 90 in our house during the day).

So, here's to wishful thinking... an easy labor and no ripping.

What the heck am I about to do!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

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This got my mind grapes working... she must be getting paid to talk about specific items on her blog.

Which then got my Scrooge dollar eyes going. I wanna get paid to blog... even if it's minimal and not often.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Because It Drives Me Crazy

Not to be up to date on the blog... and I am both afraid and hopeful that I will not be caught up before I have this baby, I am doing a catch up for the months of June/July so I don't have to be bothered with it later. :)

Ashleigh's 30th b-day: Sandie threw her a fun "win it in a minute" party.

First the pinata:

Stacking 5 apples on top of each other:

The mummy roll:

Cookie from forehead to mouth:

Booty poppin' balls out of the tissue box:

Grabbing the small bags without touching the floor for balance:

The elephant walk:

Just looking good in general:

Plus a lot of other fun games I did not get photos of. Thanks Sandie for the party and Ashleigh for being born. :) We all had a lot of laughs!


Remember how I said we went to Club 33 at Disneyland? And, remember how awesome my camera is, and how the moment I put in batteries they are dead? Well, my good friend Lisa was kind enough to send me her photos. Yeah!!!! :)

We looked at and enjoyed the antiques and classic furniture throughout the restaurant.

Thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and the ambiance with good friends.

(We felt fancy)

We rode the old elevator and used the classic phone booth from the movie "The Happiest Millionaire" (now we just need to see that movie).

Took in the views from the balcony.

And enjoyed the rest of the theme park while we were there.

And, we enjoyed our "baby moon" in sunny and scorching hot Palm Springs... actually Palm Desert. Boy was it hot... even too hot to swim- 105* most days and the next week it was supposed to be up to 112*. The water was like bath water, the concrete too hot to walk on, and our chairs too hot to sit on- plus there were no umbrellas... what the what?!. The hotel itself was great, wonderful continental breakfast, but the pool... p.u. Not quite what I had envisioned. But, we relaxed A LOT, and enjoyed each others company and cable television. :) We also ate at this restaurant called "Shame on the Moon" which we found on yelp.com and loved. It was classic Palm Springs and they even had a little candlelit booth in the corner with our name on it... literally. :) We also went to the hotel's putting green and created our own mini golf challenge... which was quite entertaining. :) I have videos... but it takes too long to download and it was dark when we did it... so I'll let the pictures do the talking as much as they can.

Our romantic corner booth.

And, don't you just love the 70s flare?

See a table with our names on it!