Thursday, June 17, 2010

Done and on Ebay!

So..... we finally got a new (used) car!!!!!! Dah-da dah da dah daaaaaah!!!!!!

Easiest purchase ever now that all is said and done... and the best part is, I won it on Ebay!

Kinda scary, but the guy had a 99.6% Ebay rating, was a preferred seller, has a dealership license, and was selling a car within our used car price range and was selling what we were looking for.

Here's to hoping this doesn't bite us in the butt, but for now we are so happy to have 2 working, running cars, and one with air that looks decent!

He sells a ton of cool vintage stuff - Euro muscle cars are his specialty, with low mileage if anyone is interested too... I saw his little collection. Like a 1990 Bentley for under $20,000... I wanted it! :)

Anywho... we bought ourselves a 2000 Chevy, Malibu with about 69000 miles. And, so far we are very content with our choice.

Here's "Boomhower".

Side note: The guy with whom we worked was so quirky... I loved him. Wes and I got a kick out of him, and truly enjoyed getting to talk with him. Don't you love fun personalities?! It made driving out to San Diego at 7:30pm totally worth it!


Tyler Jorgenson said...

Congrats guys. Enjoy your new hot rod.

Jill Duncan said...

Looks like a nice car! Good job! right before the baby comes too- good timing!

Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

Yeah you won the BOO...nice! Arent you so happy. And now I wont have to take you home double WHOO for the BOO!

The BRU Crew said...

K...SO I am so happy to have RAN into you guys! ;) HA! CONGRATS on the purchase! That's awesome! I finally BLOGGED's been a LONG LONG time! Hope things are going a little over 4 weeks to go?! You r super cute prego!! ;) Have a good day!