Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm a Winna'

I always knew blog stalking would pay off sooner or later. :)

I won a give-away from this darling girls blog! And happy am I!

She and her sister create snazzy hair bows for girls of all ages... check them out. Since I am a winner, I feel it is my right and obligation to do some free marketing for them. You will surely be seeing me on my blog wearing one of their fabulous creations soon!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Flashback Friday: TITANIC

So, Wes and I were laughing at 7th grade me last night at dinner.

We were reminiscing about how I saw Titanic (the 1997 classic starring Leo DiCaprio and Cate Winslet) 12 times in the movie theater. Yes, you read that right... 12 TIMES!!!

On my behalf I must make the statement that I only paid for it 2 times... due to the fact that my sister worked at Pacific 1o Theaters in Ontario (down the street from my old home) and my brother worked at old Movies 8 in Chino. Bow tie and all. During the summer Hayley or me and my friends would just walk over to the theater and see whatever caught our fancy. Besides the fact that Heidi worked there, her best friends (and Lindsay's sister) Missy Pennington, Heather Contreras and Katie Price worked there as well. So regardless of whether or not Heidi was working, I always knew I could get in for free.

The 2 times I actually paid was when I took my Grandma Krause, and the other time I took my cousin Todd. We went to the new mall, Ontario Mills, so see it then.

The rest of the time I went with my family... okay maybe only once. The majority (8-9 times) Was with my BFFs Lindsay Pennington and Jill Davey (occasionally we would get another tag along). Yeah, we were REALLY cool! :)

Anyways, we were laughing at what a teeny-bopper I was. I never realized I was until I got older and the whole thing became laughable. (Only after the utterly embarrassing awkward years).

Those were good years. Ripping out photos of Leo at the local branch library magazines (my mom just didn't get me enough), seeing just about every G, PG, and many PG-13 movie, Disneyland with the Davey's and Trask's, and living the life with no real responsibility (trust me I knew I had none).

-I will have to go steal back my personal photos from my parent's house... just like O.J. to show what I am telling you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just a Bit of Awesomeness...

Yesterday Wes took me out on the best surprise date... Disneyland-Benihana's-water ices (just like in Philly). While awesome it's besides the point. But, it is one of the many reasons I love him so very much! :)

While at Disneyland (which was empty and fantabulous) we just happened across the princess Snow White. Here's where the awesomeness comes in... the Disney worker who accompanied her was a MIDGET... or some might say DWARF. Seriously, could they have planned that any better? Snow white and the 1 dwarf David.

That right there paid for my entire Disneyland pass.

BTW, for those of you who don't know this about me, I have a weird obsession with midgets/dwarfs. I am determined to make it to the Salt Lake Little People Convention one of these years!

Monday, September 21, 2009

End of Summer September FUN!

This month has been a super busy, super fun month!


Our friends the Duncan's invited us to go beach camping with them and a few other families. We met them Thursday evening and stayed until Friday afternoon (it's so nice to only have to drive 45 minutes to be there). We slept in a tent and everything. The only bummer was the 2 other families who were there had to leave early... work and sicknesses. But, we had a lot of fun hanging out by the fire and the beach with the Duncan's. Thanks for inviting us!

Driving Out to San Clemente State Beach.

Wes' renewed love was skim boarding... he was good too.

Paul loved it until he wiped out and hurt himself... then sat like this the rest of the time.

I love this picture of Jill... and must say I made her pose. She looked like a cute little white trash mama. Jill... thank you!

And, Jill to make us for that picture.. enjoy the hideousness of me in this one. I was swimming, wearing Wes' glasses... but let's face it, there just isn't any excuse.

And, to finish bad pictures... I give you "Rat Boys in the sewer". :)


We have been a little neglectful of the dogs during the summer because of how dang hot it's been... seriously who wants to walk two CRAZY dogs in the heat of the day/night. So, we decided it was time to take them to the dog park again, and we had a blast. I love all the toys they have there.


Thursday, Wes and I got tickets to see Conan O Brien in L.A. We took our parents as our dates... the 2 retirees. My dad and Wes' mom joined us... and I think it is safe to say, we all had a grand ole' time, and only renewed our love for the red-headed genius! It was so fun to be out there, see the show for a different angle and just have the whole experience!

After the show we rode the Universal City Walk tram, and then made our way to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. Where we all enjoyed. :) Yummy.

I love a good fun day in L.A.


The girls (my mom, and sisters) headed out to Palm Springs this year for our annual girls trip. We had a lot of fun!

We got there Friday afternoon... got into our villa (such a cute/cool place) and headed out to eat at Guillermo's Mexican food. Very good, kinda expensive though. We then headed over to Wal- Mart for "necessities". Soda, movies, jewelry, etc. :)

When we got back to our place it was still so bloody hot we decided to hit up 1 of many pools in the resort, and ended up being the only ones out there. We played rough water basketball (A-Team won: me and my mom). We laughed hooted and hollered... I love to laugh and this was the night for it. Then we "attempted" to play volleyball... not so much though.

We then went back in and everyone basically passed out.

Saturday we woke up and headed over to Mimi's for brunch. After that we headed back over to our place to lounge by the pool... oh and have fun at the water slide. And, I mean water slide... it was not a little lame one, but a big twisty turny one. We loved it, and did it more than most of the little kids. It was us, and the little kids, while the cougar mom's all lounged by the pool.

Then, we got ready and went to a little outdoor mall, ate at the Yardhouse (which by the way has the best Creme Brulee), and then shopped a little. On our way back we stopped by Rite Aid and got some more "necessities". :) (Again sodee, candy, etc.)

We went back to our room watched dirty dancing, ate some popcorn, and drank diet Dr. Pepper in champagne glasses.

Sunday we woke up, ate McDonalds (eh...) and lounged a little more by the pool. Okay, we went down the slide a LOT more. :) The headed home. But, couldn't bypass the chance to stop at the Pee Wee Herman Dinosaurs... AWESOME!

The girls (minus Sarah- who couldn't join us this year).

Ahhh, sweet delicious dessert.
Us, being Large Marge on a Big Adventure.
Farewell sweet summer... fare thee well.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Flashback Friday: BEES!!!

So it is Weston B here. April is currently away with her mom and sister's on a girls getaway weekend leaving me extremely bored. I happened to read April's last post and noticed she talked about me and bees. Well I thought I would entertain you with a few pictures of my last three reactions to being stung. You can see that with each sting my allergy got progressively worse.

So with that last sting, I didn't realize how bad it was at first. I obviously got very swollen and was starting to get itchy. The weird part was that I was itchy everywhere, not just by the sting. I tried to just ignore it at first and hope it would go away....I lasted about one minute without scratching then I went crazy. I happened to lift up my shirt only to scratch better when I noticed the HIVES!! I've never had hives before so it freaked me out a little to say the least. I took three benadryl to try and get it to subside, but nothing was working.

We finally decided to go to the doctor. Upon arrival, everyone (including the nurses) was staring at me trying to cover up their initial reaction of shock followed by laughter at sight of my deformities, but their true colors were quite conspicuous. Once the nurses calmed down the gave me a shot of something similar yet stronger than benadryl they said. So with a combination of what I took plus the dose they gave me, I was feeling EXTREMELY drowsy. Then, they gave me a shot of epinephrine which is basically adrenaline. So I was somehow feeling totally drowsy, but pumped at the same time. My head was certainly spinning to say the least.

I finally calmed down and was back to my normal, aesthetically pleasing self. The doctors did say, however, that I need to constantly carry an epipen (an injection of epinephrine) with me wherever I go because the next time I get stung I will DIE!! I will DIE??? CRAZY!! I guess all those years of me knocking down wasp nests and killing them with a tennis racket are finally catching up to me. Dang bees always with the last laugh!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Day @ Oak Glen

Yes, I am aware Labor Day was quite some time ago... but I didn't bring my camera and wanted photos for this post. So, I had to wait until I got the pictures from my sister Heidi.

We spent Labor Day at Oak Glen joined by all members of my family except Hayley and Adam, both who had to do actual labor at their places of employment. As well as my brother's best friend growing up, Gary Miller and his little daughter Patricia.

We were lucky the fires didn't destroy anything and had to hold our breath that we could actually go up there liked we planned. As we were driving up we saw tons of signs thanking the fire fighters for saving homes, stores, buildings etc. Apparently only 2 barns were burnt.

We then had breakfast at 'Law's'... voted #1 breakfast in the Inland Empire. It just so happened they were doing a benefit buffet to raise money to thank the fire fighters. We were more than happy to pay our $10 for the firemen not to mention the bomb breakfast we got. Highly recommended! We're hoping to go back soon on a day it's not so crowded.

We then walked around the area, enjoyed the old fashioned atmosphere. Picked some raspberries (well not Wes... too many bees- I will have to do another post about how deathly allergic he is to them).

Heidi and my glamor shot.If Wes and I were characters on Little House on the Prairie.
Then went back to the same area we started at. The kids played on the big slide, while we waiting for the wildest western show around. Okay, in all honesty, how did we manage to see 2 crappy western wannabe shows in the last 2 months? (This one and the one in Virginia City while we were on vacation in Tahoe).

All in all I must say it was a pretty good day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Old But Fun Things to Come On This Here Blog

Labor Day at Oak Glen.

San Clemente State Beach camping with friends.

The Dog park just below Mt. Rubidoux.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mr. Ed

So... I was at the dentist last week with Wes. And, not too excited to be there of course, seeing that it has been oh, about 4 years. Anywho, the dentist came in and examined my teeth. He asked Wes to come in, just so that he would hear all the same things and not have to repeat himself.

As he was looking at my teeth, he was taken aback. Causing him to say, "Wow, you've got big teeth, don't you? I don't see many patients with teeth as big as yours." I laughed and acknowledged the obvious and Wes about died in the corner. Then I think the dentist might have thought I was offended, because he started making nicer remarks like, "well, you have a nice Hollywood smile, like actresses."

Damage was done.

Bad enough that when I went to the orthodontist in 5th grade they had to use a men's mold because my teeth were so big none of the ladies fit. Or that Hayley would take the ceramic mold of my teeth and chase people around saying, "Mr. Ed will get ya'." Now a dentist is actually commenting on how large my teeth are. Dentists aren't supposed to notice those things. They see teeth all day everyday. I am supposed to be one of many to him.

Yes, a horse is a horse of course of course, unless of course you're Mr. Ed.

What if my children get my big teeth with Wes' freakishly small mouth, or visa-verse, his small teeth with my exceptionally large mouth. DOOMED!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yesterday (Saturday) was a fun start to our 4 day weekend. Typically, holiday weekends have not meant much to me since being out of school. But, with new jobs, and seminary, I now remember how great holidays can be!

Friday we spent the night at my parent's house knowing we would have to be up bright and early. Heidi and the kids also spent the night, since Ned was out dove hunting.

Wes, Heidi and myself stayed up late laughing and talking as Heidi and I reminisced about how awesome we were growing up. Putting on concerts, lip syncing to ourselves in the ward talent show (yes, my mom took us to Bullwinkle's to tape ourselves singing beforehand), and yes, I know we are totally cool! You say nerdy, I say awesome.

Anywho... Saturday morning rolled around and yet again I was up at 5:15 am getting ready to go to Disneyland to watch my Mew run the 5k. Though I tell you what in the future I will not do it; as Disneyland was a mad-house. We never even got to see her run because of the crowd control... boo! But, she did good and had fun. And, it was fun to see all the characters, people, and just be at Disneyland period.

Watching the singers and characters before the 5k began.

In the park.

Watching the other racers.

Also, the chitlins' ran as well.

Wes and I ran the 100 yard dash with Ella... who was quite intense (tired) I might add. She did run the entire time which I was impressed with, as she usually tires out running to the end of the grocery aisle (and not back).

Wes was so excited to be there... he just couldn't contain himself. (Ella decided to spill her mini water bottle on his crotch before her race).

Ryan and his mom, Hayley ran the 300 yard dash. Ryan warned Hayley that he was going to run so fast she would never even see him. And, that was exactly what he did. We were at the end waiting to watch him run past the finish line. But, he came in so fast we really never saw him (and we don't know how). So, we waited and waited, and finally Hayley texted asking if we had him cause she couldn't find him. We didn't, so we sent out search parties. Come to find out, he had come in really early, no one saw him, so he asked a worker to help him find his family. He was holding her hand, and walked up to Hayley saying, "See, I told you I would run so fast you wouldn't see me." That kid. :)

Finally, we watched Asher in the "diaper dash." Silly, but let's just say it wasn't expensive, and it was hilarious! He was like 6x bigger than all the other babies, he is close to walking and is a super fast crawler, and he came in last place. All the mommies were tempting their kids with toys and he would crawl in front of their babies to get their toys rather than towards Heidi. After all the other kids crossed the "finish line" if you can call it that he just decided to sit in the middle of the mat laughing and clapping until Heidi basically walked him across the line.

Nana and Boppie with the kiddos after Nana's race.

Asher buddy at his race.

Ella and Ryan after their race with their medals.

We finished the morning at IHOP, then went back to my parents for naps.

Later that night we met with our friends for some RE-RO... Red Robin and Lazer Tag for Ryan McCook's birthday.

So, I suck at Lazer Tag... but still love it! I would run around and scream out of pure enjoyment every single time I saw someone come towards me. Oh, and I also must mention how much I hate the little boys who play every night and kill me simply by looking my direction.

But, we had such a FUN group and it was a super fun night. Rick James even joined us.

The group "prom picture."

Tyler (Des, not pictured) Wes and Me, James and Joy, Chelsea and Landon, Lydia and Markus, Amber and Mikey (Dirty Raul/Rick James... your choice), Erika and Josh, Heidi and Ned, and Taryn and Ryan.

You know what time it is... it's business time.

Apparently our family has a specific look when we try to be hard core. Looking good Hide. :)

Erika and Lydia singing some Brittany Spears for us.

Black Light= WAR.

I love weekends like this one.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Flashback Friday: Seminary

So, in light of my new calling, I thought I would post an old picture from my seminary graduation.

Seminary Graduation: Ontario Stake 2003
I also wanted to do the 1.5 week update since I began teaching.

-I still feel like I have a lot to learn in terms of how to teach an effective lesson to 16-18 year olds. I want it to be entertaining, interactive, educational, spiritual, etc. And I know for the next year I will continue to fine-tune my style of teaching and I probably will still feel like I have a lot of work to do.

-Going to bed early has been a struggle, but I actually have enjoyed waking up earlier and getting out of bed for a good purpose. And, it hasn't been as challenging as I thought.

-I love seeing the sunrise each morning. It starts my day of right!

-So, so far so good!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

High Class in Big Lots

Ahhhh Yeee-ahhhh... that's a ponytail baby.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Deal? I Think So!

So yesterday evening our friend Josh called us up and informed us of a big sale Hurley was having in Costa Mesa. Apparently they buy a bunch of clothes for samples and extras and things and then every so often (no idea when exactly) they sale them all off.

And we reaped all of the benefits!.

After searching through big cardboard boxes with no rhyme or reason we both picked out a few things that caught our fancy.

I think I may have bought everything that wasn't a size small or 3... apparently that is the only size they really sell. Oh, and I did bypass things that had the word "Sample" plastered across the front, and the things that were ripped beyond repair.

But between the 2 of us we bought 2 sweatshirts, and 7 shirts for $40 bucks.

And had a good night with friends. We figured that since we had driven all the way to Costa Mesa and got rockin' deals we would hang out there for a while. So, on our way back we stopped at a little joint called Taco Mesa and enjoyed delicious Mexican food at a reasonable price. Seriously, it was good!

I love last minute fun!

Our loot