Friday, February 5, 2010

Car Accident and Lessons Learned

So, as many of you have probably heard Wes and I totaled our car Wednesday. :(

Now we are stuck with the Sentra, which looks pretty tore up. Not to mention I have been driving it since I was 16---- sheesh. (Actually, we are SUPER lucky we still have it).

Even if it doesn't have a bumper anymore... another accident from another time.

The plan was to go something like this on Wednesday.

Wake up, head to L.A. for some fun, go have dinner with Ryan and Taryn and watch LOST, then head to "3 Clubs" in Hollywood to watch a mission friend of Wes' play in a band. They are really good... look them up... their name is Fictionist.

Anywho... that plan did not happen. Instead:
We woke up and had some work that needed to be done. So, we did that. Then it was like 1:00pm, and we decided we did not want to pay $15 for just parking, to go where we had initially planned... so instead we decided we would try Sprinkles Cupcakes in Santa Monica. So, we headed there and got a few different kinds of cupcakes. (Good, but not worth $3.50 each or the hype).

Then, I had to pee... and like any big city, finding a bathroom is hard! So, we wandered around for about 10-15 minutes looking and asking, and finally ended up in a funny, stinky basement in a Rite Aid.

We then began our drive to the McCook's... taking a few detours to look at amazing houses, and fun streets.

***Finally, about 7 miles from their place and about 2 blocks from the L.A. temple we were driving down Santa Monica Blvd. Some idiot in a BMW cut us off, and got into an argument with a Honda in front of us. At this point I pointed out a billboard with my beau Lebron James on it to Wes who glanced up for 1 sec. literally.

Traffic was stop and go, and the cars in front of us started moving, so Wes slowly moved forward (maybe going 10 mph). I looked down in the 1 sec. Wes looked up, and saw traffic stop. I warned Wes to look out, but it was too late. We rear ended that Honda in front of us, the one that had been in the argument with jerky BMW guy.

Well, jerky BMW guy somehow turned around on this busy busy street, made 2 U-turns and came around behind us and called Wes over. He then said, "Hey take down my info. I saw that guy back into you." Wes was confused and said, "What?" And the guy repeated that he would attest to that guy hitting us. Are you kidding me? He was such a jerk and was mad that the guy didn't see him when he was trying to cut him off, he wanted revenge and was willing to lie for us to get back at him. We couldn't believe it... what an idiot!

Somehow, our car went under the '94 Honda Accord, and we got jacked!!! His car had slight scratches, no dents, and his muffler came off. He was super prepared and had his car fixed and was off in about 10 minutes. We stood on the road like idiots trying to figure out what to do. We had liability only on the car and no AAA. Towing was not an option and we were afraid to drive it because of a funny noise we heard. We started the car again and it sounded like a fan, so we turned the air off and the noise stopped.

His car:

Our Car:

So, after about 1 hour we ended up driving to the McCooks and just spent the rest of the night there... where we did enjoy our smorgasbord of cupcakes, fajitas and LOST. On Thursday morning, we decided we would just drive it home. :) Luckily we are still alive and well, and did not blow up in the process. Now we are just in the hunt for a new car. Please let us know if you are aware of any good deals on new or used cars.

***Lessons learned in the process and over the last few years, months and weeks.

I had a seminary in service meeting on Wed. morning. Something that I have thought a lot about the past while and it stood out to me that morning, and stuck with me through all of this car trouble crap, was that we are asked to be long-suffering. But, what does that even mean? Many times through trials, I whine complain and have a hard time understanding why? But, through talking with family and friends I have come to understand that it doesn't mean just suffering a long time, or being asked to just endure. We need to have the right attitude through our trials. That is truly the only way we learn and are truly long-suffering as the Lord requires. Our attitude makes all of the difference.

So, when I saw that hood come flying up to the windshield and knew our car was toast, I knew we were in for some more trials. (Yes, this will be another thing we need to endure and make it through... just one of the many).

I also recognized at that very point I could react in a number of ways. 1. Be angry and mad, and say mean things to my hubby who already felt awful. 2. Woe is me, woe is me. More money problems, car problems, trials, etc. and I could be sad about it all. or 3. Take it for what it is, because "it happens". Look at the bright side, a new car, and no one was hurt, and luckily we had some insurance.

So, I will not complain about this! I am not joyful it happened, but I will not pretend that it is the worst thing that could have been.

***Lesson 2: My discussion with Wes

So, while I had that Epiphany, Wes had one of his own that was also a nice reminder.

He thought about how small all of our problems here on Earth are. How a car breaking down just doesn't matter. That this time is a spark of time in comparison to the long haul.

If we can remember that always, our problems will seem insignificant, and our decisions here on Earth would all be a little easier. This time is the time to prepare to meet God. We will have an eternity to be there, and this is a second of that time. If we are mindful of the big picture we can endure all trials with happiness in our hearts.


Erica said...

So sorry about your accident. It happened RIGHT BY my apartment. I live one block south of Santa Monica Blvd, right by the temple.

The Kneeland Family said...

Glad you are ok and you are safe! Car accidents are scary. Glad you kept a good attitude.

Jeanie Doll said...

I am glad you guys are ok and that you both remembered some important things as a result. It sucks about your car though. Good luck finding a new one!

Amber said...

I was going to email you about this. I ran into Ashleigh and she told me about this. Im just glad you guys are ok. And thanks for the reminder about long suffering.

Robyn said...

amen to that!

josh said...

You see... nothing good comes from LeBron James.... He's an idiot

Jill Duncan said...

That sucks about your car! Thanks for the reminders! Now if only I can remember that when I'm faced with a big problem.