Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quarter of a Century!!!!!!!!

Today is my 25th b-day!!!!!

Yikes, bikes!!! I am old.

Actually, 25 is a good age, I think I can stop here.

Isn't it funny as we get older how little birthdays really matter? The day has been soooo nice, but business as usual.

-woke up
-watched Ella and Asher (Wes did all the diapers and not so fun things... what a man)
-Ella and Wes made me a special breakfast- Ella came up with it all and Wes did the cookin'
-we (Wes and myself having b-days 6 days apart) both got our free birthday meals at Red Robin for lunch
-worked on real estate
-played a lot
-got poop on my face (isn't that normal for you?) Let's just say Asher and Ella ate something bad yesterday and during the first diaper change Wes and I tag teamed the load, and it somehow ended up on my cheek below my left eye and on my nose... not cool! Preparation for motherhood apparently.

The three people I spent most of the day with.

I will be enjoying my gift from Wes sometime this weekend... an hour and a half long pre natal massage... and yes, I am EXCITED!!! :) His card said that "since lots of pampers are on the way- a day of pampering is for you today." Isn't he the cutest, most creative man ever?! (any good ideas for b-day gifts/ideas at a relatively good price, let a sista' know- I am struggling finding something to do for my man next week)!

We also went to the Angels game yesterday night, and considered that a little bit of a b-day celebration- even though they sucked! So of course we got dinner and dessert and enjoyed ourselves immensely. :)

And, tomorrow we will be taking Andy (and Ashleigh out- she did let him give up time with her to help us out) to dinner as a thank you (remember for this)... and you know we always take advantage of free birthday dessert! :)

So, happy birthday me!!!!!!!!!


Benjamin and Robynne Bladh! said...

u two are adorable. and i couldnt be more jealous of your massage!

Wendy Reves said...

happy birthday. Sounds like a great day....minus the poop!! We went to the Angels opener...had a blast. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Angels!! Enjoy your massage!