Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Here...!

Christmas time has officially arrived and I am already super tired! :)

I hate posting blog posts without photos, but my camera is M.I.A. (I think I left it at my sister's house) so I don't have any pictures of all the fun things we've done so far.

We have our house decorated, lit, and even 4 presents wrapped under the tree.

Friday we headed to the Mission Inn in Riverside for the lights, food, and fun! We ate at Simple Simon's and then had a "bucket" of delicious mini-donuts. Ahhh... my mouth waters thinking about them. (Give me a moment to re cooperate please).

Saturday we went to our friend's, the Bock's, ugly sweater Christmas party... 2 words for this... good times! It was a lot of fun! We laughed a lot, the costumes (especially Wes') were awesome, and the food... again makes my mouth wata'. Katie made the BEST apple pie I can honestly say I have ever had in my entire life! Only bummer is we got pulled over on our way there (after having a pretty yuck day to begin with)... but don't worry folks... we didn't get a ticket. We pulled out ALL of the stops. :) he he he... let's just say I am a BIG dork!

We are looking forward to tomorrow. We are going to a candy cane decorating presentation, and then to a free Christmas concert.

I am so looking forward to this week, but I supposed I should get my Christmas shopping done soon, huh?

Hopefully, I will be able to steal some pictures from some friends and get them posted.


Benjamin and Robynne Bladh! said...

i love ugly sweater partays! sorry we couldnt come out to the lights! My numba is 909-680-5614 so you can call or text us for an invite now! haha

Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

Yep at our house and you have a nice surprise. You know not to leave things like that at our house.

Johnsen Family said...

We were able to go to the Mission Inn too! The mini-donuts and gingerbread hot cocoa were very delicious! Glad you had a great Christmas!