Friday, December 31, 2010

5 and Good to Be Alive

Baby P turned 5 months on Christmas. Because we have been so darn busy I've had a hard time keeping up on the blog (not to mention I have been feeling a little under the weather, probably due to not going to bed before 1 am for 2 weeks straight).

Anywho... at 5 months she:

-can sit up pretty good on her own (although she does tip over so we have to be close or cushion her).
-whines instead of talks (occasionally the growl and cute talking does happen, but she makes whiny noises happy or sad)
-has her 2 bottom teeth peeking through (and took that like a champ)
-Still sleeps great (12 hours at night, and about 4-5 hours during the day, give or take)
-Can roll both ways, but doesn't do it often still
-Squeals and laughs, which she didn't do for a while
-Loves playing any anticipation games... she knows when you get her or have something like a toy come down towards her
-LOVES playing with her binkie, in and out it goes and she loves playing with it, though she gets bothered sometimes when she can't get it back in her mouth
-Plays with her toes all the time, and I love that
-Loves attention. Anyone who pays attention to her has her heart. :)
-Bites pretty good--- we are going to be starting real food this upcoming month
-Falls asleep in the car every time we go anywhere
-Loves walks outside
-Smiles if you look at her
-Wakes up sooooo happy, even in the middle of the night, or if you wake her up to go somewhere
-Loves playing with the tags on toys more than the toy itself
-enjoys sucking on fabric more than toys too--- I bought her those animal heads with fabric and she loves it (best buy ever).
-Pushes up really well on her tummy and ever tries getting to her knees... not successfully of course
-Has this funny new face where she bites her lower lip.
-And, though most people can't tell she is growing her hair back, which makes me happy. I've been able to do the faux hawk look now. :)
-Is still the cutest and best baby I have ever seen or could ever imagine. We feel like the luckiest parents ever to have such a fun, easy, laid back baby.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas!

Because, we sure did!

Christmas Eve
stuck true to Todd tradition. We had an "Italian" themed Christmas Eve this year. (Oh, and I hope you like pictures)

With gondoliers...

Seriously, isn't she the cutest? And, that hat! Oy!

Stega Nona...
Modern Italian Family....
(aka the Todd fam)

Oh, and you know, the harry Italians (courtesy of Ned's recently shaved beard hair)...
The group...We had a traditional Italian spread of pizza, lots of fish, shrimp, bruschetta, pasta, etc.
White elephant gift exchange...
Real gift exchange...

The nativity...

And of course ended the night with a pajama party while singing Christmas music and dancing...
Christmas Morning

Wes and I spent the night and enjoyed Peyton's first Christmas with my parents (Nana and Boppie).

She is happiest in the mornings, and that made Christmas morning all the better. Look at that sweet face and big smile. Oh, I love her!
We stuck to tradition and ran through paper in the morning...

Opened gifts. Boppie helped Peyt with hers.
And had breakfast together. It was very laid back and wonderful.

Christmas Day

We headed to Wes' parents house and enjoyed the early afternoon with Fred, Sandie and Shaun.
Then, once the rest of the fam damly arrived we began the festivities.
We opened lots of presents...
Playing fun games, like who can sit still the longest (ok, maybe not so fun as necessary) ;)
Memory with the best prizes--- Sandie is a great party game planner! :)

Celebrated Peyton's 5 month b-day!
And enjoying spending time with one another!

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas, and a good upcoming New Year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Peyton Growling and Teeth

So... like I said, my little missy has started to growl instead of talk, which I love it makes me laugh so much. While this video is not the best example of how much and how deep she does it, it gets the point across.

She also has a little tooth pooking through on her bottom gums. It makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad because she is growing up waaaaay to fast for me, but with the growing she is becoming so much fun. She makes me laugh constantly, and I get such a kick out of everything new she does.

Like now that she rolls around a little more, and grabs her toes. She squeals and squeaks and shakes when she is happy. I just love it all. Can't believe she will be 5 months here in a few days!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Run, Run Rudolph

Dec. 15th, my sweet little niece Ella had her dance recital in Moreno Valley. And, since it was my little sister Hayley's birthday we decided to make a night of it.

We met at Mimi's to celebrate Hay's b-day for dinner, and headed over to the rec center for the performance.

After a LOT of drama trying to get in (the people were NOT accommodating, and my family does not take not getting our way well... and we'll leave it at that); we were able to get seats and enjoy the many multi cultural dances. As well as a group of adult women doing their pelvic thrusting Zumba routines. Seriously, I don't know if you could pay me to do their routine in front of a large group... maybe if the price was right.

Ella's dance however, rocked! She did so good and was so darn cute!

The kind of balloons you get when dad picks them out, isn't it fitting? "Get well soon" for a dance performance. :)

Monday, December 13, 2010


What a great weekend we had! It was so Christmassy and fun.

Friday: Peyton and I had a girl's day out were we saw the Nutcracker at Bridges Auditorium at the Claremont Colleges. I took Peyton and Ella and we joined Claire and Sarah. It was such a fun (kinda long for the kids) ballet. Beautiful music and dancing. We also got all dressed up and had lunch afterward. We all had a good time.

The gang

Peyton and her cousins, Claire and Ella

With the star of the show

Me and my dates

Sarah and her date

Then later that night we met up with the Brobergs to go out to the Alta Loma Christmas lights. We met up first at Bass Pro Shop in Rancho and got the kid's pictures taken with Santa... it's free. It was our first time in that store and we couldn't get over how massive it was. Then we had dinner at a Mexican place down the road. And, finally made it to the lights... which too were awesome. We will def. go back in the future.

Seriously, the cutest little Santa picture I've ever seen... and yes, I may be a little bias

The pretty lights (and a few Clark Griswald ones too)

Saturday: Our ward Christmas party. Full of fun children songs... song by cute little kids like Ella. And, another visit with Santa!

Santa... again! :)

Singing "Once there was a snowman"

Sunday: We met up with my family and headed to the L.A. temple to see the new visitors center and look at the Christmas lights. It was a great reminder for the real reason for the season.

The gang

Tuesday: We celebrated my nephew Carter's birthday at the Mission Inn. The evening was full of fun, and laughter as well as ice skating, cake, pizza, and good skating falls. We love going every year, and what was even more enjoyable was joining up with the youth afterward to walk around with them. I love having a calling in Young Women and love our youth!

I adore Christmas. love getting the house all decked out. The music and lights are fun. I enjoy shopping for others, and opening presents is always fun. But, I love this time of year for the generous feelings from others, the kind way people treat each other, and the wonderful reminder of our Savior's life and birth. We are truly blessed and this is a wonderful time of year to remember it!