Sunday, May 30, 2010

Utah Post

So, 2 weeks ago now, we went up to Utah for my cousin Todd's wedding.

The majority of my mom's family live up in Northern Utah (Westpoint, Clearfield, Roy, Clinton) area. So, a wedding is also like a slight family reunion for us; and I love visiting this family and being part of these events. We always have so much fun!

Here's my mom with little Will, and my cousin Amy's 2 week old daughter Aspen.

Though our weekend was short is was full and very enjoyable.

Wes and I drove up and spent 1 night in St. George before going on. We got to our destination Friday afternoon and hit up our favorite eating joint... Burger Bar. Love their shakes! We used to go here all the time when we would stay with my Grandma Krause who passed away a little more than 10 years ago. This place has a very fond place in my memory!

Were able to be part of the sealing in the Salt Lake City temple. Plus got 2 great meals! One of which was breakfast/brunch in the Lion House.

We enjoyed the breathtaking views of temple square, the tulips were astounding. T.V./photos just can't do the real thing justice. We couldn't get enough of all the flowers and beauty!

The reception was a lot of fun... and the fam. always enjoys spiking the punch. :)

See my cousins post here for more details.

We also had fun "decorating" my cousin Todd's car... he tried to hide it at a different parking lot, so we had to do it bad. It's an old school Camry that he adores... it is so funny!

As you can see Danny had fun with his part of the car.

On Sunday we took a drive out to the Great Salt Lake onto Antelope Island, and saw bison, deer, antelope, etc. We then threw rocks into the lake. All while admiring the massive swarms of wasps and knats. They were far better to look at then any of the actual animals we saw.

Monday we hiked to the Timpanogos Caves!!!!

So... while the hike pretty much killed the 7.5 month preggo girl (take into account the altitude) my hubby (studly man he is) carried 3 year old Claire on his shoulders for a lot of the hike.

Afterward, we headed home... not without getting a ticket from wonderful Utah cops... they watch for California plates, that I am SURE of!

But, we had a wonderful weekend with family, and are so excited to have a new cousin as part of the fam. Catherine seems absolutely wonderful!

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Bitter Sweet End

So... today was my last day of having seminary (hopefully until my own children have to attend)... hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While there were days/weeks that seemed to just drag on, in retrospect this year absolutely flew by. It seems like I was just freaking out over having to teach, and now I am done.

What I won't miss:

Waking up (to an alarm) at 5:30 am. Yes, I am aware I have a new baby coming. Difference is, I won't have to "wake-up" put on make-up, do my hair and entertain a class of 17-18 yr olds from 6:20 am- 7:10 am. That is hard work, especially since I am NOT a morning person.

Planning a lesson every night, and making sure I am in bed at a decent hour. Which did get later and later as the year went on.

I won't miss the insults from specific, awkward teenagers. :)

I won't miss having to buy or worry about Friday donuts... and my weight gain as a result. :)

Having a ROWDY (to say the least) class and having to worry about babysitting, feelings, throwing, etc. each morning.

What I will miss:

Being totally involved in the scriptures on a daily basis, and seeing my life change for the better as a direct result. I can't believe how much I feel like I grew this year and how happy I am because of the gospel. What a difference being totally immersed in the gospel will do for you and your mind set. I swear the trials I had became easier all because I understood why I was dealing with them and my Savior a little better.

I will miss the students. I had an awesome group. They knew so much more about the gospel then I ever did at their age, and they were so smart and funny. I honestly enjoyed their company.

I loved scripture study each night. It was so easy to focus because I had to prepare a specific lesson, which helped me so much. I know the Book of Mormon so much better now.

Getting an early start to my day... although I must admit I had a nap almost daily.

Starting my morning with the spirit, hymn, prayer, etc. That was really nice and needed.

So, as I said, bitter sweet. But, I must also admit, at this point a little more sweet than bitter. :)
Oh, and side note; someone in my bishopric has a sick sense of humor. I have been counting the days down to not having to prepare a lesson. Today is my last day, and I was asked to speak on Sunday. Sick I tell you!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Picture Post

Baby William's blessing

Tyler's Baptism

Easter Day with the Aleman clan

And... since we just returned from a wonderful mini-vaca in the Salt Lake area... I hope to have photos up of that soon too!


I can now officially claim to be a successful "Craigslister".

With the new addition coming soon, we had some furniture we wanted to sell to make room in our baby's room.

I listed 2 things (thinking it would be better to try rather than throwing them away which is what Wes would have done had he had his way)- and now both are sold and gone.

Problem now is I keep trying to think of other things to sell.

Monday, May 10, 2010

10 Weeks Left

Ok... so I am at the 30 week mark... yeah! Yeah, not because I dislike being pregnant, but yeah because the focal point of my life will not be my belly. Or, as so many people have lovingly said, my "huge" belly. //sigh//

So, for all you people begging for a picture (I think selfishly to make yourself feel better you don't look like this right now) here you go.

Me at 30 weeks.

Oh, yeah, I also cut off my hair and went darker because I was feeling frumpy and needed a change... bad!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

To the women who have made our lives all the easier and more worth while!

Annette Todd and Sandie Aleman

Motherhood is not for the faint-hearted. Frogs, skinned knees, and the insults of teenage girls are not meant for the wimpy.
-- Danielle Steel

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flashback Friday

Last week we went to Benihana's in Ontario for our birthdays with a few members of my family.

The last time I was there with my family was for my high school graduation in 2003. I can't believe it's been 7 years since I graduated!

Here are some other graduation photos to remember the good ole' days (and tis' the season of graduations, right)? Class of '03 baby!

What a difference 7 years makes... so many additions to my fam- 6 newbies as of now, and soon to be 7.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cha cha changes

So... I am now finally allowed to officially write about certain changes in our lives.

1st: Baby arrives in 11 weeks... ahhhhh. I don't know if I am ready, this is happening a lot faster than I anticipated!

2nd: Seminary ends in 5 weeks... bitter sweet.

3rd: I got a job at the census- and am an assistant crew leader (assistant manager). I am super busy with that and am grateful for the pay... good savings.

4th: BIGGEST CHANGE. Wes got a job working at a company called MedAssist. He starts next week. Whaaaa!!!!!! This is a big, huge, tremendous, scary change (mostly for me). He will now be gone 5 days a week, all day. What am I to do without him? Yes, tears have been shed (again by me), but I truly know this is the best decision for us right now- notice I did not say easy, we just both feel this is necessary right now. I have always worried in the past how we were going to financially handle the new addition to our family... real estate is fickle. Wes always assured me that we would be blessed for our choice and the Lord would provide one way or another. So, I don't think it is coincidence he is getting this job 2 months before baby is born.

He will be working in a hospital in Escondido, setting up people with Medical... and he will mostly be working in Spanish. Which is great for his practice, and I love he will be able to keep up with it- and hopefully teach our little one the basics.

Now, you know why I made a big deal about loving my husband and enjoying my time with him... it is limited! Well, not my love, only the time.

So, I have some adjusting to do... I hate changes and have never done it well. So, hopefully I can work it out. :)

Monday, May 3, 2010


What a wonderful weekend we had!

It started Friday with our final "birthday" celebration. Benihana gives you $30 towards a meal your entire birthday month. So, April 30th, the last day of the month, both Wes and I utilized their gift along with some of my family members. I absolutely love teppan grills and Japanese food!

Then Saturday (I worked- Wes golfed) but even more importantly, we were able to witness our little nephew Tyler be baptized out in Camarillo.

Tyler actually called Wes up early in the week and asked if he would give a talk on the Holy Ghost. Fred too was one of the main speakers. Wes was truly touched Tyler thought of him and was honored to speak. And, he did an amazing job. The spirit was so strong in the meeting and it was such a nice experience. I love my husband and am so proud of the man he is!

Then, Sunday we had a great opportunity to hear an apostle of the Lord speak to us at our Stake Conference. Elder Ballard came and again, the spirit was nearly tangible during the meeting. He extended a blessing upon our stake that we would be more in tune with the spirit and allow it to direct us in life and allow us to be stronger in all experiences. I was emotional from the spirit!

AND, after that we were able to go to my brother's ward and witness baby William's baby blessing! Again, what a wonderful thing to be part of! And, how blessed I feel to be part of such an amazing organization and have the blessings of the gospel in my life!

Truly it was one thing after another and I am truly edified and ready for this week!!!!!!!!