Tuesday, January 12, 2010

O Happy Days....

So... as I mentioned before Wes and I had an absolutely fantastic 4th anniversary.

Like we do every year we had a delicious dinner at Benihana on our actual anniversary. Too bad our chef was bo-ring!
Then on Friday we left for our cruise... technically.

Since we had to find a ride to San Diego to depart, Heidi and Ned graciously offered, if we would join them at the zoo in the morning... well, I guess we could do that. So Friday we had a perfect day at the zoo.

Then it took all of 3 minutes to board the ship.

We spent a fantastic, lazy, filling 3 days on board the Carnival Elation and at "beautiful" Ensenada. Really we didn't do much on the boat, besides sleep, eat... including a lot of room service, and watch a lot of movies. Thus, the lack of photos... we just didn't do much.
Laughing our butts off at the flamboyant dancers at the terrible night show.
All you can eat pizza and soft serve ice cream all times of the day!Check out the window in the back ground... it was big and really nice to have.

Long story so I will try to make it short.

We are idiots... we forgot cash. So we only had $40, and realized too late no one in Mexico takes card and there are No ATMs.

So we spent $6 to get to downtown.
Then we looked for the best deal to get to "La Bufadora", or "the blowhole". A beach where the water shoots way up in the air.

After talking to a number of people we find what we think is the best deal (I should say Wes did because he did it all in espanol). We drive for like 30-40 minutes and get there and the taxi lady then says $40 instead of $4... communication difference with the money exchange. What!? Everyone else charged $10-$15. Wes argues, I sit quietly. We pay $20. Leaving us $14 to get back for both of us.

We enjoy the blowhole and lunch (they took card) to the best of our ability... both of us a little anxious how exactly we would get back.

We find a bus taxi guy who agrees to take us back for $10 total if the people he took there agree to let us ride with them. Luckily they were 4 nice people about our age. So everything worked out.

Moral of the story... always bring plenty-o-cash to Mexico.
At the restaurantYou can see where we ate in the back ground at the end of the hill/cliff

La Bufadora/The blowholeCheck out the big blowhole.

And now, I must admit that I am not happy to be home. :) Bring on the next vaca!


Jill Duncan said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun just relaxin. That's my kind of vacation. I wish we could have gone with you guys.

The BRU Crew said...

SO FUN!! We are leaving for a cruise and WE can't wait! So happy u guys had a blast! The blowhole was pretty sweet! The pictures are awesome!

LudiKus said...

we where there once too. but with cash. hahaha.
you look great by the way!

Amber said...

Oh, man. I need a cruise! And shhh if you havent heard Im on the prego boat with you.

Todd Family said...

SO kev and I did that on our honeymoon! :) we went to the blow hole, but rented an ATV to get there. It was quite fun...especially when 5 kids jumped on the quad while we were at the stop light. yea..talk about loco ninos! :) glad you have fun! it makes things interesting when you have to be cheap on your adventures!! those are the best memories!