Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For Those Wondering...

The first day of seminary went just fine.

I got there about 20 minutes early to prepare. Set myself up. Introductions, prayer, spiritual thought, terrible (hilarious) attempt at a hymn, attention activity, tying lesson and activity together, another activity, whoops ran out of time. Had to hurry in an attempt to tie it all together, closing prayer. DONE!

All in all it went well, I just couldn't believe how fast 50 minutes went.

I actually felt good (awake) after too. Thank you Heidi and little blue pill for the help getting to bed at a decent hour.

So good in fact, I offered to go out and do some pest control selling with Weston. (He picked up a little part time job working with Paul this summer for some mullah... so glad he did! :) He's such a hard worker! Love him.

Sold for about 2 hours... then he went and serviced the sales, I just waited in the car.

Then visited with his grandma for about an hour.

Then off to my soccer game... we won! Booyah. I even scored.

Now we are finally having dinner, I will plan my lesson and off to bed. What a rigorous schedule. I really hate going to bed early, but I felt good and liked that. :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Galactic Greetings!!!!

Also known as Galactic DOMINATION!!!! This is without the ride stopping in the middle! Even though it says I was 11th for the day....right before I sent myself the email, I was ranked 9th!!!

Who can best it??

That's the top of Ella's head there by the way :)

-Weston B.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Flashback Friday

Happy Birthday to August Birthday kids!!! :)

Heidi (August 14th) & Danny (August 29th)

Claire (August 8th), 2007

Asher (August 28th), 2008

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On Behalf of Wes I Give You....


Wes and I got a lot of teasing and such for our answer on Family Feud in the topic, 'things with the word "club"'.

Come on, if it's said on Arrested Development, it must be true.

Thanks Ron Howard and Will Arnett for making us look like idiots on public television, and losing $20k.

As for this picture all I have to say is... man I love this guy! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Get your head out of the gutter--- what I am talking about are Night Terrors!

Not your usual night terrors however.

Yes, bad dreams are always scary and disturbing and all; and imagining someone standing next to your bed always gives you the willys. But, I mean true blue things that go "bump".

And begin story:

About 1 week before our last vacation (Tahoe) Wes and I retired to our bed at a nice normal hour of about 1 am- I hate going to bed. Like always Wes was out before his head hit the pillow, but I tossed and turned for a good 20-30 minutes, my mind going a mile a hour before I finally began to doze.

Suddenly I felt something or someone sitting on top of my chest. It was one of those moments your eyes open, but fear paralyzes the senses and reflexes. All I could do was gasp in horror.

Something was stepping all over my legs... no noise - no nothing. Then, Wes felt it too and let out a little scream!

It took about 3-5 seconds to realize that we had not locked the door in our room which leads to the backyard. And Snoop (our black lab) who has a knack for figuring out all types of handles had let himself and Piper (the golden retriever) into our room.

They are funny, because they love our bed (and are never allowed on) and don't bark or anything, so we had no idea they had come in originally.

Therefore, the "thing" on my chest and legs had actually been 2 dogs crawling all over me- then onto Wes.

I'll tell you what, I can't remember the last time being so scared though.

Our little "night terrors". :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Callings, callings, whose got a calling?!

So, Wes and I moved into our ward a little over 2 years ago. It was June of '07 to be precise. Since that time our ward has utterly shrunk. It started out small but not noticeably. Then the economy slumped and people started to move. Whether it was to rent their house and buy a bigger cheaper house in a "better" area (like Perris isn't high class...) or for some people they lost their home and moved away. Some were finally going to buy and others moved for more conventional reasons. Jobs, family, etc. Regardless of the reason, in the last 2 years we have lost a number of friends, and most of who had 3+ children.

Don't get me wrong, we have also gained some new members, like my sister and the Davey's, who make me feel like we are back in Creekside. But, because of the loss of membership in our ward, I have experienced numerous opportunities to serve in different callings in the last 2 years.

1. We moved in and 2 weeks later I was called as a Relief Society Teacher. (My 1st day in our ward, I was asked to substitute the next week as a teacher... I guess it was a test, I knew I shouldn't have prepared). :)

2. After about 4-5 months serving there I was then called as the Young Women's 2nd counselor. I loved this calling.

3. Along with this, about 2-4 months later I was also called to be in nursery 2nd hour. Loved, loved this calling. My responsibilities were basically to prepare a 3 minute lesson and activity for the kids. And, I had about 8 of the cutest kids ever!

4. I did both of these for about 1 year and was released from both- only to be called (along with Wes) as team-teachers for the Young Single Adults in the ward. We had about 6 that came regularly. We tried to convince them to go to the singles ward, but had no takers. Strange class to teach and I'll leave it at that. Then missions, college, 1 single warder, moving and work hit our class and we were left with 1 student coming. So it was dissolved and we were released.

Next, came a short period of freedom... ahhhh sweet freedom. :)

5. I was then called (contingently) to be the assistant girl's camp advisor. The contingency was that I would attend girl's camp. I accepted and went to a few meetings, talked to the young women about it on Sundays, and then went to girl's camp. Not a bad gig.

6. After 1 week I received my most desired calling. The one I have been waiting for... the Laurel's advisor!!! I LOVE this calling and was pumped to accept. In my opinion it is the greatest calling ever! I get to be in young women, which is where I like being best, and I only teach (in our ward) 1-2 a month, because we are all combined. Best of all, while I get to participate and enjoy YW, I don't have to plan everything.

However, and sadly, I taught my first and last lesson last Sunday. Not 1 month after being called I was released. And called from my most desired to my most dreaded calling.

My new calling is the one I have always said would be the only one I would consider turning down, the one that sends shivers up and down my spine. The one that I told Wes for the last 3 years I never want. The one that life as I now know it will change utterly. One small word that makes the eyes of all who hear open wide and say, "oh my!"

Yes, that's right... SEMINARY.

So, farewell late nights doing nothing but staying up late- watching dvds, movies, or playing games. Farewell, sleeping in (wahhhhhh). Hello knowledge of the BOM. Hello, Juniors and Seniors. Hello, 5:00 AM (seriously, who knew that hour existed?). I will surely reap the blessing and that I know. I am excited to have motivation to be better at scripture study. I am guessing this calling is to bless me as much as the students. I also think it is Heavenly Father's idea of humor.

It was nice knowing you all.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yet Another Ingenious Use for Underoos!

Doesn't she look like an old-school scuba diver? Happy 2nd birthday Claire!

Monday, August 10, 2009


We're ba-ack!

Yes, we returned late Saturday night from a fun trip up to Tahoe! And, though it was very different from the last time we were there, it was still a lot of fun in it's own way. We left Saturday morning, got there around 6:30 and hung out at the timeshare condo and ate. Then myself, Wes, Matt, Patrick, Wes' uncle Ross and his 2 boys, Jacob and Michael took a night walk to the Lake to see how the water felt. Wes liked it so much he decided to jump right in- in his birthday suit and all! ... Good times. :)


Went to Emerald Cove- hiked down to the bottom.

Posing in front of the island with the Gubs.

Hiked 1 mile down to the Vikingsholm castle.

Ate lunch and played in the waterfall.

Brinley threw up and was very sick the whole day and night... poor Jaime and Matt.

Walked down by the beach.

Ate dinner.

Played games.

Night: no sleep, between sick children, people getting up to go to the airport, Shaun calling with flight troubles, phones going off, babies crying... funny, cra-azy night! :)



Went out on the wave runners and kayaks.

Boated and tubed! (love tubing, especially on Super Mabel)
Boat broke down when I was out with Wes' uncle, and cousins... we had to be towed in.
Hot tub


Crazy waves, which made playing in the water scary.

Wes and Shaun had the worst wave-runner experience ever!

Attempted to catch Crawdads- fail!
Patrick sick at the condo.
Swimming and games in the pool.
Games inside the rec. area- pool and ping pong!


Somewhat rainy and very cold
Squaw Valley

Gondola ride (wind made it very very scary... especially when the conductor says things like, "It's not a matter of if, only a matter of when," referring to hitting the gondola tower on our way up- no thanks but I did it).

This is right before Shaun threw a snowball at me.

Squaw Valley Olympic Park (1960s Olympic site)

Me and my twinner!

Shopping around
A drive around the entire lake.


Rainy and cold
Game morning- Yahtzee
Shopping in South Tahoe village

Meeting an old friend

Lots of fun treats (candy apples, hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls)
G-Force the movie (ehh)
Saw a rainbow and raccoon.


Headed to "Heidi's" for breakfast in Tahoe (just like my sista')

Then on to Virginia City (past Carson City, here's to you Jackie Chan)

I love this guy...

Train ride and smashed pennies on the track.

Being "robbed" --- charity

These are REAL convicts working off the railroad. We thought they were actors, but the weren't... hilarious!

Saw where Mark Twain got his start- even got to touch some of his old equipment.

Coolest little old western town- old silver and gold mines, now a ghost town

Delanie was extra cute this day.


Up and out- left at about 12:30 ready to go
No, seriously EVER!
I never really realized how driving the speed limit made a car ride feel so slow. It's good I don't do it that often. :)

Funny things that happened throughout the week:
Delanie constantly falling after pulling herself on the coffee table (she is just learning to crawl). Endless Iphone games - especially Tyler, Wes and Shaun. Tyler wanting to play pool and ping pong. Ashleigh on the phone/texting. Someone or another getting sick. Trying to figure out what to do for the day. Beautiful drives around the lake. Tyler's crazy hair! Delanie's gruffy little laugh. :) Brinley harassing poor Delanie to no end. And of course... more of Wes' bathroom habits. :)

It was a fun trip and we were able to see so many cool and new things and have so many new and cool experiences!

Thank you Patrick and the rest of the Aleman family!

Here is the cutest video of my little Delanie laughing--- love her!