Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashback Friday: Halloween Spooks

So... I thought I might share some costume ideas from Halloween pasts.

Disclaimer: There will be many images from my most awkward stages. I have managed to eliminate many photos from these years, but have kept the Halloween ones because my "awkwardness" only adds to the charm of the terrible costumes.

Disclaimer 2: I made almost all of my costumes, thus they are laughable and worth the public humiliation. And, there are worse costumes that I don't have photo evidence of here at the house. Thanks Mom... old librarian costume was the best/worst!

Disclaimer 3: I don't know why my husband always dresses up like a woman or just plain gay. But, there are more of those types of photos that I won't share. (I guess we are destined for each other... apparently he likes to dress like a woman and I like to dress like a man).


Hula Girl- I remember being ticked I had to wear a long sleeve turtle neck under my bathing suit... totally ruined the "look".

4th grade Dead bride and lost boy. (Yes, this was the same year we were in the play Peter Pan, and Hayley wanted to re-use her costume).
5th grade.... Dopey of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. Yes, I wore my dad's bathrobe and tied something around my head. I bought these awesome ears.
5th grade school parade... wore Heidi's "Friday" outfit from Grace Yokley Middle School's Drill Team.Good ole' fashioned nerd costume... you can never go wrong.Apparently Wes thought so too. 14 year old Wes (1997) and Ryan McCook all decked out.
See what I mean in this next one, girl or gay? (Year 2000).
Now here is a costume I like (not actually a Halloween costume, but still cute and it could be).
Same here... this was for a pirate themed birthday party... but it of course works for my post, right?

And we are currently working on 2009. We have most of our costume bought, now comes some of the work of putting all the pieces together. You'll just have to wait and see what we will be.


Jason and Kelsey said...

these totally made me laugh out loud! you two are too funny! my vote for the best costume: 2007! you guys are CLASSIC!

Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

OMGOSH...Wes and Ryan did not dress like that! That is killing me!!!!!!!

And yes I think 2007 is still my fav too.

And I know what your gonna be already for halloween...

Annette Todd said...

My vote goes to whatever year you were Pedro and Napoleon...

This is a GREAT Post!!! Love the old photos...and, yeah, Ryan in that red jumper and Wes's outfit...what was that about???? What great sports!!! That why we love these guys ain't it?

Medication Might Help..... said...

You look so cute as a hamburger..

Katie said...

April you are so creative! Can I be like you when I grow up?

Evansfamily said...

Love them all!! You are so funny April!

Karly Michelsen said...

Those pictures are awesome!

The Hull Family said...

This is the best post ever! Loved all the crazy costumes...I think you and Wes are the perfect costume match! My favorite is the turtleneck under the bathing suit...classy!!
Can't wait to see the 2009 costumes!!

Robb, Rhonda and girls said...

What about Wes as the fat ballerina? I can't wait to see this years costumes!!!