Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Joy of Being a Homeowner

So... we live in a pink house (dubbed the pink palace) with an old school garage. About 60 different species of grass grows in our front yard (at least they are all usually a shade of green) and the ugliest red roof around. But, we own a house.

Oh the joys of being a home owner.

We are pretty sure we have a water/pipe break under our slab... warm spots in our bathroom and laundry room.

And, we know we have a broken pipe in the yard... thus the constant flood at the side of the house.

Not to mention all the other "little" things that need to be fixed inside and out... our back door with the ginormous hole, the fridge that has water constantly leaking out at the bottom, grass in the backyard period, our fence, etc. Oh yeah and we still need a nice car.

Only problem is... when you pay to own a house, where do you find the money to fix EVERYTHING?!?!?!?!?

Sometime I feel like we are living the movie, "The Money Pit."

Best part is... we now have to find a space in our house for storage now that our "storage room... aka room #2" will be a nursery.


Jeanie Doll said...

That movie was hilarious! Good luck with everything. Putting together the nusery was the best part of pregnancy...for me anyway. lol

Karla said...

Good luck. Our biggest spendy places will be outdoors. We need a fence, grass, and cement. We'll definitely get a yard put in.

If you do really cute things for the baby's room, you'll need to post pics. I love seeing what others do.

Cacia said...

Ha, so true. You think that house is a money pit, wait til that baby comes and you are at the grocery store buying diapers or food thinking- wasn't I just here?! At least spending money on your baby doesn't feel like a waste!!

Benjamin and Robynne Bladh! said...

girl i dont know what its like to own a house yet. But benj and i are in the same pickle with finding space for our boxes in the Bladhs house while we make room for the baby! Good luck with it!

The Kneeland Family said...

Yep that is fun! Isn't it great to own?

Robb, Rhonda and girls said...

I used to joke that I raised Wes. Now I'm afraid he's following my path of being eternally broke. I hope he finishes his degree by the time he's 30 (rather than starting at that age). Regarding the baby, you'll get lots of diapers at the hospital to get you going. Companies will send you tons of samples if you register for everything that is "baby." Also, if you go to baby company websites (Gerber, Pampers, etc) you can download and print coupons. Check out baby consignment stores for stuff you're not given.

I was also going to suggest that Wes take the Boot Camp for New Dads class at Pomona Valley Hospital (the one I used to teach). It's very helpful. It's on Saturday morning, once a month, and shouldn't be more than $50. But if you don't want to spend that, it's understandable.-Robb