Sunday, February 14, 2010

Only in Perris...

Last night Wes and I were heading to Chili's to use our Christmas gift card for a Valentine's Night together.

We were driving down Perris Blvd. just north of our house and were heading towards the freeway, when we saw what we thought were protesters.

A bunch of Hispanic people with signs and flashing lights, flashlights, etc. There were probably about 25 people spread out down the street getting every one's attention.

Well... I couldn't read the signs (Spanish) but saw the word "Policia". We soon understood, that these people were wasting their Saturday night warning all the other Hispanic people in the area that the police were doing license/sobriety checks right down the street and to head a different direction.

FYI: The police do a minimum of at least 1 of these a month in the exact same area.

We always go down a side street to get the freeway and bi pass the check... but apparently because of the sign holders the police were covering all exits... so we turn and see a cop who instantly pulls us over. Come on, have you seen our Sentra, Mr. T.... we knew this would happen.

He comes up to the car, takes a look at us, and makes sure Wes has his license and we are on our way again.

Seriously... only in Perris.


The Kneeland Family said...

Yep only in Perris!

The Hull Family said...

That is the best story!! gotta love it!

austin and cherisse said...

Ahhh I love it! I remember seeing those around town. Those are awesome. I think you need one on your car!