Thursday, October 1, 2009


Our soccer league ended yesterday and lo and behold we were #1! YEAH!

Okay, so maybe there were only 3 other teams, and one of the teams was the "Frijolitas" ---yes that does mean beaners. But, who cares we went undefeated. (We tied 1 game 0-0... but they brought in ringers, when they had their actually team we mercied them).

For winning we got t-shirts and a big trophy. We are hoping to get sponsored so we don't have to pay next season. Wouldn't that be the best?!

It was a very enjoyable season because I got to play positions I never have. I scored in almost every game, and even did reasonably well as goalie. The best part though is that it was fun exercise!

We start again Wed!

Go Plain White T's. (name disclosure- we didn't chose it because of the band, but because we had no name, uniforms, or care, and that was our team color).

Receiving our award.
Our AYSO pose with the whole team.
Heidi and I rocking the "Champions" t-shirt and trophy.
Battle wound from the semi-finals. Slide-tackling on astro-terf. OUCH!


Jeanie Doll said...

Awesome lady!! Congrats on taking it all. I wish I could have been there to trash talk for you! "Eat that Frijolitas!!!!" LOL

Taryn said...

Dang, you are so tough! Congrats!! By the way, LOVE the headband you won-might just have to buy one for me or Macy soon!

The BRU Crew said...

That's AWESOME!! You ROCKED it! NICE WOUND! Shows how GOOD of a PLAYA you are! ;) HA! I GIVE you and your team PROPS!! WOOOHOOO!!!