Monday, March 22, 2010

You Know What They Say About Big Feet... Right?

Me either... because I still don't know what this baby is!

But, I do know that baby has it's daddy's ridiculously large feet. Check out the 2nd toe... I'm pretty sure it's longer than the first, which is an Aleman trait and one Wes has- big time!

On St. Patrick's day (night really, being as it was 8:30 pm) Wes and I headed to our ultra sound apt. It was nice going so late as we were the only people there and got done with everything in 15-20 minutes.

Got in, stripped down and had that ultra sound. It was soooooo hard not to find out, as the technician was positive she knew what the baby was and kept asking and questioning whether or not we were sure we didn't want to know. Yes, of course we have speculated what her being positive means... but it means we are having either a girl or a boy and she knows it one way or another. (I'm beginning to lead more towards a boy now.... whereas before I was positive it was a girl). Man, it would be nice to know. :) j/k

Um.... I must admit though, I was tempted to find tempted. Even more so, Wes was tempted. But, we stayed strong and didn't give in.

It was soooo fun seeing the baby. We saw femur bones, heart chambers, kidneys, face, legs, arms, etc. Unfortunately, this baby takes after both mama and dadda as it was not going to wake up. It slept the majority of the ultra sound (boo) and woke up and moved for us for maybe the last 3-4 minutes. Best minutes ever btw!!!

I cannot believe how much it excites me to feel the baby and know something is growing in me. I get full on kicks, bumps, running on the bladder now. Wes feels the baby almost every night too. I always thought it would be weird, uncomfortable and honestly I thought we girls got shafted having to do everything... but my mind grapes (30 Rock quote) have changed completely. I feel so blessed and special being able to do something so important and precious.

On another note... I am getting big (at least I feel like). People are now asking when I am due, and in the last 2 weeks or so I have just POPPED out. Kinda hard to adjust actually.

I love talking to little kids about the baby in my belly and they are all so funny. My nephew, Ryan thinks preggo bellies are like balloons and can be popped if you don't want the baby. Ella wants it only to be a girl and to name her Calissa/Salissa (don't know how she wants me to spell it though), last night Brinley told me she was positive it was a boy and should be named Porter. Carter and Claire know a little more as baby William was born just last week... but they have some ca-razy names for this baby and would like it to be a boy.

So at about 23 weeks things are still super good and fun, and I am enjoying every minute of this pregnancy. Here's to high hopes that things don't change for me too much in the last 17 weeks.

21 weeks pregnant... so far the only "belly" photo I've taken.

And here is our wee one. The technician said it weighs about 1 lb 1 oz right now. And, seriously, check out the size of that foot!!!


Jeanie Doll said...

Even though I hated being pregnant with a passion I agree that women are so lucky. When I felt Sammy moved I cherished it. It was like he was only mine for nine months and that makes him more mine than anyone! LOL Anyway, congrats! It is definitely amazing.

Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

Yeah I am with Jeanie...another honest woman in the world...your all a bunch of liars. Not to say (like she said) there arent so many magical and special moments about it, I love the movement too.

AND thank goodness for a prego update finally. I live for these exciting!! And I always imagine Salissa with an "S" lets hope for a boy....ha ha ha...she will be disapointed, but it will be just perfect for little Wil-I-Am. 2 boys, 2 boys, 1 infant boy, so it has to be another boy...come on now!

Louise said...

That's a good ultrasound photo! You look so cute preggo!

Taryn said...

That may be just about the best pregnancy photo I've seen. I love your outfit and you look very cute!

Love your nieces' and nephews' views on pregnancy.

And I have to say it is kind of fun living through YOUR 'not finding out the gender.' I could never do it, but I am looking forward to your "it's a boy/girl" call when you have the baby!

The Kneeland Family said...

Oh so fun! Such an exciting time for you and Wes you will be such fun parents. You look so cute!

Evansfamily said...

I cannot agree with your friends...I LOVE being pregnant (and I am not lying). It gets super uncomfortable towards the end though. Anyhow, the second toe is definitely bigger (sorry, but its true).... And you look absolutely amazing :) Pregnancy took to you well :)

Kristin Milius said...

Huge foot your right!!!....Sooo cute though :)

Benjamin and Robynne Bladh! said...

I love it!! I don't "love" being pregnant. The heartburn, constipation, forgetfullness, pressure on my ribs, stretch marks, aches, nausea, and tiredness are in full swing right now since I'm 38 weeks. But you know what? I'm going to miss being able to feel him inside me. It's the best bonding experience I've had and probably will ever have other than breast feeding!
I'm so happy for you and Wes!! It is such a miracle and to know that Heavenly Father entrusted us women to bear his spirit children is amazing!!!
Stay strong! It would be so fun to not know what I'm having, although I still think I couldn't handle the anxiety!! Haha

tsawaya said...


What a blessing! You look so beautiful and I am sooo excited for you!!! I am totally living vicariously through you right now, I cant wait to be in the situation where I am ready to have kids!!!!!

Miss you, I will be in Cali April 14-20, lets get together!!!