Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Week in a Nutshell


Missionaries and Brobergs for dinner... and a surprise visit from the Bocks. Good times!


Disneyland for Patrick's birthday. Some of Wes' family members joined us, and got passes. Which means many more fun Disney days ahead.

Patrick the Birthday boy. (Hadn't been to Disneyland since 1993... before Indiana Jones was even built).

On California Screamin'. It was Tyler's first time on a roller coaster that went upside down and he was soooo excited. And even said quietly to himself on the ride after the loop, "Now, that wasn't so scary," kind of surprised and Wes over heard him. So cute and funny.

On our favorite ride... Toy Story Mania!

Brinley thoroughly enjoying her cotton candy... can you tell she is kind of a ham?

Oh, and after Disneyland we went to get Joe's Italian Ice down the street... sooooo good! New tradition... I think so! :)


Soccer games... see last post. (And, my leg injury keeps looking and getting worse... isn't that awesome!) //sarcastic btw//


Wes substituted for me in seminary, just to be sweet and give me a break. Isn't he the best? Girls you can agree with me, just don't tell your husbands. :)

L.A. County Fair!!! Which means a LOT of crappy bad for you, deep fried food, and the demolition derby. Good ole' white trash fun.

Fair Food!!!Demolition Derby!Wes showing off his skills.


Because of good ole' deep fried white trash fun SICK! I slept maybe all of 1.5 hours Thurs./Fri. because of my leg and stomach ache... not fun.

Fun part... headed up to St. George to support Wes' brother Patrick who was participating in the St. George Marathon.

We also stopped and ate at the Rio Buffet. Funniest thing ever watching Wes walk in. It was his first time and he was like a kid in a candy store... wide eyed and full of JOY! Hilarious.

His sister Ashleigh had been there for a few days for a work thing so we were picking her up to drive the rest of the way together. So, while waiting we decided to walk around.

HOLY MOLEY... Sin City is an understatement for that place. We both were revolted by how disgusting it was, and how obnoxious the people were we were walking by. Don't think we will willingly go back there too soon, unless it is for the good food or a show. As for just walking around I could just throw up anywhere so why do it?



***Patrick ran the marathon. He got hurt a few months ago, and couldn't really train, so it was more of a run/walk. He did it in a little over 6 hrs... which is what he thought. And, might have even broken his foot... he needs to get it checked out.
Cafe Rio.
Visiting with grandparents.
Sleep. (my fav. part). :)


Morning conference.
Capriotti's for lunch! (This place is a must for us whenever we drive through Vegas or are in St. George).
Wes had to stop at 1 of the original Del Taco's in Barstow because he heard it is WAY better than the ones around here. CONSENSUS: Bigger for sure... not really different tasting though.


Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

Wow. Busy, busy, busy and fun.

Cacia said...

We always have to stop at Capriotti's in St. George as well. Ty is obsessed. It must be a mission-memories thing! We should plan a trip and meet up in St. George!!

Christine said...

I miss the fair definitly an intersting date night!

Jill Duncan said...

What a fun filled weekend!!!

Wes makes the funniest faces. In almost every pictures he has a different facial expression!

The Hull Family said...

I have to agree with you about Las Vegas, I HATE that place!! It smells so bad, and don't you love the trashy stripper flyers all over the nasty!!

IzzieGuire said...

What an eventful week! That was a smart way of posting about it! You got the main parts down with some good ol' April humor included! You guys crack me up. Hope your leg gets better! And congrats on the win! :)

The BRU Crew said...

Totally RAN into your sister AT the FAIR! You weren't there yet?! HA! That was pretty HILARIOUS! Your WEEK was FULL of FUN FILLED EVENTS! Wow!! That's freakin AWESOME! ;) Hope you are doing well girl!!

The Bock Family said...

Totally hilarious about the the Rio Buffett. We love that place!! I can only imagine and laugh at Wes's reaction!!

Amber said...

Fun Stuff. Hey, you know who owns Joe's Italian Ice? Do you remember my friend Bethany from the singles ward? Her dad owns it. I love that place!

Evansfamily said...

You two have WAY too much fun!