Friday, September 25, 2009

Flashback Friday: TITANIC

So, Wes and I were laughing at 7th grade me last night at dinner.

We were reminiscing about how I saw Titanic (the 1997 classic starring Leo DiCaprio and Cate Winslet) 12 times in the movie theater. Yes, you read that right... 12 TIMES!!!

On my behalf I must make the statement that I only paid for it 2 times... due to the fact that my sister worked at Pacific 1o Theaters in Ontario (down the street from my old home) and my brother worked at old Movies 8 in Chino. Bow tie and all. During the summer Hayley or me and my friends would just walk over to the theater and see whatever caught our fancy. Besides the fact that Heidi worked there, her best friends (and Lindsay's sister) Missy Pennington, Heather Contreras and Katie Price worked there as well. So regardless of whether or not Heidi was working, I always knew I could get in for free.

The 2 times I actually paid was when I took my Grandma Krause, and the other time I took my cousin Todd. We went to the new mall, Ontario Mills, so see it then.

The rest of the time I went with my family... okay maybe only once. The majority (8-9 times) Was with my BFFs Lindsay Pennington and Jill Davey (occasionally we would get another tag along). Yeah, we were REALLY cool! :)

Anyways, we were laughing at what a teeny-bopper I was. I never realized I was until I got older and the whole thing became laughable. (Only after the utterly embarrassing awkward years).

Those were good years. Ripping out photos of Leo at the local branch library magazines (my mom just didn't get me enough), seeing just about every G, PG, and many PG-13 movie, Disneyland with the Davey's and Trask's, and living the life with no real responsibility (trust me I knew I had none).

-I will have to go steal back my personal photos from my parent's house... just like O.J. to show what I am telling you.

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Todd Family said...

I'm glad that I am not alone!! That's about as bad as my 13 times seeing Armageddon and 7 times seeing Titantic. Man...we are so cool.