Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh, The Places You'll Go

My mom recently did this and I thought, well that looks like a fun thing to write about- thus here we are.

So here is a list (of what I can remember- or have photo evidence of) in no particular order, of the places I have been to.


California (the obvious)- but I have been way up North in Tahoe and way down south near Baja... and all through the middle (Bakersfield/Solvang/Santa Barbara/San Francisco/Fresno/Sacramento/etc.)
Arizona- 2 grandparents lived in Tuscan.
Utah (too many times to count)- Recently we camped in Zion National Park. But have also camped at Lake Powell. And, I lived there when I was about 1 year old. My mom's family still lives there, and when my grandma Krause was alive, we would take turns spending part of our summers with her in Roy, Ut.
Idaho - Twin Falls
Wyoming- Camping in Jackson Hole outside of Yellowstone National Park. Saw old faithful and other cool geysers, and white water rafted the snake river... here is me riding the bull!

South Dakota- I was a wee baby (see this here post)
- Much of my family still lives there, and we went up a few times and stayed with them when I was younger, though I haven't been recently.

(*The following states are when I went on a cross country trip with my friends Lindsay and Carly. Carly was moving back to Georgia and needed traveling companions. How could I resist? We stayed in hotels/motels in most of the states and at least stopped i
n each of them for food, bathroom and to stretch).

*New Mexico

*Texas- traveled through the pan-handle

*Mississippi- I saw the
old muddy Mississippi
river: I spit in it
and became part of it, just like old Huck Finn.
*Tennessee- Stopped in Memphis and saw Elvis' mansion and
ate some good bbq.

- Final destination. Went to Atlanta, toured an old plantation from around the time of the civil war, saw old civil war battle sites, went through a Gone
With the Wind museum (loved the
book and movie)!
And Basically had a
grand ole' time.

New York
- Just went in March
Hawaii- June 2003-Went with 2 of my best friends from high school, Jessica and Nathalie, after we graduated. Stayed in Jessica's parent's time-share with them on the island of Kauai. Jessica and her parents had to leave early because of the death of a grandparent, leaving Nathalie and I car-less- thus the hitchhiking.

Out of the Country:

Czech Republic, Prague- March 2004
England, London, Bath, Stonehenge,
Oxford, and many other parts of Great Britain
- April to June 2005
Scotland- May 2005
France, Paris, Versailles- June 2005
Italy, Rome, Amalfi coast, Salerno- June 2005


3 day Ensenada Cruise- 2003
7 day Mexican Riviera Cruise: Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas: Honeymoon, January 2006.

Man, this brings back GOOD memories and leaves me jonesin' for another trip!!! Hopefully, we will make it back to Philadelphia (Wes' mission) for the new temple dedication.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Get-Away

Don't you just love when you go away for the weekend, but it has the feel of a small vacation?

Well, this weekend felt just that way!

It all began Friday afternoon. We met up with our friends Michael and Amber to head out to Santa Barbara for our Flight of the Conchords concert. Yes, even leaving at 2:15pm we hit heavy traffic and it took us 4 hours to get out there. But, for some reason, when you are with friends, and when said friends are driving, it just isn't bad to be stuck... unless you have to pee really bad. :) In fact, I enjoyed the drive and getting to know Amber a little better.

We got to Santa Barbara and still had about a hour before the show started, plus with concerts, you know you don't really need to be there right on time. So, we ate at this Italian restaurant (I can't remember the name- or even pronounce it) but they had the BEST ravioli... seriously the best! Thanks Michael!!!!!!!

Opening Number... they like to "shock" the audience with their awesome costumes! :)

The concert was outside at the Santa Barbara Bowl... Wes and I were big dorks and didn't wear long sleeves. Luckily, I had old trusty blanket with me and we brought that with us.

We got to the concert and there again we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and laughed the night away... they are a comedic band with a television show on HBO if you haven't heard of them.

This is an example of one of their live shows...

After the show we all went and "crashed" at Wes' sister Jaime's house in Camarillo. We woke up, and the boys went and picked up some grub breakfast burritos. Then Michael and Amber left, and we stayed the rest of the weekend with Matt and Jaime... and had one of the most fun weekends ever! The whole day I kept saying to Wes what a fun time I was having, it felt like a true vacation.

We played baseball at the park by their house.

Then went to Ventura Harbor, which is soooooo fun, not to mention soooooo pretty.

Here we:
-walked along the harbor.

-saw huge starfish, real jellyfish, lots and lots of crabs, and a ginormous octopus all in the water.
-went to the small aquatic museum.
-ate at a good Italian restaurant where we all shared a delicious pizza, and salad.
-rented an 8 man boat to take out in the harbor- I even steered. We also got right up next to some sea lions that Brinley so badly wanted to touch. During the boat ride we saw big beautiful homes, and even got a little color- finally.

Delanie was happy to be held up and not suffocated with her jacket... but boy did she look cute and chubby in it!

-And, shared a HUGE ice cream Sunday next to the water.

Afterwards, we went back to Matt and Jaime's place, and watched the end of the Laker game- which is not something I want to remember; but I will comment on LeBron's awesome 3 pointer that weekend--- sigh!

We then went swimming at their community pool/spa.

Came back and BBQ'd the best carne asada from Trader Joes--- 2 words, "The Bomb!" (That phrase is still cool right?!)

And then all of us passed out!

Sunday again felt like a big party. We stayed out in Camarillo for church and the afternoon, then headed with the Huefners into Chino, where we ate at the Alemans along with a big party of people and Sandie made a delicious meal... surprise, surprise! :)

My BFF, Lindsay, from Utah was down this weekend as well, and so she too was over for dinner, and we were able to catch up and hang out. I miss her and the good times we used to have hanging out along with Jill everyday. We all played cards, Snorta and just laughed.

Memorial Day Wes and I woke up and went on a small (4 mile) hike to the "M" on the mountain in Moreno Valley with my mom and Heidi and Ned. We had thought it would be a short easy hike, and brought Ella, Asher and Ryan, and were mistaken to find it was incredibly long and steep... not to mention we all got sunburned. It was fun, but I don't think we'll be doing it again any time soon. :) Ella was also sick, and was freaking out the entire time about how high we were... the girl was petrified of heights... comically even. When we got to the top of the Mt. the only words she could muster were a terrified, "holy cow, holy cow!"

About half-way up we took a water break, and enjoyed the view.

Ella did not want me to move a muscle- she was so afraid. So we sat and made faces, and we were then happy... until she thought we were going to jump off the mt to get down.

Ryan sitting on the white paint of the "M"

We got home and napped the remainder of the afternoon, did a little bit of work and went back to my parent's for steak and the Laker game... now feel free to talk to me about this one! :)

The only bad thing about such a fun weekend is that it only makes work that much harder to go back to!

And, as I was reflecting upon the great last 2 weekends Wes and I have been so lucky and blessed to have had; I see how the lord loves us and sends us blessings through those we know and love. Had it not been for the fabulous friends and family members we are so lucky to have, we could NEVER have done any of this. I also see the importance of being charitable and giving. We have been so blessed these last few years by our good friends and family who probably knew they were being kind to us, but have no idea to what extent their goodness has blessed our lives. I can't and won't give too many details, but I hope one day Wes and I can return those kind acts to the people who have been sooooo good to us! And, I hope they know how much we love and appreciate them!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bien y No Bien

Today was un bien dia insomuch Kris won American Idol... I should've done a spoiler alert. Never have I been more happy, then when Adam was being interviewed after the show and I saw what a faker he was. Now the show is over and he can come totally out of the closet. It was like he put on a little "rocker" show during the competition- then he loses- now he can hang with Clay.

And, Kris is the first idol that I am actually excited to hear his music. I love acoustic-guitar-piano-male singers. Apey happy! He's been my favorite for the majority of the season, though I rooted for Danny and Matt. Never Adam- Kelsey thank you for the comparison between him and Jack Black on School of Rock!

Yeah to the "ultimate underdog!"

However, while Idol made me a happy gal, basketball has not reciprocated my love.

Lakers win and Cleveland, with my boo, Lebron loses?! I think we are living in an alternate universe. This was not supposed to happen! Oh, well my boys will come back... and let's all root against the Lakers shall we?

Long Live King James!!! (seriously, I love him)

-Yes, I must do the reminder, that Wes does not condone this behavior of mine... though we did, along with Heidi and Ned, cross of feet and all hold hands for Kris. :p he he he

Monday, May 18, 2009

"All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun"

Until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Blvd... which is exactly what we did this weekend.

We figured with Ryan and Taryn having #2 in just weeks, we needed to go out and party 1 more time.

If you're wondering why we always go bunk there, just consider.... Santa Monica vs. Perris= Santa Monica. And 1 baby vs. 0= childless couple travels. It's really no competition.

We got out there around 7pm on Friday. Ryan's sister Candice and her husband Troy had been out there for a few hours, so the 7 of us, including Nate dog, headed to a grub Mexican place called K and Dave's, thanks for the treat McCooks! Ever since New York I have a new desire to only eat at non-chain places (Well, unless of course we have gift certificates... but that's acceptable for a poor young couple, right?) when we go to big cities, and this place did not disappoint.

After eating we went back to their apt. and took pictures of ourselves making the most disgusted faces ever- this being a favorite past-time of Candice and Troy's; and I must say the practice did make Troy the best at it. But, I seriously can't remember laughing so hard in a long time.

On Saturday we woke up and went through the normal routine when we are there, of trying to figure out what to do. This usually lasts for a few hours. We had donuts, got ready, put Nate down for a nap, only to get him back up to go with us to Olvera street.

The big decision was whether or not to go there or to Chinatown. We decided on Olvera street because of the food. We were planning on having Chinese food for dinner, so we went to Olvera St. for the world famous taquitos for lunch. However, after eating we were all too stuffed to eat dinner when planned; so we didn't even end up eating Chinese at all. Ironic... I think so.

We walked around for a hour and a half or so, saw some of the shops, ate the best taquitos, went to Union Station- where a man starred at Wes in the restroom... creeper!!! Saw street performers who weren't that good, watched the loud Indian dancers, and Jimi Hendrix's brother, Leon, gave me a hug and kiss before he performed. Big pimpin'. Wes made me wipe my face with disinfectant because he didn't want to get high after kissing me.

Is it wrong of me to take pictures of unassuming people who have the best-worst hair, style, etc???

Later that night we met up with Ryan and Taryn's good friends at the most pimp house I have EVER been to in my entire life, and will more than likely ever go to again. Their friends were house-sitting for their friend's who were out of town. I mean the kitchen was basically better than the majority you see on cooking shows, the nursery was bigger than my house and their possessions were worth more than my and Wes' life- kidding, but seriously, they were. :)

But, let me tell you about the best parts of the house! When you go down some stairs they have a game room. With a pool table, full sized arcade games, and a dart board. However, we completely skipped over this room and continued down stairs into their home theater. They had 9 leather recliners set up stadium style, with a movie theater sized screen. Past that however was a bowling alley lane, screens and ball machine. Next to that was their in house shooting range. Continuing down stairs was their inside racquetball court... and going on was the golf simulator. And, past that was their sauna and massage table... yes, they have a personal masseuse (I dunno how to spell it, I don't have one).


I could spend a week at that house, never leave and be completely entertained. I mean, outside was their playground, pool, full sized tennis court, etc, etc, etc.

It was the most amazing home. And, we had so much fun eating pizza, playing games, and hanging out with Ryan and Taryn and their really nice/fun friends.

And, what do we have to look forward to this weekend you may ask yourself thinking, "wow, they are fun, but they can't be that fun..." Well, we have yet another fun weekend in Santa Barbara with these guys

And then the rest of the weekend in Camarillo with these guys (much cuter!)

Can't wait!!!