Friday, February 27, 2009

Flashback Friday

So, as many may have noticed I really like my dogs. But, it's not just my dogs I love... I really love all animals. Okay, I should really say almost all animals. I am actually quite scared of a few, including: #1. monkeys (ironic as my family used to always call me a baby monkey- not cuz' of actions as much as looks), #2. Iguanas (thanks to my dad), and #3. Birds (just ones that sit on people and then try to bite you when you get close.

Growing up I always wanted to be a veterinarian, that is, until I found out I would have to put animals to sleep. When I found this out, the dream died.

So, in light of my love for animals I found a few good oldies that demonstrate this love.

(This may be why I am afraid of birds... who knows)?

This is my first pet... who I can actually remember picking out with my dad. Einstein, a girl, was the BEST dog ever! She died when I was a freshman in High School and I was devastated. I keep trying to convince Wes to let me get a Basset Hound as our next doggie.

I don't even know this dog, but it looks cute, and I obviously liked it.

Always was and still am a BIG fan of petting zoos.

On one of the Great Lakes with Uncle Gean-o. I loved his dog, and for the life I can't remember it's name right now. Though Hayley and I have good memories of this cute dog always in the paddle boat with us. Or next to us as we caught Sunfish off the dock.

Growing up I used to read the dictionary about breeds of dogs and horses. I always wanted a pure black American Saddle Horse or a Palomino because that was my Grandma Krause's favorite horse. I remember going to the parades in Utah and her telling me that, and whenever I see them I am reminded of her. (This one is just a pony who used to travel the neighborhoods and let parent's take their kids pictures on them).

Chino Hills State Park. I remember this day vividly. I hated wearing tights, so shortly after this picture my tights became ankle socks. My mom was the coolest... she didn't even get mad when I ripped them off.--- And, yes that is a fish on a stick.

When we got our first puppy Kiki from the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter. We smuggled her in our apartment for 2 weeks until we moved into our house. I am a firm believer in saving animals. And, all of our pets have been wonderful and I feel like we have done a little good in the world too.

And my favorite is this cute little llama. :)

Not this one... this one! Isn't he the cutest thing you just ever did see?!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Long Lost Relatives

This photo was recently taken at my Aunt Debbie's funeral. These are my cousins, who I rarely see and their children. While the situation wasn't ideal, it was so nice to see them all again.

L-R: Lauren, Christine's husband Josh, cousin Christine, me, Danny, Hayley, Brooke, Heidi, Ben's daughter, cousin Ben, cousin Sandie, and Sandie's husband Daniel.

BTW: If you tried to look at the Aleman Family pictures, I posted them all. Then, after publishing it, I realized they were so big only 1 person on the side would show up and I couldn't change it... I tried to delete the post, but it already showed up on reader... so my apologies.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

So, I saw "flashback Friday" on a girl from work's blog (thanks Jenn) and thought it was such a cute, clever way to write about the past... and since I have sucked at journaling as I've grown up, this will be a fun way to remember good ole' times.

So, one thing on my list of things to do before I die is see Mt. Rushmore. And, looking through old photos I ran across this little beauty. Apparently I have been there! Unfortunately, I was the little 1 year old parasite stuck to my brother's head and I obviously don't remember a thing.

Mom, me, Danny and Heidi

I guess Wes and I will have to make another trip... one that I actually remember, in order to cross this off the list.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day #2

What a wonderful Valentine's Day! I guess it's nice when you don't have kids and can make plans and have little to worry about. :)

In the morning I woke up early and got the rest of Wes' gift (breakfast) all together. I made him a Gruyere, spinach, and egg strata. Which, by the way takes forever. But, it was well worth it. I also put together a fresh fruit salad, some fresh pico de gallo, and some sparkling cider and orange juice to top it off. I also surprised him with chocolate dipped strawberries that my friend, Jill, and the young women from her ward wrapped up and sold for their fundraiser. They looked GREAT! He surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We put on some Frank Sinatra (aka: love music) and had a fire blazing in the front room while we ate and enjoyed being together. I love sappy romantic things, so I was in heaven! :)

Then we decided we'd take the kids to play. So, we went to the Carlson Bark Park and let them romp and run... yes, I am talking about taking the dogs to the dog park. It was actually a lot of fun!

As I mentioned earlier I had gotten Wes tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters in Anaheim. My parent's decided to join us for the show and dinner.

So, Wes, who had planned dinner took us to a new Italian restaurant, called Fiscari's. It was actually kind of a bust. He originally had 2-3 other dinner options which either didn't take reservations, or were already booked. He found this place by searching the Internet and he found that it had great reviews and was close to the Honda Center. We sat in a nice little corner booth, and the ambiance was nice. But, we were rudely awakened when our appetizer, Bruscetta, was brought to us, and the 4 pieces were the size of quarters. Seriously! They don't joke about it being bite sized! We all just started cracking up when we first got it. Then, the waitress kept forgetting about my dad, who was sitting in the middle. We would all get a refill and he wouldn't. We all got our food, he didn't. It kind of became the joke of the night. And to top it off it was ridiculously expensive. So, while it was a funny experience, I would not recommend it at all. But, it was a good try Wessy! :) Love ya. (He usually reads these after I post them).

The show itself was a blast!!! We both loved it. Our seats to start off with were high and it was hard to see from above. My parents on the other hand had great seats and noticed that 2 chairs in front of them were unused. So, at half time we moved up and enjoyed the game with much better seats. I would recommend watching one of these games if you ever get a chance, and for those with kids, they would love it!

Our "new" seats. :)

My only complaint was that I was still sick, and had to keep blowing my nose all game or my eyes would get watery, run, and then I couldn't keep them open. So, I did have a "Rudolph" thing going on all night... and to be honest all week. Both Wes and I have been really sick this past week. What more can you ask for then to have your Valentine drip snot all night?! Ha, sorry that's a little gross, but truthful; so we obviously didn't worry about the romantic aspect, spending our night with parent's at a basketball game, and dying with a cold all night. :)

Here are some fun videos of the Harlem Globetrotters I found on YouTube. It's super fun, so if you have time, take a look. They did all these things during our show as well. :)

After the game we stopped to get frozen yogurt at Joghurt. It was sooooo good. It's my dad's favorite and both Wes and I liked it more than Pinkberry. Similar idea, way better to me now because there are way more options with flavors, toppings, etc.

We finished the night... yes, you guessed it, with more basketball. Wes begged me to stay and watch the NBA All-Stars tournament thing that he had recorded before we left. I, being the loving wife I am, of course agreed, and really enjoyed it, even though by this time I was having the hardest time keeping my eyes open (from being sick, not tired).

We had a really nice, basketball filled, Valentine's Day... needless to say I can attest to the fact that Wes enjoyed himself as well! :)

I must admit, that I was very happy to stay home tonight and just relax and try to feel better.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day #1

Oh, what a girl does for the man she loves!

Yes, it's 1:30 am, and I just got done pre-cooking our breakfast for tomorrow morning. Apparently, it needs to sit overnight... who comes up with these things?!

But, a nice, romantic breakfast together (one that's not cereal), well worth it.

Can't wait to spend the whole day with the love of my life--- Wait, I get to do that EVERYDAY!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And Check

Thanks to the weather and my funny valentine (Wes), #52 on the list of 99 Things About Me can now be officially checked off. For all of you concerned readers! :)

To see what I am talking about, click below.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Aleman Family Reunion

This weekend was so much fun!

Wes' brother Robb, and his family came down from Texas for a long over-due visit. Wes' grandparents also came down from St. George to be with us all... which I am grateful for because I love them both so much. It is so nice to have so many grandparents on Wes' side of the family, because all of mine except for my mom's dad have passed away, and Wes has never even met him yet. We are hoping to stop by and visit him in Mesquite sooner or later.

Anyways, this weekend we:

-Took Family photos (which I am not looking forward to seeing... have you seen Wes' beautiful sisters and his sister-in-law? All I have to say is, NOT FAIR!) But, we were blessed to not be rained out, which is something we were all very concerned about; though we were given a little scare when the thunder started towards the end of our session. Thanks Chelsea, btw!

-Ate at "The Avocado House". This is Shelly and Larry Biggs' new restaurant, which by the way comes highly recommended. Anything you want to add avocado on... no charge.

-Saw sweet little Kaylah be baptised. Yes, a few strings were pulled and we are glad they were; we would have hated to miss out on such a momentous occasion. I must also say how impressed I am with both Kaylah and Kristana, who both finished The Book of Mormon all by themselves before they were baptised. I don't think I did that until right before I graduated high school. They are such little readers. What a lesson we can learn from the children in the church!

So, even with the lousy weather, we had a wonderful weekend. Oh, and the dufus I am, my camera sat in the front seat of my car the entire weekend. I didn't manage to take a single photo. So, sorry for those who only read my blog in search of photos.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Open Invitation

Anybody interested, Wes and I will be going to see the Harlem Globetrotters in Anaheim on Valentines Day. We are sending an open invitation to anyone who would like to buy tickets and join us! They really weren't that expensive and we would love to have company. As of now it is just us, and my parents. So, if you are interested let me know and I will give you more information. I also know Wes in planning dinner, but he won't tell me where yet, that is a surprise since I surprised him with the tickets, and you are more than welcome to join us there too! :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Free Breakfast If You're Willing to Wait 2 Hours

Wes and I after watching the Super Bowl were super excited to go to Denny's today for our free Grand Slam Breakfast. YEAH!!! I mean, we do live in Perris and free things, especially food, excite us more than just about anything else.

At 10:00 am, we show up, expecting the majority of people to be at work--- I know I forgot, we live in Perris.

Anyways, we show up and the place looks like this...

Seriously, the people were piled onto each other, and the line wrapped around the building 3 times!!! (maybe a slight exaggeration- but only maybe).

Needless to say, we didn't wait in line.

We tried another one in Ontario on our way into work... it wasn't much better. Maybe something more like this... (but with a little more flava').

So, we headed to In-N-Out and enjoyed good ole' fast food the way it was intended... FAST! So, until the next restaurant gives out free food, I shall be forced to wait.