Friday, April 30, 2010

Just Life

So... I love to blog. I prefer to blog with photos... but I love it regardless.

So, you might be asking yourself, 'well, if she likes to do it so much, how come she never does?'

Well, the answer my friends, is I have nothing 'major' to blog about. Nothing photo worthy, or no real "good" stories.

We are just living regular mundane life. Like: We set up the crib this month, sold a few things on Craigslist, and are still attempting some others, bought a new bathroom vanity (which is yet to be set-up), work (I got a new job for the U.S. Census, which I will blog about later), are still driving old trustee Mr. Perry T. Winkle, but plan on getting a new car very soon. Wes put in a new garbage disposal for the first time and did a grand job at that. We bought new blinds for the windows. We celebrated birthdays numerous times this month, and still have some more celebrating to do. We are planning mini vacations, we clean and mess up the house on a daily basis, hang with friends and family, play sports (mostly Wes), and are getting bigger and bigger by the day (only me), etc. etc. etc.

During all this time, we have spent countless hours together and love and appreciate it, knowing everything will change here in the next 2 months.

I count this time as a huge blessing. I am aware that life will not always or probably ever be like this again, and how lucky I have been to spend the last 4 years nearly all day everyday with the love of my life. Seriously, I can't get enough of him. You would think we would drive each other nuts, but I miss him when he is gone even for a few hours... I know pathetic right? I will miss these times but look forward to new adventures.

So... while this post has no photos, it has a lot of life in it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Flashback Friday: B-days!!!

Since April is the month long birthday celebration month, I thought it only fitting to put up some photos of past b-days. (And, I fully intend to keep doing flashback Fridays- if only I would remember).

So here you have it....

1st b-day... with my good older brother and sister ready to help me blow out my candle.

Seriously... look at Heidi's crazy intense face.

7th b-day... Don't you love my awesome mushroom haircut. Mario and Luigi could just bounce off my head.

4th or 5th grade b-day in Tuscan Arizona.... Ferdinand the flying horse in the background.

6th grade (12 years old) surprise party... still some of my very best friends are in this picture.

Wes' mission b-day (20 or 21 more than likely)

(His favorite kid 'Butterbean' is in the picture... he has good stories about this kid. Bet you can pick out which one he is).

2005 (1st b-day celebration together)
*Wes took me to Descanso Gardens followed by a nice dinner at Orange Hill.

*I took him to The Speedway followed by a nice dinner at In-N-Out. :)

Oh, yeah he mentioned how he always wanted to be hit in the face with a pie--- so I made that dream a reality. (too bad he smelled like throw up for a week afterward because of the cream topping).

*Combined b-day party for Me, Sandie and Wes at our old apartment.

*Dinner at the spaghetti factory with my fam-damily.

*** DISCLAIMER: I swear I searched for more 'flashback' photos of Wes from his youth. Unfortunately, his parents still have the majority of those and thus they are not accessible here. I tried, honest!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Movie Must Watch

We recently watched the film, "The Brothers Bloom" and I must recommend it.

For those who like their movies a little "off" and not of the typical Hollywood mold, you will love this. Now, it's not totally weird, so I hope I am not scaring you off. But, it was completely refreshing!

A few words to get you excited... con-men, brotherly love, romance, action, humor, eccentricity, style and scenery. Now, if this doesn't get you, I just don't know what will.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wessy-Poo turns 27- - - - - HURRAY!

Well, my old man is now officially 3 years from being 30--------YIKES!!!!!!!

We didn't do too much today, but still had a nice time together.

I started his day off with a clean house, which is always nice. And, even better I made a delicious breakfast if I do say so myself.

Strawberry-banana cream cheese crepes... all I can say is yummy.

I am always scared when I try new recipes, because let's be honest, the majority of the time I screw it up royally.

Well, besides the fact I didn't get all the ingredients at the store I needed the 1st time (yes, I made 2 trips) and I improvised using 2 different recipes to make these; I must say I was pleasantly surprised and Wes (who is a great husband and has NEVER criticized my cooking anyhow) continually kept praising them and insisting I make them again... he makes me feel so good.

Here are my home-made crepes.

Now with filling- ready to go into the oven

With all the goods

makes for a happy b-day boy

Then we relaxed for a while- followed by yard work.

After an afternoon of working outside (and what a perfect day it was) I gave him his 2 gift options. He choose the 2nd, which is a new bicycle. (I am not giving away the 1st as I will do it some other time).

So, we headed to In-N-Out for dinner and then to Target to see what kind of bikes they had. There was no way I was picking one out for him, as I have NO IDEA what to look for, or what kind he would like. We are going to look around at a few other places, so if anyone knows any good deals for bikes, let me know. I also got him shampoo for "thinning hair" because he had a minor conniption fit 2 nights ago over a "receding hair line" and I thought he would enjoy the joke. He was actually excited too which is the funny thing.

We came back and Wes' parents came over to bring us a crib and hang out. They also gave us our birthday presents... clothes for Wes and the cutest new bracelet for me.

Happy birthday Wes. I could not be more grateful that you were born this day 27 years ago. You are my joy and I love you more and more with each passing day! I could never in words express my gratitude and love for you and everything you are! I am grateful to share this day and many more with you for all the years ahead of us.

P.S. I hate this photo

Saturday, April 10, 2010

San Diego (Easter Weekend)

So, Easter weekend we spent Friday night and all of Saturday hanging with the parentals in beautiful San Diego.

Every time we go there, we always comment on how close it is and how we really need to go more often... well, this time was no different!

We got there around 6 or so Friday evening and headed to Little Italy for dinner. My family loves this restaurant called "Fillipi's Pizza Grotto" and Wes and I have never been.

Well, apparently everyone in San Diego loves it, because there was a line out the door. So, while my parents waited, Wes and I took a stroll down the street where we encountered quite a few nice images. Laundry mats from the 1940s, man with tight bicycle shorts and package, a beautiful new Rolls Royce, cool restaurants, smiling Jack the musician, etc.

When we got our food we both loved it!!! Totally worth the wait. The ambiance of the restaurant only added to the charm.

Check out the ceiling- all old wine bottles signed and hung.

Wes loved his spaghetti (his favorite food btw)

Afterwards we walked around a bit enjoying the "night life" then, we went back and "spa-ed" at the hotel... I sat on the steps up to my hips... dang baby!

Saturday we slept in, then headed down to the beach to eat at a little restaurant "Kono's" known for their breakfast burritos--- trust me they are big enough to share!

We sat on the patio and had a view of the ocean and enjoyed the lovely beach weather! Wes and I strolled along the pier after eating, shopped around and enjoyed being outside. We went back to the hotel enjoyed the NCAA semi-finals and napped, all while my parents and the Hamilton family enjoyed the zoo.

We ended the day by heading to the gas lamp district and eating at a French-American restaurant (that I don't even remember the name of- whoops). They had a 3 course special going on that night, which was delicious! Especially the creme brulee! We also got to enjoy watching masses of people make their way to the facebook inspired pillow fight down the street.

It's always nice to get out and have a nice mini vacation that is easy and close to home!

The view from my parent's balcony--- and this doesn't really do it justice.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quarter of a Century!!!!!!!!

Today is my 25th b-day!!!!!

Yikes, bikes!!! I am old.

Actually, 25 is a good age, I think I can stop here.

Isn't it funny as we get older how little birthdays really matter? The day has been soooo nice, but business as usual.

-woke up
-watched Ella and Asher (Wes did all the diapers and not so fun things... what a man)
-Ella and Wes made me a special breakfast- Ella came up with it all and Wes did the cookin'
-we (Wes and myself having b-days 6 days apart) both got our free birthday meals at Red Robin for lunch
-worked on real estate
-played a lot
-got poop on my face (isn't that normal for you?) Let's just say Asher and Ella ate something bad yesterday and during the first diaper change Wes and I tag teamed the load, and it somehow ended up on my cheek below my left eye and on my nose... not cool! Preparation for motherhood apparently.

The three people I spent most of the day with.

I will be enjoying my gift from Wes sometime this weekend... an hour and a half long pre natal massage... and yes, I am EXCITED!!! :) His card said that "since lots of pampers are on the way- a day of pampering is for you today." Isn't he the cutest, most creative man ever?! (any good ideas for b-day gifts/ideas at a relatively good price, let a sista' know- I am struggling finding something to do for my man next week)!

We also went to the Angels game yesterday night, and considered that a little bit of a b-day celebration- even though they sucked! So of course we got dinner and dessert and enjoyed ourselves immensely. :)

And, tomorrow we will be taking Andy (and Ashleigh out- she did let him give up time with her to help us out) to dinner as a thank you (remember for this)... and you know we always take advantage of free birthday dessert! :)

So, happy birthday me!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

25 Weeks

And, still not counting.... but so excited!

Can't believe how fast the time is going, and each day I get more excited to meet this little baby. All day yesterday (Easter) I kept thinking how different holidays and every day will be once we have our new addition.

Life is good. Feeling great. And, couldn't be less ready... ha ha ha. Still have yet to do 1 thing in preparation for this little shim. :) (she/him)

Oh, and we had a fabulous Easter weekend... Friday/Saturday in San Diego with my mom and dad. Sunday watching conference and having Easter festivities with the Aleman clan.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fool Me Once Shame on Thee...

But, fool me twice shame on me.

I absolutely love April Fool's Day! Growing up my mom would always help us plan elaborate tricks to do at school.

In second grade she wrapped my arm in ace bandages and gave me a sling and told me to tell everyone we were in a car accident. I remember walking around school all day keeping up the hoax. I also remember it being Physical Fitness testing and I didn't do it because of the trick, which I was bummed about. So about half way through the testing I gave in and told everyone it was a joke so I could participate.

The next year she used make-up to give me a black eye. (I was at a different school this year so it worked).

She always played little jokes on us at home too, like unscrewing the top of the salt, etc. My dad hated it.

This year I wanted to get Wes. So, when I got home from seminary this morning I looked up a few ideas on the Internet and got to work.

The first one I tried was cellophane on our bedroom door. I taped it up and hoped he wouldn't notice and walk into it. Unfortunately, my hubby is observant and the light hit it just right. So even with my sad attempt to distract him, he saw it right away. It gave me a good laugh though. FAIL.

My second attempt was more successful. I put salt on his toothbrush. He actually noticed this, but thought the bristles were old and frayed and brushed his teeth anyway. Phew.

I had to nonchalantly walk by when he started brushing his teeth because I didn't want to miss his reaction. I think I was more excited then I should have been when it worked. I laughed and asked (very excitedly), "Does it taste weird, huh, does it taste weird?" As if his expression wasn't enough; it obviously didn't taste nice. Then we laughed and laughed... he laughed more at how excited I was. I was laughing because I thought I was hilarious. SUCCESS.

I will have to do more planning before next year and make my trick a real doozy!!!!!