Saturday, October 31, 2009

Let the Parties Begin!

So... October is a fun party-filled month! And, I have been terrible about posting everything.

I love decorating for Halloween/Fall, though I don't have much yet. :)

Our mantel

Shelves (please notice last years Best Costume trophy from Jill and Paul's Bunco party). :)

So, here is what our party plan has looked like the past month.

1st: We had the most fun celebrating Fred's (uh-hmmm) 63rd b-day on October 10th.

Sandie planned a really fun day for him.

First we all went to a new driving range in Norco. We got an excellent deal for the whole family, and since almost every single person is really good or at least knows how to play golf this was a real party pleaser. Even Tyler the 7 year old goes out and plays with Papa. In fact, Fred got him his own legit set of kid clubs, and he is pretty darn good. The range also had some long horned bulls, a putting green and a small pumpkin patch.

So, after a few hours of swinging ye ole' clubs around (and posing with them) we went off to do another Aleman family tradition... Bob's Big Boys! Apparently, all the kids use to choose this as their place to have their birthday meals when they were younger. (I think it is because of the Big Boy statue in front of the restaurant). After the majority of the restaurants closed this tradition nearly became extinct, but was brought back to life when the new restaurant was built in Norco.

After dinner we went back to Fred and Sandie's for birthday pie, presents, and singing in a circle around a fire. SERIOUSLY! :)

Patrick gave Fred a c.d. of the songs the family used to listen to on road trips, that they haven't heard in a long time. So, the whole family reminisced together... it was so cute.

(Hopefully I will have a post with pictures of this day soon)!

2nd: Celebrated my dad's 55th birthday October 25th.

Since his birthday falls so close to Halloween my mom decided to make it our families Halloween-Birthday party.

We wore our costumes, bobbed for donuts on a string (no hands), had bubbling home made root beer, carved pumpkins, the kids were led by Ned on a scavenger hunt around the house, sang to my dad while we gave him his birthday donut, and had dinner and treats.

The kids in the front yard. My dad loves to decorate and did a great job this year. Their new house has the BEST lawn!

Asher the chick.

Ryan the jedi... he loves to pose.Claire the sweetest fairy in the land.Ella the swashbuckling pirate.

Carter: Dr. Demento the "mad scientist"

The scavengers...

The loot

Carving pumpkins

Finished product... mine is the sad sunglasses wearing one. It was soft and everything kept getting pushed in. I swear!

Donut bobbing

Boppie's birthday--- cake?

3rd: Went to the Bladh's (Robyn and Benj's) Halloween Party on October 30th.

We were so happy to have a place (other than the ward party) to wear our costumes. :)

Robyn and Benj hosted a very fun party at Taylor and Cheryl Bladh's house in Chino. We went with Michael, Amber and Ashleigh.

They had a costume contest, pumpkin carving contest, guess the candy corn contest, and a lot of GOOD FOOD. Best salsa and guacamole ever! Their food was labeled so cute too, the house was decorated great, and they had old scary movies on in the back-ground. They did such a nice job with everything!

Wes and I ran the table in the contest department. We won 2 out of the 3 costume contests... including "most creative" and "funniest". We didn't win "scariest"... next year!

Wes also guessed the closest in how many candy corn were in the jar. Yes, my baby knows his food. :)

The party hosts, Robyn and Benj (Jack and Juliette from Lost--- in character) and Ashleigh (go-go dancer).

Taylor and Cheryl... they are the coolest.

Aleman crew.Winners!Guess: 319 Actual:325The TolmansMikey and Amber
And, 4th: Ward Party and Trunk-or-Treat, October 31st.

They combined our ward and 2 others and it was utter chaos! So much food, people, not enough chairs, but there was good chili and cornbread of course.

They also had a little carnival inside for the kids. A spook alley for everyone... which scared Heidi pretty good. And, a costume contest.

Which.... we were jipped in BTW! We didn't even take 3rd in the adult contest. Heck... they didn't even honorable mention us! Madness. Everyone came up and told us we were robbed, that it was rigged.. the youth were so cute and mad for us. :) We just couldn't believe it either... oh well.

2 and a half HOURS later they did the trunk or treat... it was a looooong night and neither kids not parents seemed too glad to have it that way. Wes and I didn't care... we had no where else to be. :)

Nanna and Ella in her 2nd costume for the year, Snow White.

Wes and meBest part of Halloween night, was on our way home from the party I was parched... so we stopped at the Mobile to get a drink. The girl working there liked our costumes so much she just gave it to us! Rock On! You know how much I like me some sodee and to get it free, nothing better! :)

Wes reaping our award!

(Just to mention, Wes' jacket and his shirt are ladies wear. A frilly tank top is under the jacket)

So, we hope you too had a happy/merry/jolly/safe/candy-filled Halloween!

Now, we have to think about what to be next year. Did you see anything good and creative? Please share your ideas!!!!!

PRESENTING... Halloween 2009

Willie Wonka and his Oompa Loompa!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today was a GOOD DAY-

Big real estate deal went through--- now we can pay some bills. (sigh- wish it were going to something more fun).


Wes is going to sub for me at seminary tomorrow.

Woman deserves a break, right?!

So, it was a good day! :)

This was so dumb, I just couldn't resist.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tom's Farm Pumpkin Patch

We went to Tom's Farm last Saturday for their "rockin' pumpkin patch". Okay, so it kind of ba-lew (blew)!

For the last 2 years we have gone with my family to the Cal Poly Pumpkin Patch, which really does ROCK. Yes, every year it is sizzling hot, which makes it not so fun, but there are thousands of pumpkins to choose from, all $5 at the most, there are games, food, animals... seriously, I mean everything.

Unfortunately, this year we couldn't attend. Wes and I were doing an open house in Temecula, and the majority of the family was either working or going to the BYU game in San Diego.

So, anyways, Wes and I, as well as my sister Heidi and her family tried out Tom's Farm. I have never been there and heard it was pretty fun. Which is probably true on a "normal" Saturday, but with my expectations high for a good pumpkin patch I was sorely disappointed.

But, we did walk around a little. Visited the petting zoo, ate lots of candy, walked around the bakery, and game areas, etc. So, while it was no Cal Poly, it was fun.

I didn't take any photos, but I thought I would steal some from Heidi's camera and post them. :)

Here are some random photos from Wes and I "hard at work" during our open house.

My stolen pictures.


Ella and I being silly. :)
The group minus Heidi--- taking pic and Ella--- who annouced before this picture that she was "just done now".The petting zoo- Bubba boy loved it, wussy Ella not so much.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashback Friday: Halloween Spooks

So... I thought I might share some costume ideas from Halloween pasts.

Disclaimer: There will be many images from my most awkward stages. I have managed to eliminate many photos from these years, but have kept the Halloween ones because my "awkwardness" only adds to the charm of the terrible costumes.

Disclaimer 2: I made almost all of my costumes, thus they are laughable and worth the public humiliation. And, there are worse costumes that I don't have photo evidence of here at the house. Thanks Mom... old librarian costume was the best/worst!

Disclaimer 3: I don't know why my husband always dresses up like a woman or just plain gay. But, there are more of those types of photos that I won't share. (I guess we are destined for each other... apparently he likes to dress like a woman and I like to dress like a man).


Hula Girl- I remember being ticked I had to wear a long sleeve turtle neck under my bathing suit... totally ruined the "look".

4th grade Dead bride and lost boy. (Yes, this was the same year we were in the play Peter Pan, and Hayley wanted to re-use her costume).
5th grade.... Dopey of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. Yes, I wore my dad's bathrobe and tied something around my head. I bought these awesome ears.
5th grade school parade... wore Heidi's "Friday" outfit from Grace Yokley Middle School's Drill Team.Good ole' fashioned nerd costume... you can never go wrong.Apparently Wes thought so too. 14 year old Wes (1997) and Ryan McCook all decked out.
See what I mean in this next one, girl or gay? (Year 2000).
Now here is a costume I like (not actually a Halloween costume, but still cute and it could be).
Same here... this was for a pirate themed birthday party... but it of course works for my post, right?

And we are currently working on 2009. We have most of our costume bought, now comes some of the work of putting all the pieces together. You'll just have to wait and see what we will be.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Random Thoughts

I just got done with a very relaxing bath and some good reading. My favorite place in the world to read is in the bath... I've done it all my life. I used to read entire Goosebump books in 1 bath sitting during Jr. High and elementary.

Anywho... I was reading May's Ensign again... just looking over some of the conference talks hoping to get something really inspiring to share as a spiritual thought for my seminary class tomorrow (btw if you have any fun game ideas for scripture mastery or just class in general.... PLEASE SHARE!!!). Unfortunately, nothing really jumped out at me for their benefit. Fortunately, everything jumped out at me for my benefit.

I was overwhelmed by a deep feeling of gratitude and understanding from my Savior. Yes, I am not going to lie, in so many ways this has been the hardest 2 years of my life. Many times I don't understand the great scheme of things. However, after reflecting and really making an effort to put the gospel, my Savior, and life in perspective and forethought during the last few weeks, I find myself happy! Things aren't perfect, life isn't perfect, I am definitely not perfect, but I can still be happy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bizarre Moment

So... yesterday Wes and I were enjoying one of the many shows we have the pleasure of watching through the streaming of Netflix onto our XBox360, when I had a weird moment.

Let me start at the beginning.

I love having random thoughts, and embrace the stream of consciousness when they come. I had one of these moments yesterday in the shower. I was thinking of all the things we eat and consider normal. Like birds for instance. My thoughts were something like this. "Why is it weird to eat dogs or cats when we eat chickens, pigs, cows, and all other kinds of animals?" So, farm animals ok... home animals not okay. But, what if you lived on a farm and raised dogs... does it become okay then?" No... of course not! But, then why is it okay to eat a delicious chicken and not a parakeet? Etc, etc, etc."

Weird I know.

Weirder still was during the shown (30 Rock Season 3... A new found love of ours) Tracy Jordan (played by Tracy Morgan) had a moment where he got very distracted. He came out of this "moment" explaining how he was thinking about how strange it was that we eat birds.

So, am I like Tracy Jordan?!

Who am I?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Week in a Nutshell


Missionaries and Brobergs for dinner... and a surprise visit from the Bocks. Good times!


Disneyland for Patrick's birthday. Some of Wes' family members joined us, and got passes. Which means many more fun Disney days ahead.

Patrick the Birthday boy. (Hadn't been to Disneyland since 1993... before Indiana Jones was even built).

On California Screamin'. It was Tyler's first time on a roller coaster that went upside down and he was soooo excited. And even said quietly to himself on the ride after the loop, "Now, that wasn't so scary," kind of surprised and Wes over heard him. So cute and funny.

On our favorite ride... Toy Story Mania!

Brinley thoroughly enjoying her cotton candy... can you tell she is kind of a ham?

Oh, and after Disneyland we went to get Joe's Italian Ice down the street... sooooo good! New tradition... I think so! :)


Soccer games... see last post. (And, my leg injury keeps looking and getting worse... isn't that awesome!) //sarcastic btw//


Wes substituted for me in seminary, just to be sweet and give me a break. Isn't he the best? Girls you can agree with me, just don't tell your husbands. :)

L.A. County Fair!!! Which means a LOT of crappy bad for you, deep fried food, and the demolition derby. Good ole' white trash fun.

Fair Food!!!Demolition Derby!Wes showing off his skills.


Because of good ole' deep fried white trash fun SICK! I slept maybe all of 1.5 hours Thurs./Fri. because of my leg and stomach ache... not fun.

Fun part... headed up to St. George to support Wes' brother Patrick who was participating in the St. George Marathon.

We also stopped and ate at the Rio Buffet. Funniest thing ever watching Wes walk in. It was his first time and he was like a kid in a candy store... wide eyed and full of JOY! Hilarious.

His sister Ashleigh had been there for a few days for a work thing so we were picking her up to drive the rest of the way together. So, while waiting we decided to walk around.

HOLY MOLEY... Sin City is an understatement for that place. We both were revolted by how disgusting it was, and how obnoxious the people were we were walking by. Don't think we will willingly go back there too soon, unless it is for the good food or a show. As for just walking around I could just throw up anywhere so why do it?



***Patrick ran the marathon. He got hurt a few months ago, and couldn't really train, so it was more of a run/walk. He did it in a little over 6 hrs... which is what he thought. And, might have even broken his foot... he needs to get it checked out.
Cafe Rio.
Visiting with grandparents.
Sleep. (my fav. part). :)


Morning conference.
Capriotti's for lunch! (This place is a must for us whenever we drive through Vegas or are in St. George).
Wes had to stop at 1 of the original Del Taco's in Barstow because he heard it is WAY better than the ones around here. CONSENSUS: Bigger for sure... not really different tasting though.