Sunday, November 8, 2009

Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!

This weekend was FUN!

A. Let me first state that work has been great, and we have closed 2 deals in the last 2 weeks, making everything a little better, and a little more stress free!

Now, Let's go back 5 months ago, when Wes' dad entered a contest on the golf channel to win 2 brand new drivers and numerous other fun things. (It was a father's day contest, so the reason for 2 was to share with one of his sons).

Well, he won! And, as Wes has always been his golfing buddy growing up, he chose him. :) So, Wes got a brand new driver (worth over $500) for FREE!

Skip back to Friday.

Wes, was able to use said driver when he was invited to a scramble golf tournament by a basketball buddy. Their 4th had not been able to come, so he was able to play in the tourney for free!

(disclaimer: This was NOT taken at the tournament!) :)

Best of all, is their team did really well... and by that I mean tied for 1st place! However, they did a technical score thing, and his team ended up in second, taking home mini-trophies. So cute. :) He also got a free carne asada lunch, and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Then, when he got home we headed out to Chino and with Ashleigh went and saw "Where the Wild Things Are." REVIEW: We all loved it, and thought it was darling. Yes, a little slow at parts... maybe a little scary for small children... but absolutely beautiful and so aesthetically pleasing. Every shot was perfect. And actually, we all laughed a lot, though it did have an overall melancholy feeling.

Oh, also before the movie we went to Casa Sanchez off Mountain and loved our food. And continuing on with food... after the show we went to "The Yardhouse" and got our own mini creme brulee to enjoy. Which of course we did!

Saturday was a great day of lounging, running errands, and being with family.

Unfortunate event occurred when Sandie was outside working on cleaning out the garage and tried to throw an oar into the attic. It bounced off the side and came back and hit her smack between the lip and nose. Causing a pretty gnarly cut. I would document with photos, but I don't think she would want me to. :)

Ashleigh also beautified me. I got my "her" done. I basically wanted to cut most of my dead ends off... okay so most of my hair, and go a little more red. Besides that, I told her to just have fun with it. And, like always I loved it. Maybe a little shorter than I had anticipated, but I still really like it.

We ended the night watching the "Strike Force" fights.

Today we get to enjoy our primary program... my personal favorite of the year, and then head over to my families for dinner.

Could life be any better?!


Jeanie Doll said...

Congrats to Mr Weston! I am so glad you guys are doing well at work, you deserve it because you have worked so hard! Anyways my dear, your hair looks just lovely! Stunning as always!

Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

Ape-- You wanted to "CUTE" off your hair. I think you meant cut, but it does look cute!

Fishers said...

Cute hair! You guys always have so much fun!

Amber said...

I love the hair! Ashleigh is the BEST! And I hope you are coming to our Primary Program too!