Monday, March 29, 2010

All the "Elements" of a Fun Evening

On Saturday, I was able to attend an Earth, Wind and Fire/Chicago concert with my mom and sisters. (Well, except for new mama Sarah, who we knew couldn't leave her brand new baby for a whole night).

And a long night it was!!!

We started the night by eating at the new Cafe Rio in Thousand Oaks... yummy. Then, we were cool and headed to the concert at the Irvine Amphitheater with our VIP tickets and parking a little late. (Adam helped move some friends of his and Hayley's and they gave them 4 tickets to the concert as payment... Adam didn't want to go, so Hayley invited us).

We got there after the show had technically started at about 6:45, and heard the end of the 1st opening act... followed by 3 or 4 other opening acts. The actual show (E,W & F/Chicago) didn't even start till like 10 or 10:30 pm... holy moly. I mean I am a pregnant seminary teacher, you think I can stay up that late anymore?!

We loved E, W, & F... they were so dang entertaining. Their outfits (red velvet pants with fringe and lots of sparkles) were to die for! We danced, and sang and got a second hand high... it was great!!!! I have a new love for them.

Chicago (who I was more excited for) was kind of a let-down. They played songs we had never heard, talked a lot more, and were semi-dull.

The real entertainment however, definitely came from the people sitting around us...3 in particular!

1. Queen Cougar: an older bleach blond, with a very low halter top and dance moves that just didn't quit. Slow and seductive the entire concert... my personal favorite was when she started doing the point dance to the older Hispanic men in front of her. No, maybe my favorite was when she feel over the bar in front of her onto those same men, and turned it into a lap dance and security had to come escort her back to her seat. Ahh queen cougar, never a dull moment.

2. The drunk woman who came into the concert completely smashed and couldn't walk without a lot of effort and leaning/being carried by her b.f. She was ridiculous. But, not only could she not walk, she continuously went up and down the stairs the entire concert.

3. The middle aged group getting high in front of us. There was a group and people about my mom's age, that kept passing the smallest joint down their row. (Reminded me of Michael Scott at the Alicia Keys concert). Well, towards the end of the concert, one woman from that group totally fell over the chair in front of her and landed on the gentleman sitting there.

I mean, honestly, the list of crazies goes on... those were just some of our favorites.

(photos to come... I didn't take any photos, but Hayley did. Although, I must admit... I am not too sad not to have any photos of myself from that night. Yikes!)


Benjamin and Robynne Bladh! said...

theres a new cafe rio?! was it far?! AHHH

Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

YEAH! What a fun night! Thanks so Hayley. I will never forget Queen Cougar...priceless!

Robb, Rhonda and girls said...

Ahh yes, Irvine Meadows. I didn't recognize it at first in daylight. Isn't it now called Verizon Wireless Amphitheater?

I saw Robert Plant there (the second time I saw him) maybe someone else too.