Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Game Show Audition!!!!

So, my family went in and auditioned for yet another game show... this one to be called "6 Minds." It's a brand new game and should be the next big thing (prime time), like Millionaire, Deal or No Deal, etc... and the payoff is supposed to be off the chain.

It's a good thing my mom has connections!

It is a group riddle game and pretty challenging but A LOT of fun.

We got our group together for the audition Saturday, which included, the mama (team leader), dad, Danny, Heidi, Me, Wes, Hayley and a friend of my mom's from work.

We headed to the studios in L.A. early that day and the audition lasted a good 2 hours. In the end, they liked us girls, but thought our guys were too "cool"... quiet, etc. We did ok, not great but pretty decent. It's def. a "Todd Woman" game as it includes all talking loudly, at the same time, and with no filtering of thoughts.

Afterward, we went to our favorite eating spot in L.A.--- Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles... sooooooo good. Sounds so weird, but it is delicious. I honestly recommend it to anyone willing to try something new and tasty. I also recommend the chicken and waffles... which come on separate plates by the way, and don't skip the gravy on the chicken... it's the best part.

At the restaurant... notice the big crowd outside all waiting to enjoy the deliciousness

Our plan had been to head over to The El Capitan Theatre afterward to watch the new Toy Story 3 movie... but it was sold out. So, rather we headed home, met up with other family members (and said good-bye to Danny who went to be with Sarah at the beach for her birthday) and watched it in Riverside. Darling movie and one to def. see!

Well, back to the audition. My mom got a call yesterday (Mon. the 28th) and was asked to come in for an audition that day at 6:00 pm, with the girls (us) and a few other team members.

So, we hustled and got a great group of girls together (adding Sarah, Heidi's friend Kati, her co-worker Laurdes, and Hayley's friend Allicen to the group).

Again, we did pretty decent, and it seems like we might actually have a chance to get on the show.

We'll have to wait and see. Hopefully by next year I will be a millionaire... ha ha. j/k

Oh and funny thing is they begin taping on July 24th... so I really hope they call us a little later so I won't be having the baby on the day they tape!

Monday, June 21, 2010

36 Weeks and...


Okay, so I never knew my feet could look like what latex gloves look like blown up. It's comical.

Besides the swelling in my feet, hands (ouch) and face, I still feel pretty darn good. Yes, ladies I now understand the pelvic pains you were talking about, and sleep is not what it used to be... but pregnancy is not all that bad.

I still like being pregnant even with the funny/painful side effects. Honestly, I can walk, sit, run, and play not like I used to, but I can do it all. And, best part is, is in only 1 MONTH I will have a sweet little baby to call my own!!!!!!!!

So... for laughter, check out swollen me with a 36 week belly! :)

4 more weeks!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

To my own loving father... to my wonderful father in law... and especially to the man who will be the father to my children.

I love you all!

P.S. Look what a good daddy Wes is already. He's been so good and fun about coming home from work and being diligent about painting the nursery and getting everything ready. I love him and his perfectionist tendencies.

So... don't judge the colors yet... we have high hopes and dreams about the end results.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

You can have him.

Tough loss last night... put me on the verge of tears. At least I had a happy hubby.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Done and on Ebay!

So..... we finally got a new (used) car!!!!!! Dah-da dah da dah daaaaaah!!!!!!

Easiest purchase ever now that all is said and done... and the best part is, I won it on Ebay!

Kinda scary, but the guy had a 99.6% Ebay rating, was a preferred seller, has a dealership license, and was selling a car within our used car price range and was selling what we were looking for.

Here's to hoping this doesn't bite us in the butt, but for now we are so happy to have 2 working, running cars, and one with air that looks decent!

He sells a ton of cool vintage stuff - Euro muscle cars are his specialty, with low mileage if anyone is interested too... I saw his little collection. Like a 1990 Bentley for under $20,000... I wanted it! :)

Anywho... we bought ourselves a 2000 Chevy, Malibu with about 69000 miles. And, so far we are very content with our choice.

Here's "Boomhower".

Side note: The guy with whom we worked was so quirky... I loved him. Wes and I got a kick out of him, and truly enjoyed getting to talk with him. Don't you love fun personalities?! It made driving out to San Diego at 7:30pm totally worth it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So... Remember when we went to the Clipper game to watch our friend shoot some baskets in between quarters?

Well, that night keeps paying off.

Check out this video... especially at about 20 secs.


Monday, June 14, 2010


We did not find out we are having a boy btw... I only meant we have our girl name picked out if need be, but can't come to a consensus on a boy name yet. We both have names we like, but not one we both agree on. Thus, why we are taking suggestions. Just for any of you wondering.

Hallelujah-- WE DID IT!

We sold the junkie old Saturn for a price we wanted! YEAH!!!!!!!!! That stupid car has been sitting all tired and wrecked in our driveway for 4 months now... but it will be gone in 1-3 days. I sold it to a company who buys junkie used cars, and am so pleased to be rid of it. We thought we were going to have to pay someone to take it off our hands after all the hassle we've been through. So long Humphrey!!! (Named after my Grandma's beloved (to say the least) dog)... we inherited her car when we were engaged after she passed away in 2005.

So... clean-up Aleman household 2010 is in full force! Next up finish finding a place for everything that was in the baby's room, and get rid of crap that we've just been storing in the garage and will never ever use.

We still need to buy a new/used car, so we can have more than 1- I am getting pretty sick of driving Wes back and forth from work and doing all the other stuff here too. Thank goodness the census job is over and we are all the closer to a new/used car. Oh, have I mentioned 1. how much I hate driving, and 2. How much more I hate shopping for cars?

Can't wait till it's done.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thus it Begins...

So... after multiple attempts at finding the right color paint (seriously 9 sample paint cans later) Wes and I found our perfect nursery colors and began painting today. We are excited, and it made me feel a little anxious because I realized in about 1 month we will have a little baby in our once quiet house.

After 4 1/2 years of just the 2 of us, I have a feeling this is going to be quite the adjustment. Mercy!

We still haven't bought or done really anything at all (not an exaggeration). But I have a baby shower coming up pretty soon, I am done working the Census job I had, and I can finally put some time into getting myself and this house ready for a wee one. Maybe do some "nesting" whatever that is. I find I am very untypical for a pregnant lady.

Oh, and we still have not come to a conclusion on a boy name... suggestions welcome!

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Friday Night on the Streets of Perris

So... to give you an idea of how awesome tonight was bound to be we came home from work to find our next door neighbors had a mechanical bull on their side yard and a big party.

I knew we were in for a good night from that time forward.

So... after some much needed relaxation we headed out for the night.

First stop- AmPm for a drink and to pull out some cash... we knew we would have to have cash where we were headed.

While at the gas station we watched a woman be dragged out literally, because at 8:30 pm she was so wasted she couldn't stand or get herself out on her own. So a big man worker there and a smaller younger girl were seriously dragging her out. Her mouth was hanging open and her eyes were partially shut. Again... grade A fun!

Then I had one of those fun crazy ladies... who after questions about my size before pregnancy, due date and closely examining me and my stomach pronounced quite definitively that I was having a boy. Then she said a minimum of 3 times, "good luck mama." I love people like this.

Finally, on to our grand destination... which we call "street tacos." For 3 years now we've driven down Perris Blvd on Friday and Saturday and always have seen trucks and open bbqs right on the side of the road where numerous Hispanic families gather for carne asade, carnitas, lengua (tongue), etc. We have been determined to stop and try it, and finally, tonight was the night.

Here we are... you can't see great because I didn't want to take pictures too close up. In the background you can see the tent, the lights, and people.

And, let me tell you... It. Was. Delicious. Yes, we may be sick tomorrow (though I doubt it), but we both thoroughly enjoyed our tacos. We tried most except the guts. Wes did get tongue and I tried it too.

Here Wes is with our tacos. Yum! (Sorry it's so fuzzy)

We can't wait to go back!!!

So... fun Friday night in gay Perris!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Braxton Hicks?!?!?!?

So... people keep asking me if I've had Braxton Hicks yet... oh btw I am 33 weeks.


Well... just out of curiosity, because I am kind of a pregnancy idiot, I looked up what exactly Braxton Hicks were.

Tightening of the stomach, sometimes a little ball, really not much pain.


I think I may be having Braxton Hicks every so often after all. I thought it would hurt more if they were practice contractions.

How do you know? Help this little idiot out people... I know nothing. I don't think I am ready for this baby.