Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fool Me Once Shame on Thee...

But, fool me twice shame on me.

I absolutely love April Fool's Day! Growing up my mom would always help us plan elaborate tricks to do at school.

In second grade she wrapped my arm in ace bandages and gave me a sling and told me to tell everyone we were in a car accident. I remember walking around school all day keeping up the hoax. I also remember it being Physical Fitness testing and I didn't do it because of the trick, which I was bummed about. So about half way through the testing I gave in and told everyone it was a joke so I could participate.

The next year she used make-up to give me a black eye. (I was at a different school this year so it worked).

She always played little jokes on us at home too, like unscrewing the top of the salt, etc. My dad hated it.

This year I wanted to get Wes. So, when I got home from seminary this morning I looked up a few ideas on the Internet and got to work.

The first one I tried was cellophane on our bedroom door. I taped it up and hoped he wouldn't notice and walk into it. Unfortunately, my hubby is observant and the light hit it just right. So even with my sad attempt to distract him, he saw it right away. It gave me a good laugh though. FAIL.

My second attempt was more successful. I put salt on his toothbrush. He actually noticed this, but thought the bristles were old and frayed and brushed his teeth anyway. Phew.

I had to nonchalantly walk by when he started brushing his teeth because I didn't want to miss his reaction. I think I was more excited then I should have been when it worked. I laughed and asked (very excitedly), "Does it taste weird, huh, does it taste weird?" As if his expression wasn't enough; it obviously didn't taste nice. Then we laughed and laughed... he laughed more at how excited I was. I was laughing because I thought I was hilarious. SUCCESS.

I will have to do more planning before next year and make my trick a real doozy!!!!!


Jeanie Doll said...

Congrats on your prank! :)

Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

That is HILARIOUS becasue I did the cellophane on Ned yesterday too....but Ella told him. So he walked through it just to make her laugh.

Amber said...

Thats funny. I have to do something like that next year. Spencer would totally fall for it since he gets up so early. LOL