Saturday, January 2, 2010

Feliz Navidad!

So for those of you who don't remember... last year 2008, my mom began a new family tradition of having a themed Christmas Eve Party.

Last year was the 1st annual Todd Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.

This year we decided to celebrate Christmas with our brothers who live south of the border.

So... welcome to Christmas Eve 2009: Christmas South of the Border

We had a true fiesta!

With many of the same games from last year, like: throw the Christmas card into the laundry basket, a pinata, trivia, white elephant, gift exchange with name swapping, a sweet nativity scene with the kids and of course a costume contest. Costumes were a real hit this year as we all took a different approach to the theme.

The Hamilton's looked authentic Pancho Villa style...
While Wes and I took a "Raider fans" approach.
The Todd's: luchadores/Nacho Libre wrestler and fans, and Heidi and Ned were gauchos and quincenera girls.
Dirty Sanchez Ryan was mis favorita.
The kids all did a great job with the nativity. Ella reviled in her part as Mary, and continued in costume long after the other kids were done. Claire on the other hand only wanted in if she could be Joseph- though with her costume and eating a loaf of bread off to the side, she looked more like a leper.

The kids were very excited about the loot they received.
We also all brought some sort of food to match the evening such as: tamales, enchiladas, 7 layer dip, chips and salsa, taco salad, flan, etc.

I must also give big props to my madre y padre who went ALL out decorating. Including, huge Spanish rugs, Mexican ruler statues, a mariachi band full sized cutouts, hanging decorations, and even hanging the Mexican flag on the full sized flag pole out front. Let's just say, it was a good party!!!

Chickity Check the awesome decorations:

This is my favorite part...
A closer look... yes, those are homies we've collected over the years. :)Wes and I then spent the night at my parents house, but couldn't wait to open gifts til the morning, so we opened them in bed at about midnight... only opening Santa's gifts downstairs with the family.

We are going on a little 3 day cruise next week, and that was my big gift to Wes... but since it is for us both, we were only supposed to buy little things for each other.

Let's say I got Wes socks and a snuggie and a few movies, and Wes did not abide by the "no buying big gifts" rule. I was very upset. :] ok... not really.

Here is Wes ready for his clan meeting.
We then headed over to the Aleman house on Christmas for the fun day Sandie had planned there. She always does the funniest games, and the best food.

We actually couldn't get to all the games on Christmas so we finished them up tonight. We played a fun memory game where what we matched came with a prize... Wes and I came home with 2 $25 gift cards, a yo-yo, nurf gun, and grow dinosaurs! :)

We finished the night with a root beer taste test... the toasts and experience was fun in and of itself.
Another game we did on Christmas was a dance party/musical chair game we did wearing googly eye masks. Public humiliation is always funny, right? :) Patrick's dance moves still make Wes and I laugh out loud just thinking about them.

The Huefner's also got a Wii for Christmas, so you know what we all did all day.

Delanie has this intense face she does... and I was lucky enough to capture it on film a few times.

Loved this photo of Jaime showing off the loot from the 'kids". :)
Saturday we also went with most of Wes' fam. to see Sherlock Holmes... which was quite good.

Of course my lame-o camera was out of batteries all weekend, so I only have pictures from people who sent them to me.

Anyways, I wouldn't exactly call the holidays relaxing, but they are ALWAYS enjoyable.


IzzieGuire said...

Those pixs crack me up...especially the one of Wes in his cloak...hahaha.

Taryn said...

Talking about one can beat you and Wes-I made Ryan look at your Raider costumes after Isaw them-although Ryan's is awesome, I love yours! haha Looks like so much fun.

The Hull Family said...

The mexican themed christmas party is hysterical!! We just might have to steal that idea for our next Christmas party...I love it! I CANNOT get over how you and Wes dressed up as Raider's fans...classic! You guys crack me up!!

Amber said...

You guys were so ghetto looking in the Christmas eve picts. LOL

Jill Duncan said...

I love your costumes!!! Especially your dark lipstick, and Wes' lipstick mark on his neck. Soooo funny! Just reminds me why we love you guys, cause you crack us up!!!! :)

Robb, Rhonda and girls said...

All the costumes were great, but los dos raiders chicanos de Los Angeles were very original and spot on! If you're not from So. Cal. you can't appreciate it-Robb

The BRU Crew said...

OH MY FREAKINESS!! I just have to say the pictures of the UGLY SWEATERS CRACK me up...not to mention the RAIDER outfit too!! That's just HILARIOUS!! LOVE IT!