Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cha cha changes

So... I am now finally allowed to officially write about certain changes in our lives.

1st: Baby arrives in 11 weeks... ahhhhh. I don't know if I am ready, this is happening a lot faster than I anticipated!

2nd: Seminary ends in 5 weeks... bitter sweet.

3rd: I got a job at the census- and am an assistant crew leader (assistant manager). I am super busy with that and am grateful for the pay... good savings.

4th: BIGGEST CHANGE. Wes got a job working at a company called MedAssist. He starts next week. Whaaaa!!!!!! This is a big, huge, tremendous, scary change (mostly for me). He will now be gone 5 days a week, all day. What am I to do without him? Yes, tears have been shed (again by me), but I truly know this is the best decision for us right now- notice I did not say easy, we just both feel this is necessary right now. I have always worried in the past how we were going to financially handle the new addition to our family... real estate is fickle. Wes always assured me that we would be blessed for our choice and the Lord would provide one way or another. So, I don't think it is coincidence he is getting this job 2 months before baby is born.

He will be working in a hospital in Escondido, setting up people with Medical... and he will mostly be working in Spanish. Which is great for his practice, and I love he will be able to keep up with it- and hopefully teach our little one the basics.

Now, you know why I made a big deal about loving my husband and enjoying my time with him... it is limited! Well, not my love, only the time.

So, I have some adjusting to do... I hate changes and have never done it well. So, hopefully I can work it out. :)


Sarah said...

Apes, you are going to do great--with everything, changes, baby, census-because you are April Jane and the sky is the limit for you!

Janell said...

Wes is right, the Lord always provides :) What a wonderful, exciting time for your family!

Crystal said...

I hear ya! I know all too well how the changes go! lol I am glad he got the job! I hope he likes it! It is a great company (from what I have seen thus far)

Jeanie Doll said...

I am really happy for you guys. I know that being apart from Wes is gonna be hard but maybe it is only temporary. Good luck with everything. :)

cherisse said...

It was fun to see you guys finally!!
Next time Im thinking red robin baby!
before you have the baby!!

LudiKus said...

GREAT NEWS! i'm sure it will be difficult, but what a blessing! you will see that it gets easier over time to not have wes around you day and night - but at least you wont be alone... you'll have the baby! :)
i'm so happy for you. ps: i LOVE changes (mostly)... weird, huh?