Sunday, January 24, 2010

Up and Coming........... Kori Jean Olsen and........

Country Robb.

Wes' brother Robb is a super talented musician.

His family moved to Texas and few years ago and Robb has embraced their new lifestyle in a way no one could have foreseen.

He has always been a very "rock and roll" kinda guy. Long hair , and beards at 18 years old to the style of clothes he has always worn.

However, Robb in the last few years has been playing lead guitar for a country singer named Kori Jean Olsen. They are a great new country band and the potential is definitely there to make it big. He has been a new addition and like I said, adds a lot of talent to the group!

They were recently on the radio out in Texas playing live and acoustic, they have been touring and playing a few gigs and they have a new album out.

Take a listen and support their band!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here they are playing an acoustic on air performance.

Their website is...


Jeanie Doll said...

I like it! Very catchy!

Robb, Rhonda and girls said...

Hey, thanks for the plug! That's awesome.