Saturday, April 10, 2010

San Diego (Easter Weekend)

So, Easter weekend we spent Friday night and all of Saturday hanging with the parentals in beautiful San Diego.

Every time we go there, we always comment on how close it is and how we really need to go more often... well, this time was no different!

We got there around 6 or so Friday evening and headed to Little Italy for dinner. My family loves this restaurant called "Fillipi's Pizza Grotto" and Wes and I have never been.

Well, apparently everyone in San Diego loves it, because there was a line out the door. So, while my parents waited, Wes and I took a stroll down the street where we encountered quite a few nice images. Laundry mats from the 1940s, man with tight bicycle shorts and package, a beautiful new Rolls Royce, cool restaurants, smiling Jack the musician, etc.

When we got our food we both loved it!!! Totally worth the wait. The ambiance of the restaurant only added to the charm.

Check out the ceiling- all old wine bottles signed and hung.

Wes loved his spaghetti (his favorite food btw)

Afterwards we walked around a bit enjoying the "night life" then, we went back and "spa-ed" at the hotel... I sat on the steps up to my hips... dang baby!

Saturday we slept in, then headed down to the beach to eat at a little restaurant "Kono's" known for their breakfast burritos--- trust me they are big enough to share!

We sat on the patio and had a view of the ocean and enjoyed the lovely beach weather! Wes and I strolled along the pier after eating, shopped around and enjoyed being outside. We went back to the hotel enjoyed the NCAA semi-finals and napped, all while my parents and the Hamilton family enjoyed the zoo.

We ended the day by heading to the gas lamp district and eating at a French-American restaurant (that I don't even remember the name of- whoops). They had a 3 course special going on that night, which was delicious! Especially the creme brulee! We also got to enjoy watching masses of people make their way to the facebook inspired pillow fight down the street.

It's always nice to get out and have a nice mini vacation that is easy and close to home!

The view from my parent's balcony--- and this doesn't really do it justice.

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The Hull Family said...

You guys are always doing something jealous!! San Diego is pretty awesome!

BTW: Happy Birthday to both of you!